Can Hacienda Style Blend with Modern Decor?

The clash is bound to happen when times are modern, and choices are traditional.

Blending the two is not that difficult; a little adaptation works a long way.

The Hacienda-style architecture is rich and engaging, with its roots connected to Spain.

With the overall theme being the same, this architecture has different types of regional variations, making it feel personalized.

The Spanish hacienda-style home is the gift of the Colonial Period, the 18th century.

But don’t worry if you want to install this ancient style for your home since it can be blended with modern features and decor for the old-modern intact look.

Here, we will guide you on how to build an inspiring and stunning hacienda-style home with modern decor.

History of Hacienda-Style Home 

History of Hacienda-Style Home

The Hacienda-style architecture primarily served as a type of rural estate or farmhouse that used adobe bricks, wood, and clay.

It evolved in the colonial period in Mexico and Spain during the 18th century.

The word ‘hacienda’ is derived from the Spanish word “hacer, ” meaning “to make”.

The owner of the hacienda-style home is termed a “hacendado” in Latin America.

Traditionally, these homes are mostly found in California and Florida, with hints of influence in Native America and Mestizo.

Features of the Spanish Hacienda Style Homes

Classic Hacienda-style homes express rugged, romantic beauty with their features.

The features are especially potent in shielding the house and its inhabitants from outside elements.

However, the modern adaptation is a little different and demands thoughtful blending.

Be it the master bedroom, the children’s study, or the boho bathroom ideas, remember to include the following features in the Modern Spanish Home.

1. Clay Roof Tiles

Clay Roof Tiles

Red clay roof tiles are a common feature of hacienda-style homes.

The rows of roof tiles often have deep overhangs to protect the interior from heat and rain.

The feature remains intact even in the modern blend of the style since it protects the house by maintaining its key characteristics.

2. Stucco Walls

Stucco Walls

Stucco walls are durable to protect the house from the inside out.

The thick walls are made with a combination of earth and water, creating a distinctive appearance.

The feature includes soft, round, smooth walls that go well with old and modern hacienda-style homes.

3. Small Windows

Small Windows

The little windows protected the homes from sun and rain. It has been a key feature of the classic hacienda-style home.

However, with modern technologies kicking in, air conditioners and multi-paned glass do the task of protection, giving way to customize the windows per your whims.

4. Courtyards

Courtyards are the most romantic part of the hacienda-style home.

The comforting aura of the private courtyards inside the home must be kept intact even with the modern blend.

The modern aesthetic can also include the water element, the fountain, with its modern touch.

5. Arches


The multitude of the arches defines the hacienda-style home.

The eye-catching feature can be installed in the interiors to frame the courtyards and exterior walkways.

6. Earthy Color Palette

Earthy Color Palette

The Spanish Hacienda style home is deeply connected to the roots and thus uses the earthy color palette.

The soft beige, terracotta, golden yellow, and creamy whites bring harmony and reduce heat absorption from the scorching sun outside.

You can also use these colors for modern aesthetics or choose a palette.

The theme of the Hacienda-style home has constantly changed and evolved with new ideas and innovation.

Homeowners have perfected their version of the popular design since the 1600s.

Tips To Create Modern Hacienda-Style Home

Any geographical boundaries do not bind the allure of a Spanish Hacienda-style home. The beauty of the theme has a universal appeal and accepts ideas and innovation from around the world.

To maximize the relaxed elegance of this classic theme, here are a few tips to remember while creating or remodeling a house with a Hacienda theme.

  • Incorporate Spanish Architecture: Maximise using Hacienda elements such as arches and earthy colors as mentioned above. These are the key features to maintain the grassroots of the hacienda-style home.
  • Use Natural Elements: Use as many natural elements as possible to create an authentic home for you and your loved ones. Use natural wood and iron elements instead of the modern world of fake wood and porcelain.
  • Craftsmanship: The Hacienda-style homes from the early 18th century showcase beautiful craftsmanship. Let the style speak for itself. Indulge the features into statement curves and textures.
  • Hacienda Style Furniture: Hacienda style bends more towards simplicity and elegance. The furniture that you install in the home should reflect the same. Focus on using wood, leather, textile, and wood or stone for furniture, including the bed. Create a rustic appearance.
  • Mix Modern Elements: Do not be afraid to mix modern elements and aesthetics to the hacienda interiors, but keep the uniqueness of the theme alive. Create a harmonious blend by using geometric patterns.

The thoughtful representation of contemporary elements mixed with old-charm features can create a beautiful home interior and exterior.

The Spanish Hacienda offers versatility to incorporate seamless modern elements.

The design has existed for more than 100 years and is now only becoming more popular due to its versatility to be curated into a modern, contemporary design.

The Final Thoughts

Your home should reflect the past, embrace the present, and nurture the future.

Each home has its own story, and the design of the house should reflect the same.

It is important to stay connected with the roots while trying to blend in with modern aesthetics.

Plants are your Numero Uno for an old-charm, modern aesthetic home. Incorporate many plants indoors and outdoors to keep your place fresh and lively.

We hope the details here help you clarify your thoughts on how to blend the classical, timeless Spanish hacienda-style home with modern elements. Let us know your thoughts on the same.

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