Which Fabrics Are Popular in French Country Bathroom Decors

Which Fabrics are Popular in French Country Bathroom Decors?

If you are a bathroom person who loves to get some “me” time in the bathroom, then you would love to decorate your bathroom with inspiration from French country designs.

Doing French country designs, especially for your bathroom, is easier than you think. No matter where you live, you have to be aware of the aesthetic features and the materials to use to get a bathroom fresh out of a French chateau.

To recreate the design, you must remember that the right fabrics play an important role in exuding the right effect. So, here is a blog that will educate you about the right fabrics to use for French country bathroom decors.

Popular Fabrics to Use in French Country Bathroom Decor

We will give you an elaborative idea of which fabrics to handpick when you’re creating a French country design.

1. Tapestry


The art of tapestry making originated in Europe in the mid-14th century. Tapestries were used to decorate churches, castles, and other monuments. Tapestry is a hand-made cloth that is finely woven using different color threads to create a beautiful design or pattern. Colored threads are woven together to make a pattern. Currently, tapestries are used as tablecloths, cushion covers, and other decorative items.

How can you incorporate tapestry in your French country design?

You can incorporate tapestry curtains in your bathroom when you want to decorate your bathroom according to French country style-inspired design. These curtains will exude a rich and sophisticated look.

2. Linen


Interestingly, French linen is made by weaving flax fibers into textiles. French linen is a highly sought-after fabric not only because of its smooth texture but also because it is made eco-friendly, is a sustainable product, and is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also easy to take care of and maintain. French linen is popularly used in making bed sheets, covers, curtains, table covers, and more.

How can you incorporate French linen in your French country Design?

Curtain, bathroom robes, and shelves can be covered using French linen. If you have stands or small tables in the bathroom, you can cover them with linen covers as well.

3. French Ticking

French Ticking

So, what is French ticking? The term ‘tickin’ originates from the Latin root tica, which means casing. The fabric originated in Nimes, France. This kind of fabric was created to make covers for mattresses and daybed covers. This is because ticking is known to be a strong, durable, and appealing fabric. It can be distinguished and visible by the stripes it has, usually on cotton or linen fabric. French ticking is commonly used nowadays in making upholstery, pillows, and other projects.

How can you incorporate French ticking in your French country decor?

French ticking can find a place in your bathroom inspired by French country design in the form of towels, bathrobes, and shower curtains.

4. Toile


So, toile is another specialty fabric that has its roots in France. Toile fabrics have been in use in French homes since the 17th century. They have been available in multiple color combinations like neutral tones of beige, with white, blacks, and browns. However, blue and white are the most popular color combinations. Toile is defined by the pattern more than the color combination. Any pastoral element used as a pattern will typically represent toile.

How can you incorporate toile in your French country design?

Toile can find a way in your bathroom through hand-embroidered towels, bath robes, and upholstery covers.

5. Lace


Lace, as we know, is a decorative sheer fabric that is delicate by nature. Lace is made up of natural materials like cotton, wool, viscose, and silk and features an openwork pattern. The material used to make lace determines the weight of the material. Laces can be of various types based on their production methods, such as needle lace, bobbin lace, crochet, and tatting. Furthermore, you can also find stretch lace and African lace. Lace is breathable and soft but delicate, so when mixed with synthetic fibers, lace can be made into a durable fabric as well. Botanical, geometric, and floral patterns are the most common designs for lace fabrics.

How can you incorporate lace in your French country design?

Lace can be used in the bathroom as window curtains, shower curtains, and more.

Some Other Elements of French Country Decors

Here’s what more you can do for your bathroom to replicate the French countryside decor spirit.

  • Instill a sink with floral engraving – A gorgeous sink with a botanical engraving – what a beauty it would be to look at. Furthermore, you can pair this beauty with a brass faucet and marble top.
  • Vintage wood bathroom vanity – You can bring home a vintage wood bathroom vanity with double sinks and a cream-colored or golden-colored antique mirror.
  • Put the toilet paper in a wicker basket – Using a wicker basket to hold the toiletries or towels is another way to make your bathroom scream French air.
  • Bathtub with gold hardware – You can have an all-white marble bathroom with a clawfoot tub having gold hardware fixtures, a gold round wall mirror, and a vintage wood armoire.

Concluding Thoughts

So, everything you had to know about the choice of the right fabrics to create the right look for your French country decor has been presented in this blog. Remember that to add the right aesthetic touch to your bathroom. You needn’t procure fabrics from France. You have to pick the fabrics that French designers frequently use to do their interior and bathroom decor.

Hopefully, when you do your bathroom decor inspired by French country-style bathrooms, you will find our blog useful for choosing the right fabrics and exuding the right looks. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is French Country Fabric?

Toile is an age-old design specific to French Country fabrics. Toile is created on linen or cotton fabrics, usually on a white, cream, or yellow background. Further, the design comprises large motifs made with single, distinct, and contrasting colors like blue, black, red, etc.

What Fabric is France Known For?

French linen is a specially curated fabric in France that is known for its strength and classic look. French linen is made by interweaving flax fibers into textiles. It is quite popular among French interior designers to create that perfect rustic look.

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