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21 Best Flocked Christmas Trees: Compare Size, Width, Lighting, and Price

Picking the right Christmas tree can make or break the season’s spirit. For weeks leading up to Christmas, your tree will be a bright backdrop; on the big day itself, it will be the home to all your carefully wrapped gifts.

But which is better—a real tree or an artificial one for Christmas? While real trees have beautiful aromas, they take a lot of maintenance, drop needles, and must be disposed of after the holiday season. However, artificial trees can be used year after year without needing replacement or extra care, and many even come with lights already installed.

Here are 21 popular flocked Christmas trees to help you choose the perfect artificial tree for your holiday celebrations.

List of Small Flocked Christmas Tree

Let’s start with small, flocked Christmas trees that aren’t more than 5 feet tall. These little trees are great for small apartments or the entryway of your home, where you want to add a little Christmas cheer without overwhelming your guests.

1. Puleo International 4.5 Foot Pre-Lit Potted Flocked

Puleo International 4.5 Foot Pre-Lit Potted Flocked

If you need a small flocked Christmas tree, this 4.5 ft pre-lit Arctic Fir tree is ideal! Because it’s so lovely on its own, you don’t even need to decorate it; turn on the lights for a warm Christmas atmosphere.

With 70 UL-listed lights and 419 branch tips, it adds to the holiday feel and gives the tree a realistic look.

2. Vickerman Artificial 4.5′ X 44″ Christmas Tree

Vickerman Artificial 4.5' X 44" Christmas Tree

The brisk weather of the holiday season calls for warm fires, steaming mugs of cocoa, and a stunning tree set up in one of the spare corners of your living room. Vickerman’s Flocked Alaskan Artificial Christmas Tree is the final piece you need to round up your holiday home decor this season. This artificial pine tree has a height of 4.5 feet and is adorned with 349 PVC points. The long-lasting metal-hinged branches include realistic-looking tips, allowing you to appreciate the appearance of a fresh snowfall falling on the frozen tree branches.

3. 20 Inch Pre-lit Tabletop Christmas Tree Decoration

20 Inch Pre-lit Tabletop Christmas Tree Decoration

This artificial small flocked Christmas tree measures 20 inches tall and came pre-lit with 30 warm-white LED string lights. It also features 30 red berries and 5 large pine cones, all of which create a lush and complete look. The Christmas tree is convenient to set up and is an excellent choice for houses with limited space. It has a solid tree stand and a wood and burlap foundation that you can use to keep it standing upright. In addition to that, there is a switch located on the battery box that allows you to set a timer for the Christmas tree lights.

4. Fir Christmas Tree

Nearly Natural 4ft. West Virginia Fir Christmas Tree

This Flocked West Virginia Fir Christmas Tree will make your home look like a winter wonderland. It has soft foliage and 210 easy-to-bend branches to add to the festive decorations, all coated with imitation snow. It is entirely maintenance-free and requires minimal effort to set up. This frosted fake Christmas tree, which is 4 feet in height and comes with a stand, can quickly and effortlessly turn any room into a festive holiday scene. It is also perfect for the long run, as it is built with durable materials.

5. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 5-Feet, Flocked Snow

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 5-Feet, Flocked Snow

This Perfect Holiday Norway Pine, with hinged branches for easy installation, is available in various bright colors for the non-traditional Christmas lover. With their brilliant colors, these trees can also be used for other holidays, such as Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. This tree is ideal for the holiday season due to its easy assembly and high-quality components. Its aluminum stands are durable and fold flat for easy storage. Stability screws are also provided to fix your tree in place.

6. Yaheetech 4.5ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Yaheetech 4.5ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Isn’t it the most beautiful time of the year when the entire family gathers to set up and decorate Christmas trees? This frosted artificial Christmas tree is made of high-quality materials that are both fire-resistant and long-lasting. Classic and conventional, with PVC branches and tips wrapped in white flocking Snow. The hinged system is simple to construct, with pre-attached lights and branch positions that save you time when setting up branch tips. Finally, the foldable stand takes up less space when installed and stored.

7. DOYOLLA Snow Flocked Christmas Tree 5ft

DOYOLLA Snow Flocked Christmas Tree 5ft

This 5ft Flocked Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is made of eco-friendly materials wrapped in beautiful white Snow to simulate real falling Snow. It includes a collapsible pop-up design for quick setup and storage. Additionally, this tree will last for at least 20 to 30 years because of its sturdy metal stand, robust design, and high-quality materials. Decorate it with your lovely Christmas ornaments to make it more appealing and attractive. The best feature is that the tree is free of PVC!

