My acupuncturist recently reminded me, EAT YOUR RAINBOW!!!!  So I figured I’d make it easy on myself and create a one stop dish to get all of my colors in (with blueberries for dessert to sneak in that one last color!)  I could eat this every day, not only is it beautiful to look at but so satisfying, delicious and simple to make. I reccommend topping with a fried egg or two if you’re into that kind of thing!  I also recommend making extra because having leftovers is always a bonus, and this holds up well to being reheated.  Hope you love!! xx- Sarah

a_House_in_the_hills_roasted--5 a_House_in_the_hills_roasted--7

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Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt and Za’atar


Happy Tuesday my friends!  Today I’ve got a super simple, delicious treat for you- my recent favorite to serve friends as an appetizer!  These crispy smashed potatoes with Silk dairy-free yogurt and Za’atar are decadent and full of flavor but also light, healthy and fun!  I’d also cook them up for Lou and I to eat alongside a giant green salad.  What’s not to love about potatoes turned crispy with creamy yogurt and herbalicious Za’atar?!

I’m so happy to see more dairy alternatives coming into the marketplace as I know so many of us are trying to limit (or even exclude) it as we strive to be our healthiest selves.  So when Silk reached out to introduce their new dairy-free yogurt I was excited to hear that it’s made from non-GMO soybeans, free of high fructose corn syrup, and free of artificial colors and flavors.  As a major bonus it contains live and active cultures (so important for a healthy gut, and a healthy immune system)!  Here’s to all of us trying to make small changes for better health!!!

a_House_in_the_hills_crispy_smashed_potatoes-17 a_House_in_the_hills_crispy_smashed_potatoes-5

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Kabocha Squash Shakshuka


I first heard about Shakshuka, a popular Arabic breakfast, from our friends Mirla + Olaf.  A Dutch couple who is spending a year traveling from Canada to Patagonia, we met them in Yosemite when they pulled up to a campsite next to ours.  We invited them for dinner that ended up being the start of a wonderful friendship.  When we heard they’d be passing through San Diego we invited them to come stay with us, and at the end of November they spent close to a week inspiring us with their tales of adventure, educating us about Dutch culture and giving us advice for our own year long adventure!

Mirla told me a story one morning about an off-the-grid unofficial campsite they stayed at in Joshua Tree where they made a big pot of ShakShuka to share around the campfire with new friends.  I was immediately intrigued by the breakfast pot meal, but even more so when she told me how simple and delicious it is to make!   So, here you have my take on Shakshuka (also, that name!!!!!!!).  It has kabocha squash, fire roasted tomatoes, and heaps of flavor from paprika, cumin and saffron.  We’ll be making it quite a bit on the road I’m sure, with variations.  I’m looking forward to trying it with a bit of dino kale.  We’ll halve the amount when it’s just the two of us, and go full on with it when we make friends who will join us!  I highly recommend you try it on your next lazy weekend day.  I also highly recommend making friends with people at campsites, you never know if they’ll become lifelong pals or introduce you to your new favorite breakfast!!!  xx- Sarah

a_House_in_the_hills_kabocha_shakshuka-6 a_House_in_the_hills_kabocha_shakshuka-11

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Forbidden Rice Breakfast Porridge


Good morning friends, happy Tuesday!  Today I’ve got a variation on one of my winter staples- rice porridge!  It’s such a hearty, delicious, indulgent and healthy way to start the day that I come back to it again and again.  And this variation, made with forbidden rice, is no exception.  It takes a bit of time to cook up but it’s worth every minute.  I love it for a weekend breakfast, when the rain is running down the windows and the wind is whipping the trees around.  A warm bowl of rice porridge feels so cozy.  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

forbidden_rice_breakfast_bowl-6 forbidden_rice_breakfast_bowl-4

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Super Green Frittata


I make a frittata once a week, generally with whatever veggies in the fridge that are close to being on their last legs.  They’re so easy to throw together, so beloved, and such a go-to for guests in our household that it’s kind of bananas that I haven’t thought to share with you!  Please forgive me.  I made you this caramelized onion and rapini frittata as a peace offering.  (Toothy emoji smile)  Rapini is a controversial vegetable, if veggies can be controversial.  So if you’re on the “we hate it, it’s a  bitter jerk” side, please substitute a green of your choosing (may I recommend lacinato kale, dandelion greens, collards, or beet greens as possible substitutions?) And if you’re short of time please go ahead and skip caramelizing the onions, it will be delicious and only take 1/2 the time.  Lastly, my secret for amazing frittatas:  nearly fill the pan with veggies.  If it’s mostly yummy veggies with a bit of egg than you’re on the right track (so much nutrition, so much flavor!)  And don’t forget to serve with hot sauce (preferred) or red pepper flakes!  Ok then, have at it!  xx- Sarah

A_house_in_the_hills_frittata-9 A_house_in_the_hills_frittata-6 A_house_in_the_hills_frittata-12

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Spicy Warm Winter Salad


This salad embodies what winter salads should, in my opinion.  It’s filling, hearty, full of flavor and textures.  The shallots caramelized in olive oil give it richness and depth, the golden raisins cooked with the shallots offer a warm sweetness in contrast.  A mix of wild and basmati rice add earthy heartiness, the toasted almond slivers provide the crunch, mint leaves offer an unexpected pop of flavor and pomegranate seeds add sweet freshness in bursts.  And arugula.  The spicy greens wilt perfectly when tossed with warm rice.  There it is my friends, my new favorite winter salad.  Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

A-house_in_the_hills_arugula_wild_rice_salad-3 A-house_in_the_hills_weavings_arugula_wild_rice_salad-2

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