Our San Diego {Empty} House Tour

When we first moved into our Palm Springs home (seen empty here, and finished here) I photographed the space before we moved in, and it was so much fun to look back on later.  So, yesterday I did the same with our new house.  It’s quite the contrast!  Our PS house was brand new, mostly to our style and pretty much the cleanest canvas to start from.  I love our new (very old, as in built in 1926) home just as much- but it’s going to take some blood sweat and tears to get it to where we want it to be!  We put in a solid 9 hours of painting yesterday and it was just the tiniest taste of what’s to come!  So here we go, let’s take a tour, shall we?  I’m so excited to show you and to tell you a little bit about what we have in mind for updates!!


Ok, so what you see here is the entryway to the house (love the front door, love the barrel ceilings, love that as you walk in- to the left is the living room and to the right is the dining room (see below for the view facing the opposite direction).  Although I love the history of Spanish homes and the style, we’ll want to do some updates.  I would love to replace the floors (they’re pretty beat up and the contractor we spoke with said that they’ve probably been refinished just about as many times as possible with the thickness of the wood).  And for this entry way I’d love a pendant light that’s in line with the architecture/design but an updated version.  I have my eye on a few already!  But both the front door and closet door are keepers, I’m determined to maintain the style of the house but add our own modern twist to it!


Next up we have the living room!  This is the room that sold us the house- these windows have been restored, but are the original design.  And they are just AMAZING, right?!  One of the first projects we’ll be tackling is window coverings- we’ll need them for privacy and to make the room feel cozy.  But I also have intentions for that fireplace- a major makeover that I’ve already designed and cannot wait to tackle (and of course it starts with a paint job)!  We’ll be doing as much of the work as possible ourselves, so I’ll be sharing DIY tips as we go!


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Joss & Main X A House in the Hills!


I’m a big time lover of flash sale websites, and especially those in the home decor space (combining my love of the decor hunt  with my love of saving money and I’m like a kitten rolling in catnip).  So I’m beyond excited to be partnering with Joss & Main, who curated a collection of  items inspired by our home for a sale that started last night!  I was so thrilled when they sent over their selections- they found some really incredible pieces that are strikingly similar to what we have, and a bunch that would seamlessly blend into our decor.  It’s so fun to see our style broken down into a sale like this- and I was wildly impressed that they found a coffee table just like our vintage beauty!  I hope you love it as much as I do!  See below for a sneak peek and pop on over here and shop to your discount-loving heart’s content!  xx- Sarah

JOSS_MAIN_SARAH_YATES Modern_Palm-_Springs_House_A_House_in_the_Hills-38 Modern_Palm-_Springs_House_A_House_in_the_Hills-18

Our Complete House Tour + Some HUGE news!


I kind of can’t believe I’m writing this post, it seems a little crazy to me (ok, it IS a little crazy).  We decided to put our house on the market, and as of yesterday it’s up for grabs (and yes, we’re willing to part with almost all of the furniture/decor as well)!  WHY ON EARTH you ask?!  Well, we’re ready for change!  We have a serious sense of wanderlust, we love the thrill of a new place, we haven’t made as many friends here in Palm Springs as we hoped to, we want to be closer to longtime friends…the list goes on.  We LOVE this house, one of us may have even teared up a little when the first offer came in yesterday.  BUT, at the end of the day our heads are on straight enough to know that a house is a house, things are things, and what really matters to us is that our family is intact, healthy and happy!  We were planning on turning the house into a vacation rental, and if for some reason it doesn’t sell that’s just what we’ll do!  But if not, at least we’ll always have these photos and the amazing memories we created here!  Click through to see the full house tour – with rooms we haven’t shared and sources whenever possible!  xx- Sarah  (ps- if you’re in the market for a Palm Springs home, please email me at hello@ahouseinthehills.com for our realtor information!)

Modern_Palm-_Springs_House_A_House_in_the_Hills-17_combined Modern_Palm-_Springs_House_A_House_in_the_Hills-12 Modern_Palm-_Springs_House_A_House_in_the_Hills-11

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Shine On!


I’ve been shopping for lamps lately so I thought I’d share some of the favorites I found!  White, gold and black can do no wrong in my book!  Aren’t they all so good?  And I’ve included a few more that I love below, just in case you’re in the market too (and some are on sale!).  Happy decorating!  xx- Sarah  sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Inspiring Spaces


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend and were able to soak up tons of Summer goodness!  It’s been stormy here in Palm Springs all weekend, which is such a treat since the weather here is consistently sunny.   I love a good Summer thunderstorm like nothing else!  But that is neither here nor there….I’m really here today to share this home of Minneapolis stylist Madelynn Hackwith Furlong!  I’m in love with it’s brick wall, neutral color palette and wide array of textiles (without even mentioning the lovely pup!).  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?!  Hope you adore too.  xx- Sarah

MFFF MF1f MF3-1 MF1g MF1j MF8

Images via My Scandinavian Home, from the home of Madelynn Hackwith Furlong



I’ve got a little bit of home inspiration for you today that has me wishing we had ten more rooms in this house!  We’re nearing the end of our decorating and it makes me a little crazy.  Which is a sickness, I totally recognize that I promise!  I know I should just live in the absolute happiness that I adore our home (AND I DO!).  But I also think things like “wouldn’t be amazing to live in a mid century house with a white brick wall and a fireplace?” and “wouldn’t it be incredible to have a long farm-style dining table for entertaining?”  I suppose it’s how I feel about dogs- I could weep that I’ll never be able to have all of the types and personalities of dogs that I want.  Same-same for homes and decor.  Such is life, right?!   Too little time here on this earth, too much goodness to be had…. Hope you find these homes as day-dream inspiring as I do!  xx- Sarah

TDF_Tennyson_St135613 modern_dining_room_via_domino_magazine_10394

Images via 1 &  2 / 3 - 5  {more after the jump}

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