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21 Fresh Sage Green Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Do you want to add a little bit of color to your home interiors? But you don’t want something too bold and loud for your home. Then sage green color could be an apt choice for your home decor. Let’s find out why.

Sage green color has become quite popular this year. It has been the top choice for almost all interior designers. The muted shade of green reflects off very earthy and calm vibes to the place. In addition, the shade has qualities that make it stand out in the home decor. This undertone shade of green would be a perfect choice for people who do not want bright and sparkly shades of color in their homes.

Sage Green Ideas for Home Decor

Sage green color is often associated with the wise person and promotes peace and growth. This is the reason behind it being such a famous color. Sage green home decor has been spotted in so many farmhouses, country homes, and modern city homes as well. This color can blend seamlessly with any interior style.

If you also want this amazing green and gray shade, then read this article to learn about the ideas that can help you make your home decor more attractive.

1. Sage Colored Pillows

Pillows are the easiest way to give any room a makeover. It can set a vibe for your home. Sage green color covers will give your place a calm and relaxed tone. The plush soft cover on the sofas or the bed will enhance the house’s character.

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2. Sage Green Curtains

Curtains are a necessary item in any room that has windows. Adorning your room with a sage-colored curtain would be a perfect way to infuse this color into your room decor. They are fashionable yet functional.

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3. Pair Green with Wood

The Sage green color paired with the wooden things looks chic. The wooden furniture that is painted in the sage green color would be an amazing trick to convert your home’s theme into green decor.

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4. Sage Green Knitted Blanket Throw

A throw on the sofa reflects the cozy and relaxed vibes in the home. Keeping in mind the green with decor theme, a sage green color knitted blanket throw is a must for your house. The knitted pattern of the throw will add a beautiful dimension to the space. If you want this kind of decor, then sage green throw should be on your list.

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5. Beautiful Green Rugs

A Sage green rug is a smart budget-friendly idea to incorporate some green color in your room. A rug not only makes the floor beautiful but also gives a clean look to the room. In addition, it can make the house more welcoming and warmer. You can also choose rugs with little patterns and textures to give a unique look to the room.

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6. Sage Green Accent on Walls

Sage green is the color that symbolizes wisdom and calm. Giving your house’s wall sage green paint will embrace the feeling of refreshment and relaxation. A sage green accent wall around the corner of your home can be very pleasing to the eyes and will surely get you many compliments. It can be in the corner where you relax during challenging days.

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7. Touch of Tiles in the Kitchen

Tiles can look very stylish in the kitchen while adding European touch to the place. Sage-colored tiles would give your kitchen a mood. In addition, they look extremely elegant within your home decor.

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8. Pair Green with Gold

A calm sage green color paired with classic gold is the best combination that you can get for your interior decor. Adding little items like a gold chandelier or gold art frame on your sage green wall will add a royal touch to your place.

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9. Accessorize your Bathroom

Even adding little things in your bathroom can amp up the space. Try to have fun with the accessories in your bathroom. Add sage green towels and bathmat to add a touch of green to the decor. You can replace your containers with sage green ones and also hang on some green wall art.

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10. Sage Green Kitchenware

Loving the sage green with decor? The good news is that you can also add green kitchenware to elevate the look of your kitchen. Finally, include some green kitchen appliances to add fun to your routine.

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 Sage green kitchenware

11. Nature on Walls

There are some amazing shades of sage green color present in nature. And who doesn’t love to have the serene vibes of nature in their home? But, of course, the best way is to display some plants on your wall, and you can also add plants in the corners to give a more rustic look to the home.

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12. Sage Green on Cabinetry

Displaying the theme of your interior design on cabinetry adds dimension to the space. A sage green cabinet will give enough storage while adding a cool touch to the home. It enhances the visual effect of the decor.

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13. Sitting Chair

A sitting chair in the house is a very efficient piece of furniture. Adding a sage green sitting chair in the corner of your living room can be a perfect piece for building the house’s aesthetics.

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Sage green armchair

14. Sofa for Living Room

If you think that a white sofa is too mainstream, then a sage green sofa would be a perfect choice to make your place unique. A sofa is a very fundamental piece of furniture in the home. The beautiful sage green color of your sofa can be a brilliant choice. It will reflect the earthy and warm feeling in the living room.

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Sofa for living room

15. Wallpaper with Sage Green Aesthetics

Wallpapers are a beautiful way to adorn your boring plane walls with artistic features. Add sage green wallpaper with patterns to lift the mood of your home.

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16. Botanical Art to Adorn the Walls

Art is the best way to express yourself. And adding botanical art to your walls will provide a different lightness to the home. Green with decor looks gorgeous when you add it in different proportions around your home.

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17. Sage Green Closet

If your bedroom is lacking any color, then a sage green closet can be the perfect pop of color that you need. Besides, whenever you will go to your closet, it is going to make your mood happy and fresh.

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18. Add Different Shades of Green

Adding different shades of green to your home is a great idea to put together the look of your place. Whether adding small sage green vases or painting the stairs green, it will give a beautiful visual effect to the decor. It becomes enchanting rather than overwhelming when you take one color and add different layers of shades to it.

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19. Wall Clocks in Sage Green

Wall clocks add aesthetic value to the place. Time is a very important thing in everybody’s life. Every home has a clock, if not a wall clock. Adding a beautiful sage green wall clock to your neutral-colored wall will be a treat to the eyes.

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Sage green wall clock

20. Duvet Covers

A comforting fluffy duvet with beautiful sage green color adds perfect detailing to the green decor theme. A nice big duvet with a sage cover and a little detailing of frills makes a perfect fit for the bedroom.

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21. Sage Green Bench

Make a statement by adding a sage-colored bench to your room. The colored bench is going to bring a retro aesthetic look to the home.

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We must conclude with the declaration that we have found the year’s color. Home decor with cooler tones of color shades is a trend nowadays. Your home decor reflects your personality. And if you are a minimalist and love the earthy touch to your home, then you should go for the sage green home decor. The cool tone of green is going to add the perfect amount of serenity to your home.

The above-listed items are some of the best ideas to take inspiration from when you want to redecorate your home. So get ready and build your relaxing retreat in your home with the beautiful sage green color.

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