DwellStudio Bedding Giveaway!


Howdy pals!  I’m so excited for today’s post- it’s my turn to feel like Oprah again!  I’m teaming up with DwellStudio to share their newest baby bedding collections, and giving one lucky reader a complete set!  The set includes: (2) crib sheets, crib skirt, blanket, hooded bath towel, stroller blanket and changing pad cover.  When they sent me two of the collections to style for this post I had a HOLY HEART EYES moment- both collections are so, SO cute!  I am obsessed with the safari print- we’ve been using ours non-stop and I smile every time I wrap this little bugger up in his hooded bath towel, or snuggle him up in the cozy stroller blanket for a walk.  I can’t wait until he’s older and we can talk about all of the animals in the print.  And then there’s the colorful boheme print (seen above) that makes me tempted to try for a baby girl to decorate a sweet baby girl nursery (monkey covering mouth emoji!!!)  Do you love them as much as I do?!  Click through to see the safari print we’re using and for details on how to win your own collection!

Dwell_studio_bedding_giveaway_10 Dwell_studio_bedding_giveaway_11 Dwell_studio_bedding_giveaway_14

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Organic Modern Living


Hey friends!  I spotted this home on Rue Magazine, probably via a Pinterest rabbit hole and it spoke to me.  Wanna know what it said?  It said, ORGANIC MODERN IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW (in a Will Ferrel Zoolander voice- so strange!)  It then continued, in a whisper: Sarah, your heart lies with earthy textiles, natural woods and black- embrace it!  I don’t know why photos are speaking to me, although it could have something to do with the three weeks of sleep regression I’m in the middle of.  But the heart wants what the heart wants.  And mine wants to move into a California bungalow and fill it with the pieces below.  Pretty please?  Also, can I have a round of applause for showering this week?  TWICE SO FAR!!!!!!!  Big things are happening at the Mora house.  Showers.  Blog posts.  Homemade ice cream.  Who knows what’s next at this rate- world domination!?  At the very least, I think I may get to watch a few episodes of LOVE on Netflix!  Only time will tell!  We’re really getting crazy over here!

But I digress.  Back to the matter at hand.  First and foremost: hats off to Square Foot Interior Design on this space, it’s stellar!  Second, I’ve rounded up a bunch of items inspired by their design in case you’re looking to bring a little bit of magic into your own abode- click through the carousel below for so many more pieces.  I hope you find something you love, covet and that eventually lands in your home bringing you the satisfaction that only a well-designed piece can.  Much love!  xx- Sarah {photos by Amy Bartlam}




Sources:  1. Horse Print  //  2. Acacia book shelf  //  3. Large wrap bench  //  4. Indigo Pillows  // 5. Corriente Pillow  //  6. Monte Rug  //  7. Monte Pillow  //  8. Mantis Wall Sconces  //  9. Lenyx Leather Sofa  //  10. Braided hemp jute pouf  //  11. Indigo pillow  //  12. Principle bench  //  13. Puna llama throw  //  14. Rattan ottoman


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Doing it Right: Commune Design X West Elm


I love seeing mass retailers team up with designers/makers/artisans and this may very well be my favorite partnership yet!  I first discovered Commune Design after a trip to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs right after they opened (this was a magical time because word hadn’t gotten out about the hotel yet, so it was quiet, pristine and quite the different experience from what it’s become!)  I asked about the design immediately because it was so incredible, and have been a fan of theirs ever since that introduction.  I would put every single one (and all of the above) into my home in a hot second!  The design is simple, modern and beautifully executed.  Well done Commune and West Elm, well done indeed!  Shop the entire collection here.

Shop the above: Wooden Fruit Bowls, tapestry diptych, leather sling chair,  Temoayan Pillow cover (charcoal, ivory), low cushion ottoman,  marble topped coffee table, terra cotta planter, tufted ottoman, square shape pillow cover (also available in circle)

Plant Pots for One and All

One of my favorite ways to make a space feel like home is plants- they bring life to an interior and I don’t think I could ever consider a space done without at least a plant or two strategically placed.  And plants with broad leaves help keep the air clean, so I am always cognizant of that as well!  Today I’ve got twelve pots that I’m loving to inspire your own decorating moments! Hope you love!  xx- Sarah

Sources:  1  // 2 // 3  // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 

Chairs, a Love Story


If I could only ever buy one type of furniture for the rest of my life it would be chairs.  SARAH, you say, THAT IS RIDICULOUS!  WHERE WILL YOU SLEEP?!  I will sleep with my chairs pushed up against each other and fashioned into a bed, I say.  Is it ridiculous?  Probably.  But the heart wants what the heart wants, and this heart wants allll of the chairs.  The first piece of furniture I ever considered an “investment” piece, meaning it cost more than I ever thought I would spend on something for our house, was a vintage womb chair.  And by more than anything I thought I would spend I mean I think I spent half the money I made that month on the chair.  Which some (aka anyone with two financial cents rattling around in their practical head) might find to be excessive.  But I coveted that chair for so long, and when it was finally ours, I had no regrets about the purchase.  Not once.  It brought me a tremendous amount of satisfaction to see it sitting in the various rental homes we carted it around to.  Chairs, I love you.  I want you all.  I want to style you up with pillows and put you in every corner of my house.   I love you in pairs, I love you around tables, I love you in all of your glorious shapes and sizes.  Truly,  if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  Forever yours, Sarah  {SIXTEEN MORE RIDICULOUS CHAIRS AFTER THE JUMP!}

Bohemian Leather Club chair ($525) , Francesa Chair ($315), Homsel Chair ($70), Rialto Rust Faux Leather Chair ($189), Georgia Swivel Chair ($1899), Hollings Velvet Chair ($3099), Molded Natural Plywood Chair ($109), Origami Leather Chair ($1499)

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Guest Bedroom Update


Hola amigos!  It’s been a game of musical rooms around here since we moved in.  What started as my office became our  guest bedroom, and it’ll undergo another transformation before baby arrives.  SO I thought I’d share it before we mix it up again as it’s been such a cozy space for guests!  We planned on outfitting the RV with Parachute Home’s linen bedding, but after the trip was postponed we added it to the guest bedroom for an instant luxury upgrade for guests.  Having slept on it myself a few nights this pregnancy when insomnia had me tossing in our bed, I can tell you it’s heavenly!  As for the rest of the space- we kept it simple with just a few pieces of decor so that our guests would have space for bags and living.  It feels like a cozy little boutique hotel and we’re loving it!  Wanna come for a stay?  It’s a dream of ours to one day open a bed and breakfast- maybe someday we’ll see you there!!  A girl can dream…  xx- Sarah

Sources:  bedding set,  duvetwall hanging, bedside table, bedside table lamp, curtain rods, curtains, feather Juju hat, rug, baskets


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