is Building a Ranch House Cheaper Than a Two-Story?

Is Building a Ranch House Cheaper Than a Two-Story?

There’s always a debate about whether to build a ranch-style home or a two-story home. A two-story home refers to a residence with two floors, including upstairs.

Meanwhile, a ranch-style home means a single-story home. It doesn’t have any upstairs. A ranch-style home is restricted to a single or ground floor.

A two-story home may have less outdoor space compared to modern ranch homes. Not only that, a ranch-style house is also beneficial regarding flexibility, adaptability, and future value.

It is suitable for kids and elderly people. However, what about the price?

In this blog, you’ll learn if building a ranch-style home is cheaper than constructing a two-story home. A ranch-style home may also provide a more calm atmosphere than a two-story house.

At present, both types of houses have been trending in the North American region (USA, Canada, and Mexico).

What is a Ranch Style Home?

A modern boho living room with a stylish rug

A ranch-style home refers to a single-story home. It’s a popular home in the United States at present. These types of homes have several benefits.

People have been living in ranch-style homes since the 1950s. It comes out with an open-concept layout or with an enormous outdoor space.

You can build various types or shapes of ranch-style houses for your living. It includes rectangular-shape, L-shape, or U-shape. It’s flexible, has a calm atmosphere, and is suitable for people of all ages.

Is It Cheaper than a Two-Story?

Now comes the moment of truth. Is a ranch-style home cheaper than building a two-story home?

The answer is “No”.

Here are the two big reasons.

1. Building Cost

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Building a ranch-style house will cost you more than building a two-story house. The open-floor ideas associated with these types of homes are difficult to create.

For instance, if a two-story home building costs $200,000 (average), a ranch-style home can cost you up to $350,000 (average).

A ranch-style home requires more roof and foundation compared to a two-story house. For a ranch-style home, you’re also required to increase your home’s internal size or space.

Thus, it’s expensive.

2. Cost Efficiency

A calculator with a dollar sign on the screen,

The cost efficiency is associated with power consumption, maintenance, and other expenses. A ranch-style home requires more of these features than a two-style home.

Thus, you’re required to find a perfect builder. A ranch-style home may be worth it when it comes to future value. Contrarily, the maintenance cost is higher.

These types of homes can consume enormous heat. So, you have to add energy-efficient windows, doors, and floors.

If you combine their expenses, it can cost you more. Meanwhile, for the two-story, you don’t have to worry about it.

Everything You Need to Know About a Ranch-Style Home

A ranch-style home with a garage and driveway.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is always a key. As technology evolves, our living habits and lifestyles also grow. Thus, you can blindly trust a ranch-style home regarding flexibility if you want to renovate your home in the future.

For instance, a ranch-style home is a perfect choice if you want to move your bedroom to another place or swap it with a personal office or studio.

It also comes with adaptability. You can easily add more walls or rooms to the existing ones.

2. Quiet and Calm

A ranch-style home is quieter and more calm than a two-story home. You don’t have to worry if your kids run through the room, as they will not go upstairs. In addition, their footsteps or running steps won’t bother you.

If you ask your builder, he/she can adjust it accordingly. You can ask your builder if you want to minimize the noise by maximizing privacy. You get all these facilities in a ranch-style home. It’s absent in a two-story home.

3. Zero Stairs

A ranch-style home doesn’t have a second floor. You can enjoy all the features on a single or ground floor. It comes with zero stairs.

In other words, a ranch-style home doesn’t have any upstairs features. As a result, you can get more quieter space in your home.

Apart from that, you don’t have to break your legs from room to room. All rooms will be under the ground or on a single floor. It will also benefit you from moving furniture or electronic items.

4. Enormous Outdoor Space

A ranch-style home consumes less space than a two-story home. Thus, it provides you with an enormous outdoor space.

You can use it later for your purpose or build another ranch-style home. If you’re a fan of outdoor kitchens, a ranch-style home is a perfect match for it.

If you own any vehicle, you can also make space for it by creating a larger garage. Contrarily, a two-story building doesn’t provide you with enormous outdoor space.

You have to adjust it after asking your builder.

5. Future Value

A ranch-style home is trendy across the United States. Not only as a home, but people build or create these types of homes as an asset investment process.

It can increase the value if you ask your builder to create a ranch-style home with a well-structured construction and luxury amenities.

Based on today’s market conditions, it’s a good investment for the future. A ranch-style home has more future value compared to a two-story home.


A ranch-style home is a single-story home that comes with zero upstairs. It has more benefits compared to a two-story building. A ranch-style home is flexible and suitable for all age groups.

It also provides a calm and quieter atmosphere with an enormous outdoor space.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the cost, it’s expensive. It will cost you more than building a two-story house. Modern ranch homes require many amenities, ultimately costing you more.

It includes heatproof windows, floor, roof designs, etc.

Finally, in this blog, you’ve learned if a ranch-style home is cheaper to build than a two-story home.

You’ve also gained an insight into it. If you still have any concerns, feel free to contact us.

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