French Country Bathroom Ideas to Spurce Up Your Home

25 French Country Bathroom Ideas to Spurce Up Your Home

The French country style is a timeless aesthetic that is relatively easy to replicate thanks to its popularity and how abundantly French fixtures are available in the market.

When the style spills into your bathroom, it emanates a soothing combination of comfort, romance, and style. The first element of a French country bathroom you’ll want to plan is the color scheme. This will help you unite the overall approach of your bathroom thematically.

These bathrooms are as elegant as they are functional, with beautiful architectural flourishes and natural materials that add a good measure of rustic charm to the most utilitarian part of your home.

We list down the 25 most pleasing French country bathroom ideas that you can implement in your home and watch it turn into a space that oozes sophistication.

1. French Country Bathroom Style

french country bathroom style

This contemporary French bathroom has two rounded-off sinks that are mounted on a vintage wooden table with turned legs. A combination such as this provides modern comforts with a dose of old-world style. The mirror oozes French style from the 18th and 19th centuries, and they complete the classic look proving that you can bring the French countryside into your indoor space.

2. French Country Shower Room

french country shower room

You don’t always need a freestanding bathtub to create that feeling of elegance in your French countryside bathroom. This bathroom has a beautiful chandelier and colonial-style candle holders that match the brass shower and the tap hardware in tone and texture. The antique-style table with the crisp white towels, along with the tiling and the frosty white paintwork, helps keep the room fresh and ushers in the French country spirit.

3. Install a Copper Bathtub

install a copper bathtub

This one is a relatively expensive idea to go with, but if you have the budget and the space in your bathroom, there is nothing more abstract than a copper bathtub. The copper bathtub in this French countryside bathroom draws all the attention to it, and the Tomette hexagonal style tiles under it add to the texture and allure of the whole space. Additionally, the sage green matte paint on the wall creates a contrasting backdrop to the copper bathtub.

4. Bring in a Little Mid-Century Vibes

bring in a little mid century vibes

This design mixes the vintage and the antique style with modern elements to create a stunning look that seems like it has been assembled over time. The repurposing of the mid-century console table into a vanity for the sink is the kind of mix-and-match you’d see in a French countryside bathroom. This idea tends to work exceptionally well due to the fact that a copious amount of mid-century is available online, and it is really easy to pair them up.

5. Let the Romantic Air Inside

let the romantic air inside

This French country bathroom has everything antique. A super classy clawfoot bathtub with antique-style hardware, a vintage wooden mirror, a beautiful sconce, and a small sparkly chandelier, along with a tiny ladder to hold your towels. All these elements combine to form a synergy that keeps you relaxed and circulates an air of calmness in your indoor space.

6. Wooden Floor and Sparkly Chandelier

wooden floor and sparkly Chandelier

Hardwood flooring in your bathroom helps keep it connected with the other rooms in your home. Add in an oversized chandelier, and you paint an elegant picture of a style pioneered by the French that is widely used in households across the world. This breezy French country bathroom has the bay window covered by gauzy curtains for privacy and left the top windows open for gazing at the trees outside from the old bathtub.

7. Place a Vintage Mirror in Your French Country Bathroom

place a vintage mirror in your french country bathroom

This bathroom exudes simplicity and shines in its vintage-style decor. The contemporary vanity sink and the shower covered in crisp white tiles are complemented gorgeously by the taps and the shower head. Throw in a classic French barber’s mirror like the one in this space and add another layer of charm and functionality to your French country bathroom.

8. Keep It Simple

keep it simple

Keep the elements that you want to incorporate in your French country bathroom basic and simple. Add a vintage bathtub, a low wooden stool that you can use to keep your towels or your candles on, a simple natural rug to bring in that rustic feeling, and hang a classic twinkling chandelier. Paint your walls with cream color to complete that timeless look.

9. Keep It Chic

keep it chic

If simplicity is not your style, then you could take the shabby chic route. This all-white bathroom has traditional lampshades, a classic French-style mirror that is framed and painted to match the rest of the decor, and a vintage vanity unit that decidedly creates a swank look that would fit in perfectly in the French countryside and can easily be replicated in any other bathroom.

10. Incorporate Natural Stone

incorporate natural stone

The focal point of this gorgeous bathroom is the stunning stone wall that is merged with a modern glass shower that is complemented by a natural stone floor. The crisp white paint job on the walls, along with the slanted ceiling and the freestanding bathtub, creates a rich homely vibe that is bountiful in its appearance.

11. Repurposed Wooden Flooring

repurposed wooden flooring

Wooden flooring can do wonders for your bathroom. It adds a layer of richness that is often missed out in bathrooms that don’t have wooden floors. You can see that this French country bathroom has repurposed patterned wood floors that are combined with painted vintage sconces and lampshades to soften the impact of the sunlight coming in. The freestanding bathtub and the painted countryside hutch help create an overall easygoing take on the French countryside bathroom style.

12. Turn It Into a Provencal Bathroom

turn it into a provencal bathroom

Scoop up ideas from this beautifully updated traditional Provencal bathroom that combines the best of modern and conventional fixtures. The floor is painted in an elegant cream color with diamond patterns, and the freestanding bathtub, along with the modern chandelier and the blue-grey paint on the walls, helps create a liveable space and an extremely soothing atmosphere.

