Peach, Cherry and Coconut Milk Slushie


I’ve turned a corner with my health- I’m on an official upswing!!!  Horray!!! It’s been such a tough year but it’s making me appreciate every single minute of every single day that I’m here.  And we’re making the most of the final months of Summer with lots of beach days, copious amounts of watermelon and celebrating the goodness that is life with friends every chance we get!  Which brings me to this sweet treat, my new addiction.  Creamy coconut milk, smashed fruit, slushy ice- it’s basically heaven in a cup.  Simple, sweet, healthy and the perfect treat for these sweltering days of Summer.  I hope you make it, I hope you enjoy it sitting on a porch with friends, I hope you love it!  xx- Sarah

cherry_peach_coco_slushie_a_house_in_the_hills-13 cherry_peach_coco_slushie_a_house_in_the_hills-3 cherry_peach_coco_slushie_a_house_in_the_hills-7

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Fig, Mint, and Goat Cheese Salad


Fresh, simple, high quality ingredients combined in just the right way.  Food that are bursting with flavor, decadent in their simplicity.  That, my friends, is how I’m eating these days.  Savoring each bite, appreciating each flavor, celebrating ingredients by letting them shine with simple pairings that highlight their very best attributes.  Sweet juicy figs, mint from our neighbor’s garden, the best goat cheese I’ve ever tasted and chopped sprouted walnuts all tossed lightly in a balsamic dijon dressing.  Acidic and sweet, salty, punchy flavors.  Just perfection on a Summer day.  I hope you love!  xx- Sarah

fig_goat_cheese_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-6 fig_goat_cheese_salad_a_house_in_the_hills-5

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Slow Down, Radishes! Slow down.


I breathe in and I remind myself, you are here- exactly where you are meant to be.  I breathe out and I remind myself, you are ok, you will always be ok.  I’m practicing being present: fully, wholly, exactly where I am.  And in doing so, the simplest things- colorful radishes cooked in the best quality butter I can get my hands on with thyme picked from my neighbor’s garden and chunky flakes of Maldon salt- remind me that I’m in heaven.  We’ve already arrived my friends, we just have to open our eyes, our hearts and enjoy it.  Life is full of beauty, full of wonder, and around every corner is the opportunity for happiness and love.  It’s yours for the taking.  Slow down my beautiful radishes, slow down.  xx- Sarah


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Raspberry Cashew Yogurt (Vegan + GF!)


I will admit I was a sceptical about the concept of vegan yogurt because, well- YOGURT!  It’s such a distinct flavor and consistency, the idea that it could be replicated with nuts just didn’t seem possible.  BUT!  BUT!!!!!  It’s yogurt my friends, it really truly is.  And it’s heavenly.  More like a thick creamy Greek style than a lighter yogurt- and that’s what I prefer anyhow.  As if that weren’t enough- it’s super easy to make.  So, for all of you who avoid dairy and miss yogurt- this is for you.  Load it up with in season fruits, swap out the raspberries for blueberries if you’d like, toss on a handful of granola- just go nuts!  Enjoy and for my stateside friends- happy holiday weekend! xx- Sarah


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Quinoa, Mint and Stone Fruit Salad


Stone fruits are coming into season, hallelujah!  Cherries are my favorite of all of them- and since they’re so expensive and in season for such a short time they’re like juicy, extra-coveted little gems to me!  The amount of flavor in each one reminds me how magical this world is- how incredible it is that the earth provides us with such a vast amount of things to eat, taste, enjoy. We’re lucky ones!

This salad is a mixture of farmer’s market finds- apricots, cherries, heaps of mint, sheep’s milk feta, quinoa and pistachios.  So much flavor, so light and perfect for Spring, so beautiful to look at.  Magical indeed.  Recipe below, I hope you love!   xx- Sarah


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Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


Hello friends!  As promised today I have the recipes for you from Friday’s Mother’s Day Tabletop Inspiration post!  And more photos.  Because they’re just too pretty and I had a heck of a time trying to choose which ones to share!  A quick reminder of the menu:  Coconut Ginger Beet Soup, Salted Herb Branzino with Mirin Chili Oil, Pan Seared Artichokes, Baby Bib Lettuce Salad with Cherries, Apricots, Arugula flowers and Tarragon Vinaigrette.  And for dessert: Angel Food Layer Cake with Whipped [Coconut Cream, Pistachios and Cacao Nibs (ever so slightly modified from this recipe).  Our recipes after the jump!  xx- Sarah  {Styling by the incredible Farra Miron}

Sources:  TableChairs, Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Soup Bowls, Large Serving Bowl (salad), Serving Platter (fish), Small  Serving Bowl (artichokes), Napkins, Wine Glasses, Water GlassesSalad Servers, Cake Stand, Brass Measuring Cup, (anything not listed is either vintage or sold out!)

A_House_in_the_hills_mothers_day_brunch_2015-54 A_House_in_the_hills_mothers_day_brunch_2015-35A_House_in_the_hills_mothers_day_brunch_2015-31

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