25 Stunning French Country Living Room Decor Ideas To Beautify Your Dream House

25 Creative Ways to Decorate Your French Country Living Room

A country like France brings together the charm of simple living and classic decor. It is the land of romance, beauty, passion, affluence, and elegance. Their decor style dates back to the 1920s to 1940s when French designers focused on natural motifs and classic furniture.

Despite its simplicity, French country decor is rich with textures and features eclectic accessories that add lots of elegance to your home.

This style of living room decor exudes peace and relaxation. It combines warmth, comfort, and coziness with rustic charm.

French country livingrooms are usually characterized by natural textures like wicker, distressed wooden furniture indoors, plush sofas with many cushions, and casual rugs.

Here are some of the stunning French country livingroom decor ideas that will inspire you to create a similar style in your living room.

1. Curtains With a Floral Pattern And Cream Walls

Curtains With a Floral Pattern And Cream Walls

What we have here is an authentic French chateau in the French countryside! It is airy and roomy, with charming touches of French country design. This room’s frame is warm and comforting, thanks to the creamy walls and the patterned curtains.

The room is decorated with old paintings on the walls, white sofas around a deep blue-green tufted ottoman serving as a French coffee table, and a vintage oriental rug as the focal point.

A crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling provides the room’s primary light source. This is a high-end accommodation, ideal for adults without little children.

2. The Cubism Show

Cubism Show

To maintain a classic appearance in this Cape Cod mansion’s dining room, designer Kathryn M. Ireland covered the floor with a sea-grass mat and reupholstered the owners’ Gustavian chairs. The wall also has an amusing Cubist painting.

3. An Elegant Crystal Chandelier

Elegant Crystal Chandelier

This living room displays French-style design elements that have been Americanized with country-style design characteristics. It is the crystal chandelier in the middle that makes this room stand out. In the background, two gold mirrors rest against the wall. There is also a white sofa with a simple silhouette.

Aside from that, the table is decorated with small candles and a rustic bucket of pink roses. It’s a well-executed room, albeit a tad too “French” in style.

4. A French Door

French Door

French doors inside the house are a must if you want to achieve a chateau-like aesthetic.

This luxurious French country living roomby Romanek Design Studio is a contemporary spin on traditional French rural decor thanks to its minimalist furnishings and classically rich architectural canvas.

5. Coffee Table With a Vintage French Feel

Coffee Table With a Vintage French Feel

A living room would be incomplete without a coffee table. This small antique white coffee table is a perfect example of the elegance and sophistication that characterizes French furniture.

It contributes to the room’s open, clutter-free vibe. In addition, the beige sofa with the slipcover gives the room a cozy feel.

6. Glass Door Cabinet

French living room

Consider this cabinet with fading blue glass doors if you need more storage space in your French living room. For opening and closing, the classic French iron door is used.

The fixed shelves are lightly stocked with old books and decorative accents.

7. Luminous Lighting

Luminous Lighting

The foyer’s beautiful, large-scale vintage lighting sets the mood for the rest of the house. The rustic French country style is highlighted through the exposed beams, the stone tile floors, and the modest console table.

8. Wood Armoire

tufted sofa and a country white end table

This wooden armoire can store various items that could come in handy for various domestic tasks. An antique cabinet like this can be used for many uses, from storing extra pitchers to extra linens.

Keep a wicker basket and a wooden tray on top to create visual attention and use vertical space. The living room furniture comprises a neutral tufted sofa and a country white end table. The honey wood floors add a welcoming warmth to the room.

9. Vintage Look

vintage look

Designed by Garrow Kedigian, this Manhattan duplex’s dining room centers on a mahogany table from the turn of the twentieth century. It is furnished with antique chairs found at a Paris flea market and reupholstered in Schumacher velvet.

10. Louis Oval Mirror in Gold

Louis Oval Mirror in Gold

A gold oval wall mirror adds a touch of French elegance to the all-white living room. The room also features other gold details, such as those stunning gold side tables with marble tops.

The abundance of French white linens draped across sofas, and accent chairs create an ethereal atmosphere.