13. Turn It Into a French Barn

turn it into a french barn

Teleport yourself into the 17th century by transforming your bathroom into a French barn. Deck it up with oak rafters, eye-catching pebbled floors, and a super vintage vanity for the simple sink. The original French barns were one of a kind, and it’s really hard to replicate that, but you can definitely take inspiration from this bathroom with its usage of simple and natural materials that have the ability to stand the test of time.

14. Incorporate Shades of White

incorporate shades of white

White never goes out of fashion and is a super versatile color that fits superbly into any interior decor style. This stunning bathroom is painted white with a hint of cream color in it and is fitted with a vintage-painted cabinet to house the double sinks. The crystal chandelier and the glass jars with metal caps bring in an apothecary vibe. The vintage-style taps and the fixtures above the freestanding bathtub help create a sharp look that you can incorporate into your French countryside bathroom.

15. Summon a French Country Touch

summon a french country touch

This design combines styles from different eras of the French countryside. This modern bathroom, with its oversized shower and giant vanity, is a nod to another era. The French framed mirror and the freestanding bathtub with an accented wooden mirror on top of it help create an overall picture of countryside sophistication and add a mark of history to your French country bathroom.

16. Dial It Up With Tiles

dial it up with tiles

Fancy yourself a royal bathroom? This rich French country bathroom features ornate tiles with gold finishes and brass hardware. A vintage chandelier hangs above, illuminating other fine details, such as the classic gold-finished mirror and the beautiful vanity unit. This luxurious look makes a strong fashion statement and transforms your home into a French manor or a presidential palace.

17. Make It Woodsy

make it woodsy

Instead of going for the usual Walnut colored wooden flooring for your bathroom, change it up a little bit. This rich, dark wooden flooring is the pièce de résistance of this attractive bathroom. The grainy look runs all the way to the freestanding bathtub, which acts as the point of origin. The visual interest that is cultivated by the wood continues with the ornate chair, cabinets, and modern chandelier forming a satisfying symmetry.

18. Make It Look Modern

make it look modern

A modern yet minimal bathroom is a very satisfying thought to entertain. This bathroom makes very minimal use of materials by using the same travertine natural stone tile for its floors and walls. The vanity counter is a stone slab with the sinks in an off-white color. The bathroom fixture is also all in a chrome finish making this a design style that is very nominal and yet has a lot going for it.

19. Use Cream Color

use cream color

This exquisite bathroom uses a combination of beige and cream to spruce itself up. The upper part of the wall is painted in a beige-cream texture, while the lower half of the walls until the floors use maple cream marble tiling in differing sizes. The shower is equipped with grooved tiles in a similar cream color tone, while the countertop on the vanity is a vanilla cream quartz. The use of just beige and cream brings home a rustic feeling that is there to stay.

20. Combine Modern With the Traditional

combine modern with the traditional

This French country bathroom features approaches from classical and modern styles in its choice of finishes. It generously uses Italian marble tiles on the floor, counters, and splashboard. The floor provides a nice texture that is accented by mosaic and patterned marble tiles. The fixtures have taken the classical route as they use a combination of chrome and satin finish, while the rest of the cabinets, walls, frames, and ceiling are painted white.

21. Remodel Your Mirror

remodel your mirror

What screams more French countryside than a repurposed rustic mirror? Nothing. Convert your vintage dye-cut mirror into a modern-looking fixture and see how it changes the way you look at your bathroom. Pair it with a cream-colored vanity unit and a simplistic square-shaped sink made of rough marble like this French country bathroom, and you’re good to go.

22. Put Up Vintage Bathroom Wallpapers

put up vintage bathroom wallpaper

Vintage bathroom wallpapers are hard to come by, and when they’re available, they tend to be relatively expensive. That’s why it is perfect to go for a powder bath. If you’re a painter yourself, paint a picture of lush green pastures and watch the most basic bathroom turn into a French country bathroom in no time.

23. Rustic Bathroom Corrugated Ceiling

rustic bathroom corrugated ceiling

Cover up all those eye-soring bumps on your ceiling and add tons of country character with reclaimed, weathered sheets of metal. Your freestanding bathtub, walnut wood flooring, sink, and cabinets will really come together to form a beautiful contrast with the ridged ceiling.

24. Display Your Collectibles

display your collectibles

Your favorite collectibles might finally get their chance to shine. Also, bathrooms are always discounted when it comes to showcasing small items. Install a sturdy shelf and get to arranging your artwork, dishware, bath soaps, shampoos, rubber duckies, and whatnot! These items will finally fit the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

25. Bring the Outside In

bring the outside in

Decorating your French country bathroom with natural elements from the outside is a first-class choice to make. Adorn your white-colored plank walls with a pine branch, and you will find yourself singing some fine tunes from Into The Woods. You could also layer in stacked logs, dried flowers, or a fiddle leaf fig and watch how seamlessly it eases your mood.


Design-wise, French country bathrooms are one of the most simple styles yet sophisticated style choices you can go for.

It brings in a feeling of grandeur while still keeping you grounded and relaxes your senses in more ways than one.

We hope that our ideas got you one step closer to repurposing your bathroom to usher in a feeling of the French countryside.

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