I debated about sharing a guacamole recipe because it seems like it’s such a simple thing to make, and my version really doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary.  But I’ve eaten enough mediocre guacamole at restaurants to realize that maybe there IS a need.  NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER MEDIOCRE GUACAMOLE!  And if I can save one person from a life  of mediocre guacamole, this post will have served it’s purpose.  But now things seem to have taken a turn and it’s become a HOW MANY TIMES CAN SHE WRITE GUACAMOLE situation.  So I’ll leave you to it, a no-fail exceptional guacamole recipe!  xx- Sarah

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I should tell you right up front that I’m a little spastically excited about today’s post!  Not because these chickpea cakelets are ridiculously awesome (they are) but because my amazing programmer and super hero designer Aileen have been working non-stop to update the site and now it has magical powers!  I switched over from Squarespace to WordPress and couldn’t be more thrilled with the change, it’s night and day for user experience and we’ve been able to add functions that I’ve been coveting forever!  So, spend a little minute poking around and definitely click through to see the rest of this post and the new features that will allow you to PRINT AND SAVE RECIPES!  It’s bananas good.  My other favorite new feature is the stacked commenting which will allow me to reply directly to your comments and the whole platform makes it SO much easier for me to keep up and respond to comments that you leave on older posts.  So I’m especially excited about that!!!!  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

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Throw-together salads that have protein, something warm + hearty (helllooo roasted potatoes, I love you!) and a homemade dressing are my savior at the moment.  This is a meal that can be prepped in under 10 minutes and on the dinner table in under 40.  And don’t we all need that some most days?  YES!  So as to not waste any more of your minutes with my blabbering on, I leave you to it.  Enjoy!  xx- Sarah {more after the jump}

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There’s something so beautiful about traditional Mexican street corn that makes me want to just eat it all up!  I wanted to create a version inspired by how beautiful it is but with different flavors and textures, and, of course, healthy!  And, I’m happy to say, I think I succeeded.  I  know it seems impossible but this dish is even MORE DELICIOUS than it looks.  Which is just crazy.  We ate it for three days in a row!  We served it to friends with fish tacos and I’m pretty sure they had a conversation about it on the car ride home (how could they NOT, it was so good!)  There is nothing better than fresh sweet corn.  Except, it turns out, fresh sweet corn grilled and topped with lime crema, cilantro and hemp seeds.  Sweet corn season starts in the Spring, so hop to it!  xx- Sarah {recipe after the jump}

This post was sponsored by the Florida Sweet Corn Exchange, a group of family farmers based in West Palm Beach who are committed to growing the sweetest, non- GMO corn.  Thank you for supporting the partnerships that help keep A House in the Hills going!

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I had a childhood obsession with fruit leather, it was my favorite snack ever! And when I say fruit leather I mean fruit roll ups, the content of which I don’t even like to think about. So recently I made my own! Mango and blackberry goodness. They taste even better than the fruit leather of my childhood, I’m a little bit obsessed. I do have to warn, they’re not difficult to make by any means but they’re more time consuming than the average recipe I post on here. Mostly because they have to cook for 4-6 hours at a low heat. So this is a recipe to make on a Sunday funday when you’re craving an adventure in the kitchen. There’s something so satisfying about unpeeling homemade fruit leather and tasting the fruits of your labor though (hehe), I highly recommend! Hope you love. xx- Sarah {more after the jump}

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Happy Monday friends!  I’ve been on a no super cold foods thing since January per the instructions of my acupuncturist.  But this weekend I broke, and I broke hard.  It was a chocolate peanut butter shake that did me in.  It’s such a simple drink to whip up, full of healthy things, and utterly decadent. I suggest you make one, even if your acupuncturist advises against it.  Because really, what’s one chocolate peanut butter shake gonna do?  And how is a girl supposed to live for more than three months without one?  SHE ISN’T!!!  xx- Sarah {recipe after the jump}

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