October Beauty Picks- My Perfect Face


Hi friends!  I’m here today with my recent faves from BeautyKind– a whole face’s worth!  I like to keep it pretty simple when it comes to my makeup routine, and the items below are my daily go-to’s for a natural, fresh face.  I love makeup that’s light and subtle enough to almost make you wonder if I’m not wearing any- but that I know does a TON to help out my face situation!    Hope this helps in your own hunt for fantastic beauty products!  xx- Sarah

1.  Laura Geller Under makeup primer– I love this super lightweight, oil free primer.  I like to keep the makeup on my skin light- and let me freckles show through, so this is perfect!

2.  For those times when my skin isn’t cooperating, or my under eye circles are especially pronounced, I love this Gorgeous Cosmetics concealer.  It’s thick enough to cover up most everything but blends easily into my skin.

3.  I love a fresh, dewy glow and I’ll use the Organic Glam shimmer powder over my primer/concealer for nights out.

4.  To put a rosy glow onto my cheeks I’m loving Gorgeous Cosmetics powder blush in Coral.  It’s the prettiest pink, and gives me the look of having just come in from a brisk walk!

5.  For my eyes I always start with the Gorgeous Cosmetics iPrime eye shadow base – it’s critical for making sure the shadow I put on sticks around longer than a couple of hours!

6.  I love that Gorgeous Cosmetics has an eye shadow pallet especially for hazel eyes, I love the way the violette makes my eyes pop!

7.  I’m new to liquid eyeliner- I’ve always been suspect of my abilities to put it on, but I surprised myself and have been loving it!  I love the Gorgeous eye liner because it wipes off easy if I have a mishap!

8.  This Organic Pharmacy mascara has been giving my eyes the perfect frame for a couple of months now and I LOVE it!  I’m always looking for an incredible mascara that gives length and volume and this one fits the bill!


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