How can I decorate my bathroom in a French country style

If you have passionately searched for home interior or bathroom decoration ideas, you might come across French country style via Pinterest or Google. You might want to do a similar design in your bathroom but don’t know where and how to start.

No worries. We are here to help you with tips and French country style basics, considering important things that can help you decorate your bathroom in the French country style.

Even if your bathroom interior is not like the interior of the French country style, we will share tips to repurpose it with affordable things by blending them with accessories and fixing the patterns. So keep reading to learn more about French country bathroom decoration.

In this post, we have covered how we can decorate our bathroom in a French country style.

French Country Bathroom Style Pattern

French Country Bathroom Style Pattern

First, like the French country-style bathroom, you must focus on the pattern to decorate your bathroom.

  1. Patterns help to align the French country style with character and elegance in the form of checks, toils, stripes, and plaids.
  2. Regarding the fragrance in French country bathrooms, sunflowers, lavender, and olives are often used as vase flowers, candles, and homely plants.
  3. Regarding fabrics, Cotton and linen are used as curtains, table covers, and furniture covers.
  4. For the whole interior of your bathroom, ensure that the natural wood touch and the ornate pairing perfectly balance the homely and luxury vibes.

French Country Color Palettes

French Country Color Palettes

French country-style bathrooms have warm color palettes, so use them to bring the French bathroom touch.

It is not the rule that you will only use warm colors, but use them in the majority as the Prime color. These color palettes help create comforting and welcoming features in your French-style bathroom.

You can pair warm tones with red, green, yellow, and blue colors. Keep the darker shades to a minimum extent only if you want to add a little contrasting or dramatic look.

French Country Blend Accessories

French Country Blend Accessories

French country style focuses on softness and refined elegance with feminine vibes. So, to decorate your bathroom like the French country style, focus on softness and more requirements as described above. Use the accessories that bring French country style to your bathroom.

Here are some of the accessories that are widely used in the French Country style interior, and you can use many of these in your bathroom too to decorate it like the French country style bathroom.

Accessories like Mirrors, Wall clocks, Blue and white porcelain plates, woven baskets, vases, colorful ceramics, pitchers, Chandeliers, etc., are used for the welcoming and homely vibes.

Decorative Accents and French Country furniture

Decorative Accents and French Country furniture

If you are renovating your home style or want to rearrange it in the French-style bathroom, replacing the furniture immediately is impossible, especially if it’s in new condition. In such case, you can repurpose the furniture to bring the French country bathroom style.

1. Round or Soft Corner Tub

Round or Soft Corner Tub

To make your bathroom functional, a bathtub is a great way to bring French country-style vibes to your bathroom. Incorporate a soft-edge white bathtub for the French country-style vibes.

2. Ornate Touch Incorporation

Ornate Touch Incorporation

To make it more elegant, you can use the Ornate finish in your bathroom types of furniture, like on the Bathtub, around the mirror frame, and hardware handles. You don’t have to replace the complete items to incorporate the Ornate touches and vibes. Attach them wherever possible or replace a small portion where they fit well.

3. French Country Bathroom Walls

French Country Bathroom Walls

Bring the French country style to the bathroom walls with the help of tiles and backsplashes. If they seem more costly, you can use the patterned or French country-style wallpaper to cover the entire or majority of your bathroom wall.

4. French Country Accent

French Country Accent

Bring the decor accent to your bathroom with the help of Gold or Brass accent touches. You can use these colors on the metal items like tap hardware, handles, knobs, Curtain rods, towel holders, lights, and other metal items that can bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom to give it the vibes of a French-country-style bathroom.

5. Ceiling Chandelier

Ceiling Chandelier

Chandeliers are a great way to bring light and ambiance to your bathroom. When they light up, they bring the glow and shine. Even in normal conditions, they add the touch of decorative antiques that are refined and completely ornamental in their place.

6. Toilet Bathroom Wallpaper

Toilet Bathroom Wallpaper

This wallpaper brings charming vibes to the bathroom and adds a French country style, making it chic. The toile wallpaper is not about one specific pattern. It comes with various designs according to the different interior designs, maintaining the touch of French country style in your bathroom or interior.

French Country Furniture Pairing with Other Items

French Country Furniture Pairing with Other Items

  • Incorporate the botanica engravings touch in the bathroom sink.
  • Bring the brass or gold accents if the bathroom is in the whitewash.
  • For the antique wooden accents in the bathroom, incorporate a vase with flowers that creates the fragrance and aroma in your bathroom and where the furniture has crafted refined designs.
  • If the complete bathroom has white as the prime color, bring the ambiance with the chandelier.
  • For bigger bathrooms, install two vanity sinks.
  • Use the Gingham curtains for your bathroom windows.
  • Use the check pattern to create the checkerboard bathroom floor.
  • Mix and match the white color furniture, like a Bathtub or dressing table, with vintage looks.
  • Use Wicket baskets to store toilet paper or other cleaning stuff.

Final Thoughts

Everybody who has heard and viewed a few images of French country bathroom-style interiors wants to incorporate the design in their home or interior.

Selecting the right patterns, colors, fabrics, accessories blend, decorative touches, and French country-style furniture is a way to get there.

This post showed you how you can decorate your bathroom in the French country style by repurposing or incorporating new elements and accessories in the simplest possible way.

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