Winter Essentials with BeautyKind


Hi friends, I hope you had a great holiday weekend!  I’m here today with some of my winter beauty picks from BeautyKind– a few things that are essential in my book for surviving the cold, dry season.  As always, I’m a minimalist and my list is relatively short- but these are the things I find myself reaching for the most.  Hope these are helpful for you!  Click through for all the details!  xx- Sarah


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Short Hair Essentials with BeautyKind


Hello friends, happy Friday!  I hope those of you stateside had a delicious and fun celebration yesterday!  I’ve had quite a few of you ask about how I style my hair, so today I’m breaking it down for you.  It’s been a bit since I cut off my long hair, and I think I’ve finally mastered what it takes to keep my shorter locks looking great.  And the wonderful thing is, it’s incredibly simple! Below you’ll find my tips as well as the products I’m currently loving, produced in partnership with BeautyKind (the online retailer that makes giving back a part of every purchase!)

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October Beauty Picks- My Perfect Face


Hi friends!  I’m here today with my recent faves from BeautyKind– a whole face’s worth!  I like to keep it pretty simple when it comes to my makeup routine, and the items below are my daily go-to’s for a natural, fresh face.  I love makeup that’s light and subtle enough to almost make you wonder if I’m not wearing any- but that I know does a TON to help out my face situation!    Hope this helps in your own hunt for fantastic beauty products!  xx- Sarah

1.  Laura Geller Under makeup primer– I love this super lightweight, oil free primer.  I like to keep the makeup on my skin light- and let me freckles show through, so this is perfect!

2.  For those times when my skin isn’t cooperating, or my under eye circles are especially pronounced, I love this Gorgeous Cosmetics concealer.  It’s thick enough to cover up most everything but blends easily into my skin.

3.  I love a fresh, dewy glow and I’ll use the Organic Glam shimmer powder over my primer/concealer for nights out.

4.  To put a rosy glow onto my cheeks I’m loving Gorgeous Cosmetics powder blush in Coral.  It’s the prettiest pink, and gives me the look of having just come in from a brisk walk!

5.  For my eyes I always start with the Gorgeous Cosmetics iPrime eye shadow base – it’s critical for making sure the shadow I put on sticks around longer than a couple of hours!

6.  I love that Gorgeous Cosmetics has an eye shadow pallet especially for hazel eyes, I love the way the violette makes my eyes pop!

7.  I’m new to liquid eyeliner- I’ve always been suspect of my abilities to put it on, but I surprised myself and have been loving it!  I love the Gorgeous eye liner because it wipes off easy if I have a mishap!

8.  This Organic Pharmacy mascara has been giving my eyes the perfect frame for a couple of months now and I LOVE it!  I’m always looking for an incredible mascara that gives length and volume and this one fits the bill!


June Skincare Picks With BeatuyKind


As you may know this year I became mildly obsessed with everything beauty related, so today I’m sharing the line of skincare that I’m MOST loving at the moment!  Patyka is a French skincare line that’s organic, refined and luxurious.  I’ve been using the Foaming Cleanser, Moisturizing Mask (so great for Summer when I’m getting extra sun!), Ultra Rich Radiant Face Cream (I love the lightness of this daytime face cream and how quickly it absorbs into my skin), Repair Night Serum (the smell is heavenly and the oil has been deeply moisturizing without causing breakouts)  and Supreme Defense Fluid (which is light and refreshing).  They’re all amazing!  My skin feels moisturized, soft and seems to be more glow-y.  I swear they’re saving me while I sort out my health issues.  And on days when I feel extra blah it feels like I’m treating myself just by washing my face and doing the face-mask, or applying the defense fluid.  AND, they’re from BeautyKind, where each purchase you make raises money for your charity of choice!  Read more about that here if you want to know more.  It’s a really incredible retail model for beauty- I’m so happy to be contributing.  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

Lip Color Loves with BeautyKind


I’ve been wearing the same two shades of red for so long now that I think it’s safe to say I’m officially in a lip color RUT.  Which is why I was super excited to try a bunch of new colors and styles from my fave- BeautyKind, the online retailer that gives back (read more about that here). Lip crayons and glosses and good old fashioned sticks- in shades of red and pink I’ve never tried- it’s pure fun!  It also made me realize I’ve really been missing out.  There are colors that are way more flattering, and these lip crayons are SO GOOD for day wear.  Plus they’re adorable.  That counts for a lot in my book!  I think lipcolor is the quickest way to brighten up a face so I’m not sure why I haven’t experimented more but you can bet that I’ll be mixing it up a lot more from now on.


In the photo at the top I’m wearing Gorgeous’ “Bombshell”.  It’s creamy, a bright pop of pink and, well, it makes me feel sassy!  It’s PINK without being all HEY I’M WEARING PINK LIPSTICK! Does that make sense?  I’m crazy about the color and it’s so creamy and easy to apply.  That goes a long way for me- being that I’m not the most adept at make-up.  Click through to see the other colors and my thoughts about them below!

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BeautyKind- Eco Beauty Trial Kit


Hey Friends, happy Thursday!  I have some exciting news about what BeautyKind is offering up this month (see my past two posts about this amazing company here and here).   This month they’ve put together an EcoBeauty Discovery Kit that contains a mixture of full size and deluxe trial size products, which is brilliant if you’re looking to clean up your beauty routine a bit and want to try a bunch of eco friendly products without a huge commitment. The kit sells for $50, is valued at over $200 and has over 25 products in it!   So far I’ve been loving RGB liquid buff nail polish, the Mio Skincare Fit Skin Kit (I’m pretty sure it’s the equivalent of going to the gym for my skin!) and the Meow Meow Tweet Tea Tree deodorant cream, which smells SO fresh and clean! Every step I take towards using products with less harmful chemicals feels like a big win, so I’m super excited to dive into this Beauty Kit and see which of these items can replace those I’m already using!  Ok, pop over here and check it out- and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!  xx- Sarah  EDIT:  the excitement over the kits has been amazing, and unfortunately they temporarily sold out!   They’re working to quickly put more together more, so please check back in a couple of weeks!

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