Lake Tahoe Adventures!


Hi friends!  Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, we arrived in Yosemite and haven’t had much luck on finding cell reception- which is to be expected (and embraced!) of course.  It’s beautiful here, I’ll share more on that later.  But for now, photos from our time in Tahoe!  I’m sharing too many photos and details on our adventures for those of you who are planning a trip (and for those of you who are living vicariously…)  It’s an incredible place with so much to do and see, I know we’ll head back there again.  Hope you love!!!  xx- Sarah

lake_tahoe___A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-787 Tahoe_A_HOUSE_IN_THE_HILLS-55

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Lake Tahoe Style


Hi my friends, happy Friyay!!!!!  Our woodsy adventures are continuing in Lake Tahoe- it’s insanely beautiful up here!  I’ll share photos of the landscape soon- we’re wandering around taking a million photos today.  In the meantime, a quick style post for you.  I think I mentioned it before but I’m the nerd who wears plaid camping- always.  And I snagged this warm jacket since I own almost no winter clothes after years of living in the desert.  I’m having fun getting bundled up for the cold- we woke up to 40 degrees today!  Brrrrrrr!!!!  The dogs couldn’t wait to jump in our bed this am!  Hoping it’ll reach 68 by the afternoon so we can get out on a stand up paddleboard.  fingers crossed!   Have a great weekend, more soon…. xx- Sarah

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RV Adventures: Big Sur


I’m happy to finally be sharing our Big Sur adventures!  It’s such a spectacular coastline, and I’d never spent any time there before, only driven through, so I was so excited to set up camp for a few days and explore.  And now I’m so excited that I can bring you all along virtually- I’m sharing our favorite adventures below.  Hope you enjoy!  xx- Sarah

A-house_in_the_hills_big_sur-47 A-house_in_the_hills_big_sur-30

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Alamere Falls


Howdy friends, and happy Tuesday!  We’re back in San Diego and I’m already itching to get back on the road.  I have a serious case of wanderlust!  Today I want to travel back in time to a hike we did in Pt. Reyes to Alamere Falls.  It was roughly 11 miles round trip (according to my runkeeper app) and was a truly incredible walk along the coastal bluffs, through the mountains, past a couple of lakes and ending at a 40 ft waterfall that dropped onto the beach.  I highly recommend it for anyone in the area- and for all levels of hikers!  We skipped the shortcut trail down to the falls and continued along to Wildcat camp, then walked south down the beach to the falls.  It added some miles to the hike but we were the only people on about a mile stretch of beach- and those are the moments I live for!  We’d love to hit this spot again in the summer because we spotted a rope swing on one of the lakes that looks like it’s too much fun to miss!  My tips:  be on the trail early as you can manage- we had the whole place to ourselves for the majority of the hike, but as we were leaving there were so many people on the trail in), bring a picnic to enjoy on the beach, if there’s a flock of birds hanging out of the beach- run into them and watch them take over the sky- it’s beautiful, bring a plastic bag to pick up trash others left behind to carry out (ugh, but necessary), bring a swimsuit for the rope swing if you’re interested in taking a pause along the hike for a refreshing dip!  And if you’re in SF this is an easy day hike.  Just sayin!!!  Get at it!  Okey, that’s that adventure!  I’ll be back soon to share our Big Sur wanderings.  xx- Sarah


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Weekend Adventures in Pt. Reyes


Happy Monday friends, hope you all had a great weekend!  We spent ours celebrating one of our dear friend’s birthday in Pt. Reyes (an hour north of SF).  I love it up here- the food is beyond amazing, the landscape is stunning and the light is otherworldly.  And my favorite bonus ever- there are deer everywhere you look!  We spent the weekend at a rental house with friends cooking/eating up a storm, playing games, and reveling in the quiet country life.  We ventured out twice- once for a walk along the coast here and once for a meal at Saltwater Oyster Depot, a charming little restaurant in Inverness.  Oysters!  Fig Pizza!  Burrata with the yummiest tomatoes ever!  OH MY!!!  I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area.  Everything we ate was incredible. See a few of our snaps from the weekend below… my way of taking you along in my pocket. See you tomorrow, I have a recipe for you that I’m loving so hard!  xx- Sarah

pt_reyes_a_house_in_the_hills-899 pt_reyes_a_house_in_the_hills-888 pt_reyes_a_house_in_the_hills-887

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RV Adventures: Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo


When we bought our RV the only experience with this kind of travel I’d had is the 2 weeks I spent in a camper van touring New Zealand.  Lou had been camping in a tow trailer as a kid, but hadn’t been out on the road in his adult life.  So we weren’t entirely sure how we were going to feel about traveling in an RV.  But 5 days into our second trip I can tell you this:  the RV was probably the best purchase we’ve ever made!  I’m so excited to bring you all along with us as we explore this country (and hopefully Canada and Mexico!)- there’s so much beauty in this world, there’s so much to see.  I know that we’re incredibly blessed to be able to work from the road and have these adventures, so it’s my mission to make it possible for all of you to live vicariously through ours until the next time you get out for your own.  I hope all of our exploring helps inspire your own!  Ok, now on for the goodness we found in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach!  More after the jump!


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