Teo’s Big Boy Bedroom

Hello friends!  I can’t believe this moment is finally happening….we have a fully finished room in our house!  WHAT?!  One year after we purchased this little Ojai house the first room is done-DONE!  And it’s a room that just makes my heart melt right into a big old puddle. Ahhhh, I have never loved any rooms I’ve designed more than those that I’ve done for our baby boy!  I’m sure that’s everyone’s experience, right?  Ugh it’s just the best and his little face when he saw his bunkbeds for the first time, I could cry just thinking about how it lit up with the magic of it.  Here’s a little bit more about the room and links to all the pretty things you spy with your little eye at the bottom of the post…

Now that Teo is getting a bit bigger and ready to move into a bed I finally got to experience the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl- BUNKBEDS!  I never had them but was completely obsessed, so I suppose I saw my opportunity and leapt at it!  This set from Room & Board is my favorite on the market- that lower bunk at floor level is the perfect space to hang blankets and live that fort life.  I have to say, my inner child is DELIGHTED!  Bunk beds are just as fun and magical as I always knew they would be. Won’t say I don’t envy him a little as I tuck myself into my grown up bed.

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San Diego Final Home Tour 2.0

Hi friends!  It’s been awhile since I’ve updated with where we’re at with our renovation, and I want to write a long and detailed post about the experience but I also want to be on the other side of it when I do.  For right now we are two weeks from moving out of our San Diego house and a little more than five weeks from the end of construction on the Ojai house.  It’s been a wild ride but the end is FINALLY in sight!  Renovation fatigue is a real thing though my friends, and I’m feeling it hard.  I can’t wait to share it all with you soon, and I know it will be worth all of the efforts and headaches!  In the meantime like an actual crazy wackadoo I re-styled and photographed our San Diego home.  I didn’t re-style and re-shoot just for kicks though, it was for a feature on one of my most favorite design sites, MyDomaine, if that makes my insanity any more understandable!

Our bedroom is the most dramatic makeover- that partnership with Room & Board helped us completely reimagine the space and I am IN LOVE!  I’m sharing the whole tour here too because I’m feeling sentimental and I want record of this pretty space one last time before we bid adieu.  For the record it looks NOTHING like this now- there are piles of boxes everywhere, we’ve sold some major pieces of furniture and if I’m being honest I don’t think we’ve dusted or even done more than a light cleaning in a full month.  Ooof.  These photos are making me long for a sparkling clean, fully decorated and cozy house.  One day, one day it will happen again and I can’t wait!   I spent extra time on this post trying to include every single source I could think of so hopefully it’s good inspiration and a great resource.  If there is something I missed please ask me in the comments and I’ll respond.  I hope you love it!!  xx- Sarah

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Spotlight: Room & Board

Hi friends!  Today I’m here to talk about one of my most favorite places to shop for furniture and home decor, Room & Board!  Let me start by saying with full transparency that I’m producing this post in trade for items for our new house and a shoot I did for our San Diego house, so this is a sponsored post.  But you should also know that I’m a longtime fan of Room & Board– I’ve been wandering around their stores fantasizing about a grown-up life filled with beautiful furnishings since I decided I’d had enough of being a broke 20 something and started to imagine what life outside of Ikea could possibly look like!  In fact, one of the first big purchases Lou and I made as a couple was a set of bookshelves for our LA home in 2011.  I remember distinctly the day their beautifully branded delivery truck arrived-  I felt like I had “arrived”, like all of the hard work and long hours we’d sunk into our businesses had truly paid off!  I think many of us have those moments throughout our lives as we accomplish different goals, as we grow into adulthood, more fully into ourselves, more fully into the life we imagined and worked so hard for.  Room & Board has been a part of that for me, so I’m excited to introduce the company to those of you who may not be familiar, to show you some of my favorite pieces, and to tell you a bit about a few more reasons why this company speaks to me on many, many levels!

