Architectural Flourishes: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Wall Protection Solution

Architectural Flourishes: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Wall Protection Solution

Walls are susceptible to scratches and scuffs due to impact from furniture. Dents and dings are also common, mainly from the wrath of heavy objects. That’s why using architectural moldings like skirting boards is essential to protect the wall. Unfortunately, the baseboards aren’t spared either. They can be equally damaged. Furthermore, they need frequent cleaning and repair. This article details the factors to consider when choosing a wall protection solution to guard the baseboards and your wall. They are as follows.

Aesthetic Harmony

It’d be best to consider aesthetic harmony when choosing a wall protection solution like a skirting board cover. Doing so is essential because you need a coherent design in your living space. Considering aesthetic harmony will also enhance the atmosphere and provide visual continuity. Achieving harmony calls for identifying the theme and style of the room during your selection process. Choose a wall protection solution that aligns with the theme and style. While at it, consider existing interior décor, color palette, and contrast or blend.


The material os skirting boards is also essential to determine functionality, durability, and maintenance frequency. Choose a wall protection solution like the mentioned cover made from sturdy material such as a Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). Such material is easy to paint, offers a sleek look, and is less prone to shrinking or warping. MDF’s smooth and consistent finish is another reason to give it a shot. Besides, it has minimal grain and knot patterns synonymous with natural wood.

Dimensions and Proportions

You must also consider dimension and proportion during your selection process. Doing so is necessary due to visual balance and aesthetic appeal. Too big or too small will disrupt the visual harmony. Oversized ones will dominate a small space, making it feel crowded, while undersized ones will make a space look unbalanced. The correct dimension ensures the wall protection solution complements the room’s proportion. You will determine the ideal dimension considering the room size, choosing tall covers for larger rooms and vice versa. While at it, consider the ceiling height, selecting taller wall protection solutions for taller ceilings.

Installation Expertise

Installation expertise is another critical factor, especially if you are on a DIY project. Doing so will ensure aesthetic appeal, seamless integration, and value addition at a lower cost. If you are not hiring professionals, you should consult one to guide you in the selection process. You can also ask for recommendations on wall protection solutions that are easy to install. Choose a solution like a skirting board cover that you can find interlocking or adhesive-backed ones, which are easy to install.


It would help to consider timelessness because you don’t want to spend your money and time fixing wall protection solutions. You will do so by considering specific profiles during selection. Plain, ogee, beaded, and shaker-inspired profiles are options you can choose from. In addition, you will choose those with classic shapes, neutral colors, and made of quality material like MDF.


Walls are undoubtedly prone to damage. But as much as skirting boards can protect it, they will also be exposed to impact. Such a problem can leave you spending a lot of time and resources in maintaining skirting boards. That’s why you need an additional wall protection solution. Considering the factors you have read here will give you the most suitable protection solution.

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