Nordic touch to your home decor with these 15 Scandinavian rugs

15 Stylish Scandinavian Rugs to Create a Nordic Look in Your Home

When selecting the finest carpets in the Scandinavian style for your home, try to keep the design subtle and minimal. Embrace colors such as ivory, white, black, light, and dark gray while introducing abundant oak hardwood textures, pastel colors, and fresh indoor plants.

Patterns on the Scandinavian rugs are subtle and primarily consist of linear lines, geometrical shapes, and thin patterns to offer a hint of depth to the room.

Avoid bright patterns and colors, and choose something calming and gentle instead! With that being said, here are the best 15 Scandinavian rugs that will give your home the ideal Nordic vibe!

1. Shag Trellis Pattern Scandinavian Rug

Shag Trellis Pattern Scandinavian Rug

This area rug features a flatwoven construction combined with dramatic high-pile detailing, which results in an unparalleled feeling of texture. You might want to think about incorporating this piece into a comfortable reading nook or into a display beside a sunny window. Basically, anywhere you want to create an extra inviting atmosphere. The construction of polypropylene makes it simpler to clean and maintain.

2. Faux Sheepskin Scandinavian Rug

Faux Sheepskin Scandinavian Rug

Sheepskin rugs, which are known for their natural and cozy appearance, have quickly become a popular element inside interiors that take inspiration from Scandinavian design. The sturdy polypropylene that this rug resembles is sheepskin but serves as an alternative that is both kind to animals and more affordable. Make use of this piece’s adaptability by employing it as a tiny accent rug, layering it with a larger area rug, or draping it over a chair.

3. Abstract Modern Scandinavian Wool Rug

Brock Handmade Tufted Wool Area Rug

There are more ways to decorate with a Scandinavian touch other than only using grayscales and neutral colors. With its abstract styling and warm, brilliant colors, this rug design is ideal for playful settings. This piece is tufted by hand using a 100% wool pile, and the three-dimensional look is achieved by having the shapes stand in a slightly higher pile than the surrounding area.

4. Retro Black And White Scandinavian Rya Rug

Retro Black And White Scandinavian Rya Rug

This item, which was designed with the 1970s Scandinavian interior décor styles in mind, offers a homage to the past while still preserving its sleek and stylish Nordic design. This piece is made in a manner that is similar to that of a traditional Scandinavian “rya” rug, with the pile being trimmed to a length that is more casually shaggy with the purpose of providing sumptuous comfort underfoot. This design flaunts a satiny gloss and is constructed entirely out of polyester.

5. Modern Scandinavian Colorblock Triangles Rug

Modern Scandinavian Colorblock Triangles Rug

The combination of yellow and blue has long been considered to be the ideal color scheme for interiors that take their inspiration from Scandinavian design. This affordable piece is manufactured from a polyester blend for outstanding durability and is well-suited to family homes and busy living spaces because of its excellent endurance. It features a geometric design that is both fascinating and useful. The pattern is further brought to life by the carved details.

6. Thick Woven Scandinavian Wool Rug

Thick Woven Scandinavian Wool Rug

When it comes to Scandinavian decor concepts, simple solid-colored wool like this one is impossible to go wrong with. This area rug is made of extremely thick yarn that beckons delight. It is perfect for bedrooms, living spaces, nurseries, and any other location that could benefit from a touch that is both soft and comfortable.

7. Dark Gray Scandinavian Rug

Dark Gray Scandinavian Rug

If you have lighter-toned walls, furniture, and decorative accessories, then the dark gray Scandinavian rug is the perfect choice for your space. It unquestionably gives the space a greater sense of depth and character without making any sacrifices to its overall style or looks. Therefore, if you are looking for a dark-colored area rug that is designed in a Scandinavian manner, this is an excellent choice to consider.

This rug’s low pile height makes it a versatile piece that works well with a variety of color palettes, including off-white, cream, beige, black, and white bed frames, and couches.

