Hello my friends, Merry Christmas Eve!!  Today I’m crazy excited to introduce you to BeautyKind, an online beauty retailer that I’ve toppled head over oxfords for!  I’ve mentioned before that makeup, skincare- all things beauty related really, always feel just a bit over my head.   But I’m getting older every year (funny how that works!) and I’m relying more and more on products to keep me feeling my best.  But I’m also really a bit of a newbie still so I’m experimenting a bunch.  Or maybe I’m just discovering what so many of you have known all along….beauty products are FUN!  And even if they’ve always been over my head, or always will be over my head- the reality is I’m still gonna be buying them.  Enticed by beautiful packaging, the idea that I can choose to age with grace, the desire to be my best, most sparkly self- these things keep me coming back for more!


The {phenomenal} thing that separates BeautyKind from other beauty retailers is that when you sign up you get to designate a charity and 5% of any purchase you make on the site is donated directly to your favorite cause! And if your charity isn’t listed they will happily add it, which is fantastic if there’s a local or smaller charity that has your heart. I chose The Edible Schoolyard Project as the charity to benefit from my purchases- their mission to help schools develop “edible curriculum” resonates with me.  I imagine kids at their schools gardening, learning about vegetables, food, health, eating FREE organic lunches and I want to pretty much topple over with happiness.  I mean really, it’s a dream!  A dream that I’m helping to fund with my beauty purchases.  Which is another dream!  See how this works?!  It’s part of the reason I’m always looking for new ways to give back- it just makes you feel good, in your heart, the same way that loving on puppies does.  Or cookies.

Ok, now I’m getting warm and fuzzy (and hungry!) and have completely sidetracked myself from what my goal was, which is to introduce you to BeautyKind and implore you to sign up (both because I want you to be in on something I have found to be brilliant but also because I want to raise money for The Edible Schoolyard Project (see above about toppling over with happiness again for reference).  Chances are real good you’re going to treat yourself to something in the beauty department in the coming months.  So why not do it somewhere that will give you THE WARM FUZZIES AT THE SAME TIME?!   Sign up here, designate your charity- and then tell your friends!  Because that’s the one last thing I haven’t mentioned.  When you purchase you earn points, and when your friends sign up, you earn points. Up to 5 circles deep.  Are you still with me?  Here’s where it gets extra awesome:  Every point you earn is worth $1, and for every point you earn your community will raise $5 for a cause!  The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is run by who?  GIRLS!  (Thank you, Beyonce)

Ok, what I’m getting at: we have the enormous potential here to do a whole world of good.  Let’s make BeautyKind our beauty retailer, let’s put some of the billions of dollars we spend on products to help us be our best, most sparkly selves to some good use, to the causes that matter most to us!  I know I’m getting all sorts of Spice Girls meets Ghandi on you here, but seriously!!!!!  Sign up here (bonus: you’ll earn 20% off your first purchase!) And have such a great holiday!  I’ll be back on Friday!  xx- Sarah

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