Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas & Trends

21 Elegant Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas for Having a Relaxed Vibe

Your bathrooms are the most intimate spaces where you cleanse and prepare yourself for the day. So, give your bathroom a light and airy feel by incorporating some boho elements into your bathroom. This style is perfect if you want to create a calming oasis in your bathroom, even in the smallest of bathroom spaces.

Boho style is all about being natural, free-spirited, and earthy, and you can easily bring those elements into your bathroom with the right furnishings and accessories. From wallpaper to rugs and towels, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this trend into your bathroom. This blog suggests 21 bohemian bathroom decor ideas to recreate and bring more life to your bathroom.

Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Bright Colours

bright colour bathroom

If you want to design your bathroom in bright colors, then you can use a combination of bold colors like yellow, red, and blue with strikingly playful patterns and black and white shower curtains to balance the whole scheme.

2. White and Blue Scheme

White and Blue Scheme

If you are looking for a classic chic design for your bathroom, then you can go for a white-blue-brown-wood scheme. It creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Then, complete the look by adding the right amount of patterns that are sophisticated and chic.

3. Layer It

bathroom furniture

If you want to add beautiful and exotic touches to your bathroom, you can layer it with interesting patterns on the wall, textures on tables and bathroom furniture, plants, artwork, etc. All of these give off a boho vibe that is full of life and fun.

4. Add Indoor Plants

indoor plant

If you are looking to make your bathroom relaxing and inviting, you can make it happen by adding carpets that hold a global vibe and character to your bathroom. You can further add indoor plants to the bathroom to complete the look.

5. Pattern Shower Curtains

Pattern Shower Curtains

If you are looking for an instant hippie vibe, then you can add curtains with interesting and playful patterns. It would be budget-friendly since you would not have to redecorate the whole bathroom, and you can change curtains regularly to suit your mood.

6. Make It Artistic

bathroom more artistically

If you want to redecorate your bathroom more artistically, then you can follow a black and blue theme for the bathroom with swirling mosaic tile from the walls to its floor, creating an oceanic effect around the claw-foot tub. Add different patterns, textures, and bold colors to your bathroom to ensure that it looks fun and full.

7. Play With Colors

bathroom sink and side walls color

If you fancy ambient colors, you can color your sink and side walls in it. You can additionally use a punch of colors to brighten up the bathroom and add wall paintings and showpieces to complete the look.

8. Go With Antiques

vintage furniture to your bathroom

If you are looking for a more rustic and antique look for your bathroom, then you can add a combination of modern and vintage furniture to your bathroom. Color the walls in metal gray and add indoor plants to complete the look.

9. Use Tile Stickers

use tile stickers

If you are looking for budget-friendly ways to transform your bathroom, then you can try using colorful tile stickers. Cover up the gloom and dull areas in your bathroom by using these colorful stickers. Green tile stickers attract plant accents neatly touched up with woven detail. You can add wooden flair to highlight the boho statement in the bathroom.

10. All White

white wall

If you fancy a bathroom hip, you can paint your bathroom all white. Add a walnut-finished mirror complementing thick wood floating to your bathroom. Place art prints framed in white wood on the shelves. Use your creativity to the fullest so that you can add all sorts of accent beauties to your shelves.

11. Create a Multilingual Space

Create a Multilingual Space

Your multifaceted bathroom can be given a bohemian look by painting the ceiling dark and layering artful elegance on the floor. The staggered tile walls steal the show in the inspiration, but not without first lending bliss to the complementing layered accents. Make sure every accent you add to your bathroom speaks a unique language and a colorful bliss. From the dotted floor to the flowery shower curtain, transitioning from the toilet to the bathtub is sure to be enjoyable!

12. Unclutter Your Bathroom With a Niche Shelf

Unclutter Your Bathroom With a Niche Shelf

If you want to go for a completely fresh look, then you can start by getting rid of all your old, uninspired cabinets in your bathroom. Add a rustic wood frame paired with a shelf duo and plant and flower linings to introduce an authentic bohemian look to your bathroom. You can introduce a pinch of aroma using an essential oil diffuser or candles.

13. A Patterned Allure

Patterned Allure

You can turn your boring bathroom into an exciting one by finding the perfect blend of creative tricks and tweaks. With Valspar’s Corduroy Black accenting the walls, the white bathroom flair is sure to pop. Adding an open, airy floating wooden shelf in the bathroom will create a graceful transition downwards.

14. Let The Boho Art Do the Talking

Let The Boho Art Do the Talking

You can go all out by using different playful colors and patterns to decorate your bathroom. Boast bright colors and flared arms, smooth-topped vanity, and contrasting cabinets. It will convert your bathroom into a dramatic space.

15. Use Leather-strapped Wall Hanging Blanket Ladder

Use Leather-strapped Wall Hanging Blanket Ladder

If you are looking for a boho-style aesthetic with extra storage space, then you can try hanging a handcrafted decorative wooden ladder on the walls. That’d feature several shelving layers elegantly punctuated with leather straps to add visual interest. You can then hang your quilt, blanket, or towel on the ladder and create another layer of custom delight on your wall decor. Combining wood and leather creates an irresistible natural flair to elevate your bathroom’s boho look.

16. Use Indoor Plants

bathroom design

Often, the bohemian style features well-worn pieces from different eras and cultures, such as vintage or antique finds that tell a story. The old-fashioned bathtub takes center stage in this bathroom design, giving off a beautiful antique look, while green plants enhance its fresh, calming appearance.

17. Modern Vintage

modern vintage

If you are looking for a Modern Bohemian Bathroom Style, then you can go with a minimalistic idea. Use light-printed patterns for flooring and walls. Highlight the bathroom accessories with wood, like the mirror, bathtub, storage box, etc. Add pops of bohemian touch to area rugs and greenery to complete the look.

18. Romanticize your space

romantic your space

If you enjoy your time in your bathroom, then you should redecorate the space to make it cozy and warm. Add candles to your bathroom to give it a romantic feel. Create wicker and wood decor, and add green plants and framed quotes on the wall to complete the look. This will add a fun vibe to your bathroom.

19. Green-White Theme

Green-White Theme bathroom

If you love the beaches and miss being by the beach often, then turn your bathroom up for a by-the-beach look. Add a white brick wall, geometric tiles, indoor plants, and shelves with aesthetic decor items for pops of color.

20. Cozy Warm Look

Cozy Warm Look

You might like this design if you are looking for a more classic, cozy, and warm look for your bathroom. Combine metallic gray walls with white bricks for the side walls and black and white patterned tiles. Add layers to the bathroom by placing quilts, candles, indoor plants, framed prints, etc.

21. Highlight the Print Towels

Highlight the Print Towels

You can opt for a neutral bathroom design by adding different boho rugs, curtains with tassels, printed towels, and ornate mirrors. This is budget-friendly and won’t require you to recreate the whole bathroom.


Bohemian bathroom decor is easy to achieve. All it takes is a keen eye for detail to transform your space. Then, allow them to play out once you have identified the details. From textured wall accents and patterned floor designs to painted bathroom accents, the best boho bathroom decor ideas know no bounds. So, wear the best creative cap and go all out with our recommendations to suit your style and preferences. We hope our suggestions above will help you decide what kind of decor you want for your bathroom.

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