8. Black and White Scandinavian Shag Rug

Black and White Scandinavian Shag Rug

This Scandinavian rug has the best of both worlds. It has the perfect shag texture and neutral colors to go with the Scandinavian decor, furniture, and accessories. This Scandinavian wool rug will make your home feel calm, cozy, and comfortable. It’s also easy to clean and good for pets. Another thing that makes it versatile is that it goes well with both dark and light hardwood floors.

9. Off-White Modern Nordic Rug

Off-White Modern Nordic Rug

If the typical Scandinavian rug is too thick and uncomfortable for you, it’s time to find an area rug that is a little less shaggy. This rug is warm, comfortable, and luxurious, and it adds a touch of an oh-so-welcoming atmosphere. This Scandi rug comes in a few other colors, like gray, blue, and greige, so it can look great in any room.

The soft surface of the Swedish-style rug can stay up to a long time and is also easy to clean and maintain. This rug is also good if you have toddlers at home because if they trip on it, they won’t get hurt.

10. Zebra Cowhide Scandinavian Rugs

Zebra Cowhide Scandinavian Rugs

This cowhide Scandinavian rug is the epitome of glam and charm. It will give your space a sense of personality and make it the center of attention. It’s eye-catching and could make your space feel like a mix of glam and Scandi at the same time! The rug can add warmth and coziness to the room while matching your Scandi decor perfectly.

11. Chevron Scandinavian Area Rug

Chevron Scandinavian Area Rug

With this pretty chevron Scandinavian area rug, you can add a touch of style and color to your room. It has soft, calm colors like blush pink, gray, blue, and mustard that give the room an enchanting feel. The simple, linear pattern tends to draw attention to the room and make it feel warmer.

If you want a rug that will last for a long time, you should embrace the way this Scandi rug is made. This stylish floor piece was made in Turkey and can go well with most of your other furniture and decorations.

12. Faux Beige Scandinavian Rugs

Faux Beige Scandinavian Rugs

The gilded gold highlights are what make this Scandinavian rug so beautiful and captivating! With a base of beige and cream, this Scandi rug has the potential to add a sense of opulence and sophistication, thereby complementing the existing Scandi décor and extensive use of wood and natural materials.

And you’ll be pleased to learn that this rug is also cruelty-free! It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs, is simple to clean, and is pet-friendly!

13. Sheepskin Scandinavian Carpet

Sheepskin Scandinavian Carpet

Who would not want to dig their foot into this supremely soft, 100% real, and natural sheepskin rug? It is comprised of 100 percent sheepskin wool to provide maximum softness and tranquility to your home. And the best feature of the rug is its wide color palette, which is compatible with any design style and color scheme.

If you like everything soft, shaggy, and natural, this is one of the greatest Scandinavian carpets for you! Place the rug at the foot of your bed so that you can walk barefoot on it in the mornings. Otherwise, feel free to style this rug in the bathrooms as well.

14. Black Scandinavian Diamond Rug

Black Scandinavian Diamond Rug

The timeless mix of black and white is a staple of Scandinavian home design. We have been exploring the attractiveness of beige, cream, gray, pink, and pastels in Scandinavian interior design. Therefore, it is time to shed some light on the black Scandinavian rugs that are ultimately luxurious, refined, and adaptable.

This black Scandinavian diamond rug is an excellent way to add color and dimension to any room. This rug can help give a playful touch and break up the monotony of the Scandi aesthetic, as it is simple, plain, and predominantly white. The 100% wool construction of this rug makes it suitable for busy areas while providing a plush underfoot surface.

15. Pink Danish Rug

Pink Danish Rug

This pink Scandinavian carpet is both charming and appealing. This Scandi rug is a terrific way to add color to any room, as it features a delicate and minimalist design. The pastel pink Scandi rug will always play a playful role in your home, whether in the playroom, bedrooms, living room, or foyer.

Furthermore, tassels serve as the rug’s crowning glory. It makes this rug even more unique, fashionable and inviting in the guest rooms, living room, and bedroom.

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