Do French Country Bathrooms Work Well in Smaller Spaces

Do French Country Bathrooms Work Well in Smaller Spaces?

So, you want to spruce up your small bathroom with French country decor ideas and inspirations? Yes, you can, and the best part is doing French rustic design is absolutely possible even when you have smaller spaces.

The French country style is a classic aesthetic that never goes out of trend and is easier to recreate than it looks. This style is loved by many as it combines style, coziness, and romance, which can be described as the three key ingredients of having a lovely abode.

So, here is a blog that will take you through the list of eight beautiful French country decor ideas that can be done even for smaller spaces.

Stunning French Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here are some French rustic design inspirations that you can do for your bathroom, too.

1. Install a White Freestanding Tub

Install a White Freestanding Tub

White and gold are two colors that are so French. Most of the time, it is getting this right color scheme more than expensive fabrics and other elements of furniture that can help you better replicate French country bathroom decor.

White walls, white marble floors, a creamy white vintage mirror, and, to top it all, a white freestanding tub are all you need to add to the glamor and glory of your French rustic style-inspired modern apartment bathroom. To further spruce up your bathroom, you may want to consider adding pink peonies or lavenders in a white rustic pitcher.

2. Use Gold Accents

Use Gold Accents

When you are taking inspiration from French rustic decor themes to do a makeover for your tiny apartment bathroom, you may not forget about incorporating as much gold as possible in your space. We are referring to using golden color and not actual gold, as seen in the Palace of Versailles.

You can begin with a French gold framed mirror and slowly transform your bathroom using gold fixtures, gold wall sconces, and a vintage gold wall clock. If you are incorporating a clawfoot tub, you can have gold curvy feet and gold hardware. You can also hang curtains with gold embellishments. Make sure to paint the walls white to recreate that ultimate regal aesthetic.

To create a luxurious and regal bathroom space, start with a stunning French gold framed mirror as the focal point. This elegant piece sets the tone for the entire design. Next, incorporate gold fixtures throughout the space, including faucets, handles, and towel racks. Consider opting for high-quality fixtures from reputable brands like design theory hardware to ensure both durability and style.

3. Install Double Vanity Sinks

 Install Double Vanity Sinks

A double-sink bathroom vanity could be the ultimate thing you need to pull up the French chic along with the farmhouse living style. You could either go for wood vanities or marble double vanities with dressers.

But if you are wondering what’s the point of having a double vanity, here’s why you must have it. A double vanity can accommodate two people side by side who are rushing to get ready for their day. Thus, it offers more convenience and flexibility. Double vanities are great for smaller apartments where you have less space to accommodate a dresser in your bedroom.

4. Wood Dresser

 Wood Dresser

How about having a wood dresser sink vanity? It would just be the thing you need to add that much-needed French flair mixed with the old countryside aesthetic.

A white freestanding tub, a golden mirror, and a crystal chandelier with a silver frame would add to the beauty of your urban bathroom. If you want to make things more eclectic, consider adding a glass sconce on the wall instead of the chandelier. You can also hang some antique art pieces and antique wall mirrors to play with the maximized space effect.

5. Long Curtains

Long Curtains

Long gingham curtains will make your small bathroom space look cute and stylish at the same time. When it comes to selecting the right curtains for your French country decor-inspired modern bathroom, you will be glad to know that your options aren’t limited. You can use toile, French linen, tapestry, and French ticking as curtain fabrics. Further, you can also use sheer, satin, or lace if you are not afraid of experimenting with bold and expensive materials and styles.

Be it curtains for the shower section, bay windows, or just plain windows, curtains always make any room appear cozier and more gorgeous.

6. Wood Floor and Chandeliers

 Wood Floor and Chandeliers

When in doubt, install wood floors. They can never go wrong or look odd. Rather, they can add a touch of comfort and coziness to your bathroom. Hardwood flooring is one option, and another option would be to use repurposed patterned wood floors.

Further, you can hang a chandelier to make your bathroom appear regal. Besides this, if you have bay windows in your bathroom, you can hang some lace and sheer curtains. If you don’t wish to hang curtains, you could also use some rattan shades for privacy, but curtains can allow you to enjoy the outside view better than shades.

7. Don’t Miss a Vintage Mirror

Don’t Miss a Vintage Mirror

French bathroom decor is pretty much incomplete without a vintage wall mirror. When you want to keep things minimalist yet rustic and classic, you can bring in a contemporary vanity sink, a white-tiled covered bathtub and shower space, and don’t forget a vintage mirror.

A vintage mirror will add to the charm of your French country-inspired decor for your bathroom. You can paint the walls in a cream color to retain that ageless look and feel. You can also hang some linen shower shades, and don’t forget to add floral embellishments.

8. Incorporate Natural Stones

Incorporate Natural Stones

Stunning stone walls and stone floors can make your tiny space look fresh out of a castle or a French chateau. You can further incorporate a freestanding tub, a glass shower, and some white paint on the remaining areas of the walls. A crystal chandelier will be mesmerizing to look at.

This will offer a look of richness and abundance to your bathroom space. You can also place some white-colored double sinks coupled with a marble top. Natural stones will keep things chic and delightful.

Concluding Lines

So, if you want to teach a French country decor theme in your apartment or villa bathrooms, too, here are a few ways to do so. Our eight recommended styles showcase the French style beautifully and are easy to replicate, irrespective of wherever you are located.

This is because you can easily access the materials you need to recreate a French farmhouse-style bathroom anywhere across the globe as per our recommended styles.

You have to be mindful of the color schemes along with the architectural flourishes and use of natural materials like wood, stones, and marble. Our recommended styles will help you redo the French countryside decor, keeping in mind the functionalities and the convenience altogether.

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