8. WBHome 5FT Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

WBHome 5FT Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

Use classic red, green, and gold as the significant décor colors in your home this year to pay homage to the purest type of Christmas decor. Built using a sturdy and non-toxic PVC material that not only makes the tree look more lifelike and full but also improves the tree’s anti-crush capacity. A strong metal base adds stability, avoids breakage, and keeps your tree standing tall. This 5ft Christmas tree comes with 200 long-lasting LED string lights. These high-quality lights flash brightly while consuming little energy. In addition, the insulated copper wire keeps the lights cool enough to touch after several hours of usage.

9. Classic Blue Spruce

classic blue spruce

Bring timeless charm to your Christmas festivity. This artificial Christmas tree is made entirely of Classic Needle foliage for a lush appearance.

The dense foliage of the Classic Blue Spruce is made of delicate yet robust needles in blue-green and silvery tones, accented by light brown tinted stems for extra depth.

The Easy Plug system incorporates light connections in the trunk, making it as simple as plugging your tree into a socket to light it.

Trees that have been pre-lit with unique Twinkly LED lights allow you to create and control multiple light colors and light shows or choose from a pre-programmed variety of patterns and colors, all from your phone, using the mobile app.

10. OasisCraft 24 Inch Outdoor Christmas Tree 2 Set

OasisCraft 24 Inch Outdoor Christmas Tree 2 Set

The OasisCraft 2 ft flocked little Christmas tree appears small but full. Its tiny size is perfect for small places. The snowy flocked design with 15 red berries and 5 pine cones in each tree creates a realistic and beautiful appearance. Both trees are constructed from PVC and needle branch tips. They are eco-friendly materials that are flame-resistant, odorless, and non-allergic. Each tree can be used alone or in combination at home or the office. Inverted cone ground spike bases can also be put directly into the Snow.

List of Medium-Flocked Christmas Trees

This section is for you if you want a medium-height, 6 to 7.5-foot flocked Christmas tree that will fit into a standard 8-foot ceiling-height living room.

1. SUNYPLAY 6ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

SUNYPLAY 6ft Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

These pre-lit white Christmas tree leaves are constructed of high-quality, environmentally-friendly PVC that is entirely safe to use. The snow-flocked pencil tree, which combines premium materials and excellent craftsmanship, is lifelike and has strong adhesion, making it challenging to fall off and fade, thus ensuring a long-term use. The tree creates a distinct snowy atmosphere and a warm festive vibe. It has solid branches that are strong enough to hold garlands and all your favorite ornaments for a personalized look. The white Christmas tree’s hinged construction makes it simple to fluff and set up, saving you a lot of time and work. Furthermore, the pre-lit artificial Christmas tree may be disassembled into three halves and stored in a storage bag to conserve room.

2. 6 Ft Pull Up Pop Up Tree

6 Ft Pull Up Pop Up Tree

This Flocked Pre-Lit Christmas Tree easily pops out of its bag and is ready to transform your house into a Christmas wonderland, making holiday decorating easier. Enjoy no-fuss decorating during the busiest and most joyful season of the year! This Snow Flocked Christmas Tree exudes a distinct wintry atmosphere, making it a striking addition to any environment. Everything is in place, with 150 fairy lights, 54 assorted ornaments, 6 exquisite silver and white ribbons, and a massive bow topper. The tree collapses just as quickly when the holidays end. You can store your Dressed Pre Lighted Christmas Tree in its storage bag, ready to shine again next year.

3. Prextex Premium 6 ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Prextex Premium 6 ft Artificial Christmas Tree

This beautiful 6-foot Christmas tree is a holiday showpiece designed to be the focus of your celebration year after year. It comes with 1200 fake pine needle tips that can be fluffed up and hinged branches that make it easy to set up and store. No more wheeling big trees home from Christmas tree sales or trying to figure out how to put them together at home. Just put each piece on the sturdy stand, arrange and decorate it however you want, and you’re done. When the season is over, you can take it apart in seconds and fold the branches for the most space-saving storage possible. The tree’s electrical parts and lights are UL-approved and can withstand the weather, so that this tree can be used indoors or outdoors.

4. SINTEAN Skinny Christmas Tree Flocked

SINTEAN Skinny Christmas Tree Flocked

This pencil-shaped white Christmas tree is elegant in shape and color and can be used with a wide range of styles and themes. A folding metal base with one screw offers support for this slim, flocked Christmas tree, holding them upright and preventing them from toppling. This Christmas tree has 876 branch tips and 220 warm white LED lights to make it look more festive. The white pre-lit Christmas tree has 3 hinged sections, making it easier and more convenient to set up and take down.

