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I’ve been wearing the same two shades of red for so long now that I think it’s safe to say I’m officially in a lip color RUT.  Which is why I was super excited to try a bunch of new colors and styles from my fave- BeautyKind, the online retailer that gives back (read more about that here). Lip crayons and glosses and good old fashioned sticks- in shades of red and pink I’ve never tried- it’s pure fun!  It also made me realize I’ve really been missing out.  There are colors that are way more flattering, and these lip crayons are SO GOOD for day wear.  Plus they’re adorable.  That counts for a lot in my book!  I think lipcolor is the quickest way to brighten up a face so I’m not sure why I haven’t experimented more but you can bet that I’ll be mixing it up a lot more from now on.


In the photo at the top I’m wearing Gorgeous’ “Bombshell”.  It’s creamy, a bright pop of pink and, well, it makes me feel sassy!  It’s PINK without being all HEY I’M WEARING PINK LIPSTICK! Does that make sense?  I’m crazy about the color and it’s so creamy and easy to apply.  That goes a long way for me- being that I’m not the most adept at make-up.  Click through to see the other colors and my thoughts about them below!


I wanted to step completely outside of my comfort zone for this one- to light pink- a color I’ve literally never worn before.  And I’m so happy I did because it was actually at the top of my list for favorites!  It’s Gorgeous’ lipstick “Cotton Candy”.  The shade is just so light and pretty- perfect for daytime wear!  And it feels like a tiny hint of a throwback to the 60’s, and makes me feel a bit like Twiggy.  What’s not to love about that?!!!


I’m obsessed with this one- it’s Gorgeous “Bitten”  liquid lip lacquer.  I love wands because I find them so much easier to put on, and the gloss is so good for the daytime when I don’t want to have to wonder if I’ve somehow gotten red on my teeth!  That’s a thing we all think about with red lips usually, right?!   It’s bright and punchy and shiny and I’m going to be wearing it daytime whenever I’m looking for a little more Oomph!


Next up is Laura Geller’s Lychee Glace moisturizing lip crayon.  O. M. G.  I mentioned I think the crayons themselves are adorable right?  Well, the color is soooo good too and it really does feel moisturizing.  Like the wand above, these are also amazing for daytime and this color is my favorite of the bunch.  It’s just unexpected somehow, and bright and fun- I love it!


I think this might have been the most “natural” looking of the colors I tried- and so, so pretty.  It’s Laura Geller’s Watermelon Cooler lip crayon.  And like the one above it feels really lovely on- so smooth and I love the taste- subtle but a little sweet (having flashbacks to my high school Lipsmacker obsession- this grown up version is SOO much better!)  I highly recommend this for a daytime color that I’m pretty sure would look incredible on any skintone.  It makes me feel feminine and the look is effortless, which I really appreciate.

I hope this is helpful for those of you who are looking to mix up your lip color game!  I am so happy I’m going to be playing around with my colors- I had no idea what I was missing!  See you tomorrow!  xx- Sarah

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