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How Do I Choose the Right Lighting for a French Country Bathroom?

Our homes are a personal space of relaxation, rejuvenation, and catching up with chores. We often furnish and organize our homes to give ourselves the necessary peace of mind in a calm environment. Then, why not do the same for our bathrooms as well?

Bathrooms are a place to not only keep ourselves clean and groomed but also to pamper and take care of ourselves in the best way possible. People often feel at ease and calm during a relaxing bath at the end of a long day.

And if your bathroom doesn’t serve any of these purposes, you might want to renovate. One of the most crucial aspects is lighting to ensure convenience while dressing up. Read on to find out how to choose the best lighting for a French country bathroom.

What is a French Country Bathroom?

What is a French Country Bathroom

You might be wondering what exactly is a French country bathroom. A bath space inspired by the countryside of France comes under this category. A rustic charm, elegance, vintage vibe, and a farmhouse aesthetic – all taken from the French countryside – are incorporated into the architecture and interiors.

French country often use natural materials and soft color palettes to bring out the warmth. Additionally, decorative accents, ornate details, freestanding bathtubs, soft textiles, open shelving, and exposed beams are some of the top features of a French countryside-inspired bathroom.

One pivotal factor is the lighting. In French country bathrooms, natural lighting becomes a focal point. Skylights or large windows are installed to let sunlight fall into the bathroom and beautify the delicate features. Otherwise, intricate chandeliers and other forms of vintage lighting are chosen to maintain elegance. But depending on the layout of your bathroom, how can you choose the most appropriate lighting for it?

How to Choose the Correct Lighting for a French Country Bathroom?

The lighting patterns or fixtures you select must align with the charm and elegance of the bathroom. If you’re confused about making the decision, consider the following steps.

1. Understand the Style

Understand the Style

Before you jump onto finalizing the lighting for your bathroom, take a moment to understand the French country style. Explore the different features, details, and accents, and then choose the elements you like best. Based on these, your lighting should be chosen in a way that enhances and emphasizes the elements of your French country.

2. Functionality


Consider how you plan to use your bathroom. Is it simply a place to clean yourself before moving on with the day? Or is it a place to groom yourself, get ready for the day, and relax or detoxify after a long and tiring one? Depending on the functionality, decide which type of lighting you would require in the bathroom – ambient, accent, or task.

3. Go for Warmth

 Go for Warmth

A bathroom is supposed to be cozy and comfortable for you to pamper yourself and give the self-care you deserve. You may want to select soft lighting to create an environment of warmth. Opt for tones like soft white or gentle yellow to induce this effect. You can also consider fixtures with fabric shades or frosted glass.

4. Match the Theme

Match the Theme

Whatever accessories you select for your bathroom must match the theme of French country. Achieve that by incorporating rustic accessories or vintage fixtures like wrought iron, distressed metal, or aged brass. You can also opt for chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendant lights. This is a crucial step since the accessories should not only provide apt lighting but they must also not disrupt the theme.

5. Sizes


When it comes to lighting, a French country typically makes optimum use of the natural sunlight falling in. However, you still need a lighting system inside. Hence, it is advisable to pick appropriate sizes of lights by keeping in mind the amount of natural light, necessity, available space, and design. For instance, large chandeliers are more apt for a larger bathroom.

6. Intricate Details

Intricate Details

Once you decide on the appropriate size of the light fixtures for your bathroom, explore the various options available to enhance its look. You can opt for fixtures with intricate details and delicate patterns, like motifs, scrollwork, and floral designs. These will elevate the charm and add to the French country style.

7. Dimmers, Anyone?

Dimmers, Anyone

A dimming switch allows you to handle the light intensity of your bathroom. Are you in the mood to detoxify after a long day? Dim the lights and relax with a calm bath. Or are you trying to get prepped for an outside dinner quickly? Increase the intensity to focus on grooming yourself better. Dimmers are perfect to set the mood and control your lighting system effectively!

8. Even It Out

Even It Out

It is crucial to ensure that every part of your bathroom receives equal light. The theme of the French country style will be futile if some part of the bathroom remains unilluminated and the features or details aren’t visible. Hence, design it in a way that maximum natural sunlight falls in the bathroom, and your lighting system balances the light throughout. You can achieve it by combining ambient, task, or accent lighting.

9. Personalize


Despite all our suggestions, the most essential thing to remember is that your design and interiors should be customized to you. Make sure the bathroom serves your needs, expectations, and purpose. Take into account the French country style, but also don’t forget to add your own touch and personalize the bathroom innovatively.


Designing a bathroom is a delicate but exciting process to undertake for renovation. One of the most crucial aspects of achieving this style is perfecting lighting. Natural lighting is usually given a preference for bathrooms based on the French country style. Large windows or skylights are installed to ensure maximum sunlight falls in.

However, when you explore options for a complete lighting system, look for intricate fixtures that would match the theme. Also, consider the functionality and sizes according to your needs and purpose. What is your favorite French country style?

Let us know in the comments below!

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