11. Copper Utensils

Copper Utensils

The white-painted brick walls and stone tile floors define this kitchen’s rural chic vibe. Those wrought-iron doorknobs, copper pots, and pans hanging from the ceiling give out an almost irresistible smell reminiscent of French cuisine.

12. The Gray Sofa

gray sofa

Dark brown and gray sofas, like in this living room with its deeper, mountain-inspired decor, will give your home a more rustic French feel. This room has a rustic vibe to it, thanks to the thick wood furnishings and exposed ceiling beams!

How about a vacation to the French Alps? Are you up for it?

13. The Orange Sofa

orange sofa

The orange sofa is a fantastic statement piece, and I appreciate the room’s willingness to take design risks. The room is even more one-of-a-kind thanks to the two ginger jar table lamps on either side.

This classic French country room is flawlessly completed with antique artwork and cushioned French accent chairs.

14. Strong Gallery Walls

gallery wall of antique gilt frames and timeless photos

Adding depth to the living area is as easy as hanging an entire gallery wall of antique gilt frames and timeless photos. Similarly, a Louis XV-style sofa is always an excellent addition.

15. Embellishments with Flowers

Embellishments with Flowers

According to the French, there’s no such thing as having too many flowers, and flowers, in general, are a must-have in any French home. Use glass containers like vases, pitchers, and urns to showcase them.

16. Exhibition of Beams

Exhibition of Beams

The exposed ceiling beams, worn wooden floors, vibrant linens, and displayed antique paintings and trays make this dining area extremely inviting. And not to forget, a gigantic clock on the wall.

While relaxing on your French cabriole sofa, a wooden wall clock is a beautiful way to keep track of the time.

17. Contemporary Additions

Contemporary Additions

This old residence in Lyon, France, received some contemporary upgrades while maintaining the character of the building.

The exposed beams and chimney give the space a sense of history, while the floating shelves, emerald green accents, and blonde flooring pull it firmly into the present day.

18. Pale Yellow Couch

Pale Yellow Couch

This pale yellow floral upholstery sofa is an excellent option for those who prefer a more minimalist aesthetic.

19. Traditional Furnishings

Traditional Furnishings

This sink area features several French country-inspired touches despite its apparent contemporary style, like the vintage serving platters, watering cans, and glass flower pots.

20. Checkered Comfy Pillows

Checkered Comfy Pillows

Gingham cloth has been fashionable in France since the 1950s when Brigitte Bardot wore her iconic gingham skirts and costumes. You can see here how they could be used on decorative pillows.

21. Subtle Variations

The green paint on the walls

The green paint on the walls and the collection of personal stuff give this study room an upbeat and charming atmosphere. Interiors in the French countryside are known for their contrasting styles, such as the cushioned chair and the rustic vase.

22. Wallpaper with Patterns

patterned wallpaper to your walls

Adding patterned wallpaper to your walls is a quick and easy way to give any room a sophisticated French vibe. It needs to either stand out against your sofa’s color or complement it gently, like the sage green French coffee table in this area.

A painted wooden coffee table and vintage portraits adorn the walls to complete the room’s antique decor.

23. Chairs with Tufted Accents

Chairs with Tufted Accents

Tufted furniture is distinctly European in style and blends beautifully with the majority of French interiors. These tufted accent chairs are great as a pair but also work well individually.

24. Unique Pieces

coral paint, curtains, ornate lighting, and gold furnishings emphasize

While the coral paint, curtains, ornate lighting, and gold furnishings emphasize a more formal and energetic personality in this dining room, the linen-skirted chair and tablecloth, together with the rustic wood dining table, bring in that French country elegance.

25. Chairs with a Gold Finish

Chairs with a Gold Finish

These one-of-a-kind gold armchairs are a bold design choice that brings a touch of warmth to this French living area’s otherwise stark white decor.

Wrap Up

The French country living room decor ideas create the perfect balance of coziness and elegance. You can find plenty of inspiration in the decor above ideas, whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage, a nostalgic country home, or an elegant contemporary French design.

These ideas will give you plenty to work with if you’re looking for that unique or classic look for your own living space or maybe even the perfect gift for your best friend. A lot of playful combinations can be achieved with all these decor styles, and the more you live with them, the more you’ll discover what you like.

But eventually, picking the best ideas to use will be the most challenging part!

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