5. HomeKaren Flocked Pencil Christmas Tree

HomeKaren Flocked Pencil Christmas Tree

Amaze your friends and family with the clean beauty of a pencil Christmas tree with lights. This Christmas tree looks festive and wintery with its shape and snow-covered tips. It will brighten up any holiday party. Its branches show off your best decorations, and the lights give it a warm glow. This Prelit Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree has 250 lights that will brighten up any room in your house. Its three-part set comes with clear, short instructions and is easy to put together, take apart, and store. The hinged branches of this Christmas tree will make it easier for the branches to expand.

6. JOIEDOMI 6ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

JOIEDOMI 6ft Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

This full-size, weatherproof, artificial Snow Flocked Christmas tree comes with 300 LED lights. The Christmas tree measures in at a towering 6 feet in height and is crafted with superior PVC material to ensure its safety, durability, and lifespan! Simply connect the cord, and the tree will be ready to dazzle. After the tree has been assembled, you can shape the branches to give it a fuller appearance and then decorate it however you choose! This Christmas, make your version of a winter wonderland! Bring some holiday cheer into your home with this colorful LED Christmas Tree. In addition, it may be utilized both indoors and outdoors to add to the festive atmosphere!

List of Extra Tall Flocked Christmas Trees

These extra-tall, flocked Christmas trees are just what folks who live in large homes need to complete their holiday décor. To accommodate giant flocked Christmas trees 8 to 9 feet tall, you will need exceptionally high ceilings. These unusually tall trees are best suited for placement in a big room with soaring ceilings or a grand entryway. They will assist in filling the room and won’t appear too small compared to your high ceilings, the way a conventional Christmas tree would!

1. Clear 9 Ft. Flocked Mountain Pine

Clear 9 Ft. Flocked Mountain Pine

With a diameter of 61 inches and a height of 9 feet, this beautiful snowy tree will make a statement. This tree will be the center of attention everywhere, from grand entrances to cathedral ceilings. All of your ornaments can hang from its deep branches too! It comes pre-strung with 800 warm-white LED lights to give your home a festive glow. With a one-click connection, it’s easy to put together. One plug for the whole tree means no wires and no trouble. The tree is also built to last season after season with high-quality materials. The best part is that if you buy a faux tree, you’ll never have to purchase or cut down another tree again! It’s a win-win both ways.

2. National Tree Company Artificial Pre-Lit Slim Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Artificial Pre-Lit Slim Christmas Tree

The base of this 9-foot-tall, 35-inch-wide Kingswood Fir Slim Pre-Lit Artificial Green Christmas Tree is 35 inches in diameter. This tree is made to look and feel natural, with hundreds of individually made branch tips that make the branches look full.

Features 500 white lights that remain lit even when a bulb goes out. Before the tree is packed, the lights are placed on it. This makes it easier and more convenient to set up.

This tree has branches already put together and hinged so they can drop down for easy setup and fold back up for quick and easy storage. Set aside 45–60 minutes to shape the tree the right way by pulling the tips of the branches apart and peeling back the branches.

This tree is made of solid and high-quality materials and has hypoallergenic needles that won’t catch fire. It’s made to bring holiday cheer for many years to come.

3. Best Choice Products 9ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products 9ft Artificial Christmas Tree

This holiday season, spread cheer with a flocked Christmas tree that makes the holidays feel complete. It has sturdy branches that can hold garland and all your favorite ornaments for a personalized look. The tree can be put together in three steps: connect the base to the most significant part of the tree, then connect the other parts and fluff the branches. This 9ft tall tree is made with strong metal hinges and flame-resistant PVC branches that stand tall on a strong metal base, so you can enjoy your tree for many holiday seasons to come!

4. 8 ft Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree

Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree

This fake Christmas tree will add a festive, wintry ambiance to your home this holiday season. Made of green-colored PVC for a traditional, realistic look, the hinged branches make a full silhouette and show off flocked tips to make it look like Snow just fell. This faux Christmas tree has many LED lights that always stay on. It has a remote that lets you control the different modes and settings, such as changing colors, dimming, twinkling, and a setting where the lights stay on all the time. It comes with a tree stand, and since it’s made of two separate pieces, it’s easy to put together.

5. Durham Pole Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Durham Pole Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Every living area needs a nicely decorated Christmas tree during the holiday season. It needs to be decked out in festive garb and lit up so brightly that it fills the home with the spirit of the season. An artificial Christmas tree like this particular one is required for this occasion. It is a Green artificial Christmas tree, 6.5 feet tall; it includes a stand and 200 clear lights. When turned on, the 200 lights on this Christmas tree fill the area with a dazzling display of color. To begin decorating, you’ll first need to assemble it, but don’t worry; doing so is simple and requires no special equipment. An incandescent bulb is also used to highlight the tree’s allure and beauty against its green foliage.

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