Which Tiles are Best for a French Country Bathroom Floor and Walls

Which Tiles are Best for a French Country Bathroom Floor and Walls?

A bathroom is much more than a place to be physically refreshed. It is where we groom ourselves, relax, and take time to rejuvenate. And these are also the key points you must keep in mind while designing your bathroom.

The French country style of rustic charms, elegance, and vintage aesthetics inspires French country decor. This theme often uses natural materials and soft color palettes to bring out warmth.

Additionally, decorative accents, ornate details, freestanding bathtubs, soft textiles, open shelving, and exposed beams are some features of a French countryside-inspired bathroom.

While designing a bathroom, one significant aspect to consider is the flooring and tiles. To help you achieve your perfect place of grooming, we have compiled some of the top recommendations for aesthetic tiles.

Best Tiles for a French Country Bathroom

Flooring and tiles on the walls play a significant role in creating the ambiance and vibe of a room. Similarly, for your French country bathroom as well, choosing the appropriate tiles for your floor and walls is essential to perfect the theme.

Check out the ten best recommendations given below:

1. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style

You may like the farmhouse style when exploring countryside themes. This style often includes colors like blue, deep orange, sapphire blue, and sunflower yellow. These palettes bring out the warmth and cozy environment necessary for the perfect French country decor. Not just for a bathroom, you could employ these styles for your living rooms, family rooms, or transition places in the house, like corridors and balconies.

2. Engravings


Are you looking for something that would bring a feminine touch to your French country bathroom? Then, this is the perfect theme for you. Opt for tiles that use neutral tones like white, pink, or gentle blue. These have engravings of flowers, birds, butterflies, and leaves to create a beautiful space. Furthermore, this style helps you to elevate the elegance of your bathroom. Add a stylish mirror, and you’re good to go!

3. Blue & White

Blue & White

If you explore the French countryside flooring options in blue and white, you’ll find a plethora of wonderful alternatives. A plain white color complemented with a light sky blue adds an exquisite touch of elegance and beauty to the walls. You can also explore ceramic tiles with tiny motifs. An off-white or pearl-white background with a delicate blue design can enhance the vibe manifold. You can also employ it in the dressing room or wardrobes as well.

4. Black & White

 Black & White

Black & White seems like an overdone palette. But trust us here – black and white has the potential to raise the roof of your bathrooms! Specifically, fleur-de-lis are beautiful patterned tiles with flowers, lilies, and leaves. They portray royalty and elegance along with a seamless transition between a countryside theme and a place of grooming. Although this style is typically European, French designs employ it heavily as well.

5. Lantern


Lantern tiles, although very popular, aren’t usually the first preference. But they can enhance your bathroom to the next level with their intricate designs. Lantern tiles are usually diamond-shaped and have delicate curves and designs carved into the tiles. They demonstrate ethnic and artisan themes of French country decor. However, they do have one disadvantage – it often becomes difficult to maintain them over time because of their elaborate outlines.

6. Glazed Porcelain

Glazed Porcelain

Do you want to add a vintage touch to your bathroom? Then, glazed porcelain is the way to go. Furthermore, they are highly durable, easy to maintain, impervious to water, and resistant to general wear and tear. As an added tip, plan the blueprint of your bathroom with golden accessories, like taps, sinks, and frames. Even if you install plain mirrors, the porcelain will improve the aesthetics.

7. Marble Herringbone

Marble Herringbone

Herringbone tiles are, in themselves, a beautiful pattern that looks timelessly elegant. But herringbone with marble brings forth a royalty uncomparable. The symmetrical patterns and natural variations of the arrangement add a sense of decency and sophistication. You can match it with marble tiling on the walls, a curvy bathtub, and an elaborate lighting system inspired by French countryside styles.

8. Faux Wood

Faux Wood

Tiles combined with faux wood – that certainly must not seem like the most natural line, of course. However, when styled effectively, this combination can bring the perfect effect. Most importantly, it’s faux wood. So it’s easier to clean and maintain while also creating the desired look. This way, you can achieve the feel of a farmhouse and or countryside along with the rustic elegance of marble or ceramic tiles.

9. Blue with Designs

Blue with Designs

Although we recommended blue with white before, it forms such an integral palette of the French country style that you can employ it in several creative ways. Try a simple, straightforward shade of blue with symmetric patterns for a classic yet fresh. The repetitive nature of the flooring with provide an unmatched sophistication for your bathroom or dressing room. Then, you can go for a white or black background to elevate it more.

10. Basketweave


Basketweave tiles are somewhat unconventional when it comes to designing a bathroom. They provide an everlasting charm and vintage touch to an otherwise simple bathroom. Moreover, these are available in multiple color patterns and can be customized according to your preferences. Go for basketweave tiles if you want to infuse warmth and a French country essence into your bathroom.

Final Words

French country fosters a beautiful vintage aesthetic with rustic elements. Wall paint, flooring, and tiles are key factors in achieving that theme. More often than not, French countryside themes have natural earth tones and gentle color palettes like blue, green, beige, brown, and yellow.

While choosing flooring or tiles, you can opt for wood, faux wood, stone, patterned tiles, or marble since these are some of the most popular ones. Which are your favorite themes when exploring countryside-inspired bathrooms?

Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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