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Hi friends, I hope you had a great holiday weekend!  I’m here today with some of my winter beauty picks from BeautyKind– a few things that are essential in my book for surviving the cold, dry season.  As always, I’m a minimalist and my list is relatively short- but these are the things I find myself reaching for the most.  Hope these are helpful for you!  Click through for all the details!  xx- Sarah


Verso night cream, day cream and foaming cleanser travel set:  I’m a fan of buying skincare in travel size since we’re on the road so much and since I love trying new products, and I’m currently using these.  The creams are light, smell lovely, and feel luxurious- so they check all of my boxes.  My skin feels velvety and the softest it’s ever felt- and stays hydrated all day long.  I super love it!   And the foaming cleanser is equally great- sudsy but not overpoweringly scented, it’s a happy addition to my shower time!


Butter London scrubber wipes and “Smashing”polish:  I feel best about rainy cold days when my nails are done and my hands are wrapped around a warm mug of tea!  And the brighter the color, the happier the day.  I’m currently non-stop with this one.  As for the remover wipes- HOW DID WE EVER LIVE WITHOUT?!   I have a tendency toward abuse of a manicure, and hanging onto it well past it’s expiration date.  These are saving me.  They’re a treat to use instead of the terrible smelling polish remover of my past.  Butter London I love you!


Mio body brush, Juara candlenut body creme and Clark’s Botanicals ultra rich lip balm (seen in first image):  These products are all geared towards combatting dryness- and helping me fight the good fight!  I love the Mio body brush for a dry brush routine before a shower- not only is it great for removing dead skin but it also helps with circulation and detoxification.  Most importantly, spending that 5 minutes is self care, which I couldn’t value more.  For all over body moisturizing I’m loving Juara’s body creme.  It’s thick, as the name suggests, but rubs in easily.  And the smell is reminiscent of a fancy spa I once visited, so I feel immediately indulged after applying.  And lastly, Clark’s lip balm-  it’s my pre lipstick secret.  And my pre-bed must.  It’s a simple product but it does exactly what it’s meant to, and keeps my lips feeling fresh and juicy all winter long!

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  1. sonia Harrison|


    Blessings to you and your family for the healthiest and most wonderful year ahead and beyond. Thank you so much for your post, I have spent all my life thinking twice. No more, at my age it is time to really JUMP Thank you so much.