How to Choose Storage for a Bohemian Bathroom?

Tips To Choose Storage For Your Bohemian Bathroom

Looking forward to incorporating storage in your boho bathroom? Well, no wonder it is the most important yet trickiest task.

Storage provides you with space to store your bathroom essentials.

But it also has a significant role in the visual aspect of the space.

So, it is essential to incorporate storage in a way that easily blends with the interior theme.

Also, it should provide ample space for storage and is easily accessible.

But we understand that as a homeowner, you may not have much time to invest in searching for boho bathroom ideas to select storage according to the theme.

That is why we have researched on your behalf. Below, we will discuss some essential tips for choosing the perfect storage options for a perfect bohemian bathroom setup.

So, without any delay, let’s get started!

Characteristics of A Boho Bathroom

Characteristics of A Boho Bathroom

Beginning with the basics is crucial to understand the subject better.

Knowing how the boho bathroom may look will help you have a clear idea for selecting the proper storage.

Below, we have detailed some common characteristics of Bohemian bathrooms:

  • Spacious: A Bohemian bathroom must create illusion and be full of airiness. It should have enough floor space to stand and walk. It must also include large windows.
  • Lots of light: A Bohemian bathroom also incorporates natural and bright light. It should include glass panels and big windows to light the space with natural lights.
  • Greenery: Greenery is another crucial characteristic of Bohemian bathrooms. A bohemian bathroom will incorporate green plants and vines to bring a touch of nature.
  • Neat and clean: A clean and neat look is also a major characteristic of Bohemian bathrooms. A boho bathroom will offer a clean and well-maintained look.
  • Earthy Touch: Without the earthy and rustic touch, a bohemian bathroom setup is incomplete. It will incorporate earthy tones and rustic and natural elements with a vintage touch.
  • Sense of comfort: Bohemian aesthetics represents a carefree spirit. So, a boho bathroom will always boast a sense of comfort and spirituality through the interior design.
  • Minimalist design: Modern bohemian bathrooms have a minimalist and clean design, minimal ornamentation, and more focus on natural elements and practical design.

How to Choose Boho Bathroom Storage?

How to Choose Boho Bathroom Storage?

Choosing the right storage options for your bohemian bathroom is not easy.

But with the tips for selecting storage for a bohemian bathroom, it becomes easy and convenient.

Here are some tips to follow to choose the best storage ideas for your bohemian bathroom:

1. Choose Wooden Storage

The first and most straightforward way to select storage for your boho bathroom is to opt for wooden storage.

Whether you are looking for a freestanding cupboard or a small vanity, try to use wooden or wood finish storage.

It will bring a natural feel and blend well with your Boho bathroom interior.

2. Bring in the Chic Boho Look with Cubbies

You can also try to incorporate cubbies in your bohemian bathroom.

Wooden cubbies or cubbies with painted or wood finish will blend with the bohemian interior.

Also, they offer a vintage touch to the ambiance and complement the bohemian bathroom setup.

On the other hand, cubbies also provide ample space to keep your bathroom essentials.

3. Add Extra Storage with Minimalist Wall Shelving

Minimalist wall shelving can also be an excellent option for boho-style bathroom storage.

Minimalist wall shelving units utilize the wall space to create in-built storage.

Also, they offer plenty of storage space and a clean, neat, minimalist look for your Boho bathroom.

With such a storage option, you can save floor space and get minimalist storage designs.

4. Use Double-Duty Storage

Double-duty storage, such as vanity, Ottomans, mirror storage, etc., are helpful storage options for bohemian aesthetics and create a perfect blend for the bohemian bathroom.

They are beneficial for both compact-style and convenient bohemian bathrooms.

Double-duty storage ideas help save space and look elegant in a bohemian setup.

5. Incorporate Bohemian Baskets

Another great way to add more storage in your bohemian bathroom is to add some boho baskets on the Shelves or the floor.

You can use a wicker, handwoven, or wood basket for additional storage options in your boho bathroom.

You can store extra toilet rolls, toiletries, towels, and more in these baskets.

They are visually appealing and functional at the same time.

6. Go Out-Of-The-Box

Bohemian style is all about free-spiritedness and creativity.

So, brush up your creative mind and think outside the box.

This will also add a personal touch to your space.

You can try making your boho bathroom look unique by trying something fun.

For example, you can use hooks and wooden frames to hang your towels or toilet frames. Find your creative ideas!

7. Try Pull Out Storage

Bohemian bathrooms usually have shorter spaces, but they look spacious.

That is why built-in storage plays a crucial role in boho bathrooms.

Pull-out storages are best for boho-style bathrooms. They keep personal articles hidden.

The storage itself is hidden and does not take up much space.

8. Use A Tray to Tidy Up

A bohemian bathroom also looks neat and clean. Its design always includes functionality.

A tray can be ideal to keep your bathroom space clutter-free. You can keep small and important toiletries on a tray.

But remember to keep your tray organized. Otherwise, it will look dirty.

Wrapping it Up

Boho-style bathroom interior requires suitable storage options that go with the style and create enough space for storage.

If you want ideal storage options for your bohemian bathrooms, you can try wooden finish or cabinets, vanity, and double-duty storage options.

They blend well with boho-style bathroom interiors and offer excellent space-saving solutions for the space.

Above, we have shared a detailed list of top for selecting the suitable storage options for your bohemian bathroom.

Keep these tips in mind while choosing your bohemian bathroom storage.

Also, do not forget to share your experience of installing storage in boho bathrooms in the comments below.

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