Hudson Vanity  // Halifax Candle Holders  //   Cloak Table Lamp  // Reclaimed Wood Bubble Stool  //  Case Study Planter  // Grove Bookcase  //  Hanneman Stool  //  Darby Stool  //  Cadence Carafes  //  Ashby Dresser //  Waverly Bunk Bed  //  Penrose Vase Planter

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Today I want to share one of my favorite lighting companies, Allied Maker.  Owned by a husband and wife duo, their team of artisans make some of the most beautiful lights I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  I’ve rounded up some pieces I’m especially loving but you really have to see the whole collection, and if you have a minute I suggest checking out their Instagram story highlights– the albums called “Installed” and “Outgoing” showcase the pieces in a way that their website doesn’t.  You can see how beautifully crafted, well designed and all around lovely the pieces are.  Did you look?  Are you equally obsessed?   Ugh, I want them all and have the budget for maaaaybe one if we use candles for all other lighting in the house.  (Yep, totally realize this is a very privileged problem to have and yet still weeping over lights that will never be)!  I’m basically writing this post in the hopes that one of you have an unlimited budget for lighting in your remodel and buys them all and then DM’s me photos.  Please?    xx- Sarah


Hi friends!  I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet around here lately, I’m in the thick of the final stages of design/sourcing for the Ojai house (phew!) and these last minute decisions have been all-consuming!  I’ve enjoyed every last second of the process and hunting for the materials, finishes, etc and I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to satisfy that creative fix when this project is completed!  I guess I’ll cross that bridge after we’ve moved in and I’ve completed the decorating.  I mentioned casually to Lou the other day that maybe one day we could sell this house for enough and could tackle a ground up build?!  He did not find that amusing.  Oops!  Probably best to not start making plans for another house before you’ve even moved into your current project!  I am a special kind of nuts.

Which brings me to a critical question that has been haunting me- can me make a white sectional work in an open concept living room with a wild toddler running amuck??  Generally speaking we haven’t changed much in our house since we brought Teo into it- those cream colored curtains I so worried about are still hanging and still in great shape.  We removed a rug from under the dining room table but I am ready to put it back- I feel like we’re past the messiest stage.  But a couch, a white couch, with a toddler whose feet are generally covered in dirt, whose hands are usually at least partially covered in some sort of snack remnants- it feels like maybe that’s just plain nonsensical.

BUT, the heart wants what the heart wants and the heart wants a white couch in spite of practicality.  What I am looking for here is for you to talk me off the ledge and tell me it would be INSANE.  Certifiable even!  C’mon, help a madwoman out!

As a thank you gift I present you with these inspiration photos of beautiful spaces with light colored furniture.  I hope they inspire your own designs and that those of you with messy toddlers won’t hate me for this.  I’m in the boat with you!  Let’s just say eff it and get white couches, wanna!?!  xx- Sarah . (photo sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

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Ojai Kitchen Inspiration

I’m thick in the midst of kitchen designing, and so I thought I’d show you some of the spaces that are serving up so much of my inspiration!  I’ve never designed a kitchen (well, I’ve re-desinged about a hundred in my head but this is my first chance to actually see one brought to life!  I’ve had so much fun with it, and only occasionally lay in bed second guessing my every decision and agonizing over options.  Totally normal to lose sleep over a remodel I think, right?!

So far (budget permitting) my plans are a light warm wood custom cabinet with no hardware- lowers only, with a couple of small floating shelves.  I’m hoping and praying we can swing integrated appliances and a thick countertop (I found a great product that looks very much like carrera marble but is durable AF!)  I want the kitchen to feel modern and clean- especially important because we’ll have an open floor plan.  I’m so excited that we’ll get to have a big island (does that represent the American dream these days or what?)  It’s a pinch-me moment for sure that we’re doing this project.

Honestly, when I was in my late 20’s I thought we would NEVER buy a house in southern California.  I thought the likelihood of us being able to remodel a house would be along the same likelihood that we’d fly to Mikonos in a private jet for a quick holiday and hang out with Beyonce on a yacht.  Truly, it’s one of my wildest dreams come true.  I don’t mean to say this in a bragg-y look at how lucky we are way but to tell you that I’m living a dream right now, one that I thought would NEVER happen, and that goes to show you that life is unpredictable and you can’t know what goodness is ahead for you.  I’m also telling you that because I am just so excited but also so humbled- these past few years have taught me that things can change in an instant and you’ve got to really appreciate every moment that you’re healthy and your loved ones are healthy and you’re given the incredible privilege of another day loving your people here on this amazing planet.  This has gone way off course from kitchen design but that’s how I roll these days I guess!

If you have any kitchen design tips you’d like to share, I’ll take em!!!!  Seriously, I know lots of you have walked down this road before and if you have any regrets about your kitchen choices can you share them with me (and others) so that we can learn from your experiences?!  I would be SO grateful!  My biggest worry is that it will be done and I’ll not be in love with it after all of the time, trouble and expense!    Ok, check out some more of my inspiration below!  xx- Sarah . {Image Sources:  1  // //  3 //  4 // 5 }

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