Goodness Bowl #1


Hello my friends!  Who still wants to be snuggled under the covers?  THIS GIRL!!!!  But Monday, we must go on.  I’ve been keeping myself sane and healthy through the past couple of weeks with comforting bowls of healthy foods, doing everything I can to keep my immune system strong!  For us this is the easiest way to eat- throwing a bunch of vegetables on top of a grain and drizzling it with a yummy sauce.  It’s also the easiest to shop for- if I stock the fridge with piles of vegetables and some staples for sauces (cilantro, avocado, ginger, miso, tahini, etc) we’ll be all set for days, with very little thought or preparation.  So, I’ll be sharing some of my goodness bowls, (previously known as the HOLY FUCK WE HAVE TO BE OUT OF OUR HOUSE NEXT WEEK AND HAVEN’T SORTED A NEW PLACE Bowl) in the coming weeks.  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah


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Browned Cauliflower, Mache and Red Quinoa Salad


This might be my new favorite salad.  First, I love mache.  It’s my favorite salad green lately.  Second, browned cauliflower tossed in chimichurri?  YES PLEASE!!  And third: I’m pretty sure toasted pine nuts were sent directly from the Gods.  This salad is super healthy, filling, and has a serious amount of flavor.  I know you’re going to love it!  Enjoy.  xx- Sarah

browned_cauliflower_red_quinoa_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-6 browned_cauliflower_red_quinoa_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-9

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Potato, Leek and Mushroom Cakelets


Hello my friends!  Today I have these delectable little potato, leek and mushroom cakelets for you!  I have a deep love for the earthy pairing of potatoes and mushrooms.  And these cakelets- they’re crispy, savory, super easy to make, and totally satisfying.  We enjoyed ours with a giant salad and white wine.  I highly recommend!  Also, if you have leftovers- they’re amazing with an egg on top as a breakfast treat!!!  Enjoy!  xx- Sarah

potato_mushroom_leek_cakes_a_house_in_the_hills-9 potato_mushroom_leek_cakes_a_house_in_the_hills-5 potato_mushroom_leek_cakes_a_house_in_the_hills-4

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Chickpea Minestrone


It’s soup o’clock!  Which is pretty much all day every day at our house this time of year.  I can’t get enough.  And this hearty chickpea minestrone is so tasty and easy to whip up, I know you’ll love it too!  If you’re really looking for comfort, this would be amazing with a crusty sourdough and a glass of wine.  With chocolate for dessert. Problems, WHAT?!  Enjoy!  xx- Sarah

chickpea_minestrone_a_house_in_the_hills-8 chickpea_minestrone_a_house_in_the_hills-4

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Roasted Red Kuri Squash + Tart Cherries


I know you probably already have your Thanksgiving menus planned, but just in case you’re looking for a super delicious and easy side dish to add to the mix- well I’ve got just the one for you!  Roasted red kuri squash is just so damn good, but top it with tart dried cherries that’ve been sautéed in butter with rosemary and then mixed with pecans- you’ve got heaven on a plate.  Seriously.  And it probably takes less time to make than mashed potatoes.  Just one more day until the biggest collective binge of the year!  I cannot wait!!  xx- Sarah

roated_red_kuri_squash_tart_cherries_a_house_in_the_hills-6 roasted_red_kuri_squash_tart_cherries_a_house_in_the_hills-5

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Simple Potato Kale Salad


I’m on the fence about whether this dish looks as good as it tastes, or even if it looks good at all.  In person, it’s beautiful, delicious and satisfying.  In photos, I’m not so sure.  That happens to me sometimes when I’ve been looking at something too much, I start to question whether it’s good or awful! But I suppose whether a dish is photographic or not is irrelevant if it’s TASTY!  And this is.  Also, crazy easy to whip up.  And hearty, warm, and so good for these cold days!  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

kale_potato_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-2 kale_potato_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-4 kale_potato_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-1

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