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Hello friends, happy Friday!  I hope those of you stateside had a delicious and fun celebration yesterday!  I’ve had quite a few of you ask about how I style my hair, so today I’m breaking it down for you.  It’s been a bit since I cut off my long hair, and I think I’ve finally mastered what it takes to keep my shorter locks looking great.  And the wonderful thing is, it’s incredibly simple! Below you’ll find my tips as well as the products I’m currently loving, produced in partnership with BeautyKind (the online retailer that makes giving back a part of every purchase!)


1.  I wash and condition my hair every few days, and find that it usually looks the best the day after a wash.  I’m still loving Sans Volumising Hair Wash, and Gloss Modern High Gloss Conditioner (they were both favorites when my hair was long and I’ve continued to love them with my shorter hair!)  Tip:  Wash and condition hair, use a wide tooth comb to detangle and then handle hair as little as possible after you step out of the shower.  I usually do a light scrunch with a towel, avoiding touching my hair as much as possible (handling causes frizz!)

2.  After I wash my hair I blow dry my bangs with the T3 Featherweight dryer, isolating them from the rest of my hair.  I use the T-3 single pass flat iron to tame my bangs, directing them to a side sweep with the iron.  I then attach the soft touch diffuser to the dryer and tackle the rest of my hair.  In the Summer I may air dry if it’s a hot day, but in the Spring, Fall and Winter I want my hair dry as quickly as possible!  I love the power the T3 has, it makes drying a quick process, even with the diffuser!  Tip:  Diffusers are a great way to make the most of any body your hair may have- so even if you’re going to curl your hair, drying with a diffuser ensures that you don’t lose your natural texture and body.

3.   I use dry shampoo every day- even on the days I shampoo. I find that it gives it keeps my hair from looking to “done”.  I love a messy, lived-in hairstyle and Frederic Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo is my secret weapon!  I give my entire head a light spray post drying and then mess it up with my hands.  Tip:  Use a 1″ barrel curling iron to finish the job- find any pieces that have fallen flat and wind hair in 1″ chunks around the iron, alternating directions (towards your face, away from your face).

There you have it my friends, that’s my hair routine!  It’s usually a half hour job and I’m out the door, just the way I like it!  On days two and three I reapply the dry shampoo, add in a few curls if need be and am good to go!  Hope this helps answer your styling questions, if you have anything else I can help with let me know in the comments below!  xx- Sarah

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  1. ashley|

    when you say you spray the dry shampoo all over your head, do you mean at the root or on the outside? thanks!

  2. Amy Jones|

    How do you find dry shampoo? Whenever I use it I feel like my hair isn’t getting any cleaner and it just feels greasy.