What Customer Reviews and Feedback Exist for Living Rooms Painted in Alabaster

What Customer Reviews and Feedback Exist for Living Rooms Painted in Alabaster?

Alabaster is one of the finest paint colors from Shwerin-Williams. The paint became fervent in social media and reached a wide audience nationwide. Alabaster is a white paint with a yellow undertone. It is not as white as the Benjamin Moore White Dove and not as gray as White Dove.

Alabaster is the best pick if you want your house bright but not stark white and gives a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is paramount to understand the pros and cons of paint before trying it out.

Compiled here are the reviews and feedback of the public and experts in the field. The article aims to put all the scattered information about the living room Sherwin Williams alabaster in one place.

What is Alabaster?

What is Alabaster

Alabaster from Sherwin Williams is the poster child of the brand. The paint has won numerous accolades for the brand with its luminosity and appeal. Alabaster won the Color of the Year 2016. The code of the paint is SW7008. The Sherwin-Williams Alabaster is an off-white color.

The LRV (Light Reflecting Value) of the color is 82, meaning it reflects light perfectly. Note: Pure white has an FRV of 100. The color plays a titular role in setting the mood of the room.

Let’s Explore Customers’ Reviews

Let’s Explore Customers’ Reviews

According to Kylie Mawdsley, Founder and Lead Decorator, Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster is the best one she has come across, and the reason for the hype for the paint is that they can be used on many surfaces, including walls, exteriors, cabinets, trims, ceilings, and furniture.

Is Alabaster Warm or Cool?

Is Alabaster Warm or Cool

Alabaster is a warm white and has a yellow undertone. It will suit you if you are looking for paint that is bright but not too much. The paint exudes its full potential when it is painted facing north. It brings cold lighting to the room. When faced south, the warmth of the paint will gradually increase.

What is the LRV of Alabaster?

What is the LRV of Alabaster

If you do not already know what LRV is, it expands to Light Reflecting Value. Every paint is chosen by considering the LRV. The reflecting value of Alabaster is 82/100. The paint has got 82 points because of its yellow undertone.

Alabaster is a versatile paint that can be used indoors and outdoors. It can also be used as a trim, ceiling, and as a sheen to add more depth to the surface. It will add more aesthetics if painted with contrasting colors. Alabaster is off-white when combined with a dark color; it will unlock a whole new look.

Alabaster is the best choice for cabinets. They are beautiful and provide classic kitchen vibes. The tuxedo Kitchen will exude even more class when paired with a cabinet of contrasting colors.

When combined with granite countertops or earth tones, the yellow undertone of the paint will be suppressed, and it will appear more like bright white.

What are Some Colors That Are Similar to Alabaster?

What are Some Colors That Are Similar to Alabaster

1. SW Pure White

Sherwin Williams’ Pure white is a versatile color, just like alabaster, and has a slight yellow undertone, which makes it look not too stark. Pure white is the best option for trims.

2. SW Extra White

Sherwin Williams’ Extra White has a reflective value of 86, which beats Alabaster by four points. The high reflectiveness makes the color stand out from the rest. It is mostly used in trims and cabinets.

Alabaster with Stained Wood Living Room Ceilings

Alabaster with Stained Wood Living Room Ceilings

Alabaster works best with stained wood. The dark color of the wood contrasts with the alabaster white. Together, they make a beautiful look. Alabaster is probably the best choice for a living room.

The room will radiate peace and tranquility with the white tone. The warm color makes the living room look fresh, clutter-free, and airy.

Here’s What Most Customers Say

  • Tasha. A, an Interior designer, feels that alabaster is the best paint for any house. And it can transform any space into a haven. It is a versatile color that you can use from your living room to your bathroom. The warm color adds coziness to the space and reduces the necessity of artificial lights during the daytime.
  • Doki. A., a customer shares, Sherwin Williams is the perfect off-white color for any living room. The elegant color makes the home decor stand out. If your walls and furniture need paint, Sherwin Williams is the one for you.

Final Thoughts

The article explored the reviews and feedback of seasoned internal designers and valuable customers and how Alabaster works on different surfaces, which colors can be added to them to unlock new looks, and colors you should try out if you love Alabaster.

We even touched upon using them in cabinets, outdoors, and on ceilings. We believe the real-life experience of customers adds a tangible touch to the notion of buying the paint. Moreover, the article touches on some common questions surfacing on the internet and answers them.

Overall, the practicalities, functionalities, and versatility of the alabaster paint are discussed in detail. We believe the article best answers your questions.

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