When I made my first trip to the Hawaiian islands I realized I’d spent a good chunk of my life TOTALLY MISSING OUT!  I very quickly worked to make that right, thoroughly exploring every island, many of them multiple times. It fast became my go-to when I need to check out, relax, and get some quality vacation time in.  I love the islands for their warm turquoise waters, the lush tropics, and the variation of experiences available. There is truly something for everyone!  Today I’m busting out some of our old vacation snaps, many of them taken long before this site was even a twinkle in my eye.  I’ll be waxing on about a few of my favorite things to do on the islands, and hopefully inspiring your next vacation!  xx- Sarah  Brought to you by The Hawaiian Islands 

The first days of any of my visits to Hawaii are dedicated to planting my feet in the sand, reading a book, soaking up the sunshine and keeping cool with lots of ocean swimming!  I can practically smell the air and feel the sand between my toes just thinking about it.  The Hawaiian islands have some of my favorite beaches, some with more adventurous swimming (which for me means waves!), and some that are a little more protected and calm. I don’t discriminate though, I love them all equally.  And of course, snorkeling is always involved.  Nothing quite like seeing the fishies you’re swimming around with!  {so much more after the jump!}

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We had such a magical stay at Poet’s Loft that I have to share a few more of our vacation snaps.  Below you’ll see our dear friends Farra and Juan who spent the week there with us, Lou eating the oysters he and Juan shucked, the amazing fruit Farra cooked down for our almond meal pancake breakfast, and a few more random shots that show the cabin and help convey the amazing coziness we experienced there.  If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, I can’t recommend Poet’s Loft enough!  Have a lovely, delicious weekend my friends!  I’ll be back Monday with a whole week of greatness just for you!  xx- Sarah  PS- Thank you dear husband for all of the amazing photos of our trip.  I love them almost as much as the memories we created there.  


Hi friends!  As I mentioned on Friday, we’re up north with some friends at this amazing cabin on Tomales Bay called Poet’s Loft.  With huge windows that overlook the bay, it’s a little slice of peaceful heaven.  We’re lounging around listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof (and Christmas music!), cooking up a wonderful storm, having long meandering coversations about life and generally just enjoying each other and the cabin. I’m going back to the dedicated relaxing for now, but I’ve got a recipe post all prepped for tomorrow that I can’t wait to share!  Until then…. you will find me exactly as you see me below, horizontal with a book to my nose!  xx- Sarah


Happy Friday everyone!  Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Helene Cornell, owner of Urban Holiday Rentals. She’s a San Diego based entrepreneur who was recently featured on American Express’ Passion Project (see video below), and is an inspiration to all of us who are working to make our dream life a reality!  Helene renovates Airstream and canned ham trailers, turning them into fun and quirky vacation rentals.  But while chatting with Helene about her work life the thing I found MOST impressive was her dedication to providing a completely unique travel experience to her guests.  Upon request Helene will cook breakfast, happily provide all the San Diego travel recs needed and for guests that are interested, even take them on what she calls the “San Diego underground tour”.  I’m a firm believer that there’s NOTHING better than a local to give you the inside scoop when you travel, so to me, what Helene provides her guests is worth all the vacation dollars in the world.  Click through to see more of Helene’s trailer and read her suggestions for the BEST OF San Diego, it’s a serious list of must-do’s for anyone visiting! {more after the jump}

This post was brought to you by American Express®. Helene is just one Member of the American Express PassionProject. See all of the inspiring stories here.

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Hi friends!  I’m still here in Portland, Maine spending time with my family.  This town is really something special! Its as quaint and charming as you could ever imagine.  If you haven’t been I can’t recommend it enough.  I’d travel all this way JUST to smell the salty air and take in a view of the ocean & islands.  Its like no other place. I’m trying to keep up a little on my instagram and will be back tomorrow with a recipe post.  Catch you then!  xx- Sarah