Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas and Trends

26 Easy to Implement Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas and Trends

Your concept of a non-traditional bedroom will take shape if you can convert the extra spaces of your home to an industrial bedroom.

You have to work on the industrial bedroom decor by managing furniture in the most innovative way—extra space in your home.

They are characterized by minimal decor and furniture suited to the room’s décor. These could be the loft of an apartment or even your garage.

As the era’s trend, you must have an idea to arrange your bedroom with simple designs.

Simple Industrial Bedroom Designs and Décor That Is Trending:

1. Simple and Unique Industrial Bedroom

People seek the minimalist approach to bedrooms and other environmentally friendly elements. The best part is mixing different things without discarding any of them. This is all about making the most straightforward something beautiful. You will always adore this style.

simple and unique bedroom

2. Comfortable Bedding

You can create comfortable bed styles with low beds. The legs of the bed and rails are made of wood, and the rest are made of steel rods. You can use dark shades, white, and another soft undertone to create a beautiful weathered look for the bed. Use the right accessories to complement the look of the bed.

comfortable bedding

3. Illuminating The Surroundings In Industrial Bedroom

You can use steel hover lamps when you want to combine some excellent light fittings with your minimalist-designed bed. You may even use a bulb in a wire mesh. Chandeliers might add an interesting twist to the ceiling. Fitting some lights under your bed can prove to be modern, aesthetically.

Illuminating The Surroundings

4. Storage Art For A Utilitarian Industrial Bedroom

Let your wardrobe and drawers have sliding doors for maximum space. You can install some sliding drawers by the side of the bed. A wardrobe can be made from plumbing pipelines. Furniture with plumbing pipe designs bears a minimalist look.

 sliding drawers by the side of the bed

5. A Person’s Ceiling is Another’s Floor

Wooden ceilings and concrete walls can complement each other. You can fix some lights hanging from the ceiling. You can keep a standing fan and a hanging wall clock.

Person's Ceiling is Another's Floor

6. Fabulous Flooring To Complement Industrial Bedroom Vibes

This is the most common material for bedroom décor. Choosing the right floor is essential for making the room look alluring. Choose floorings with a weathered look that can look earthly.

fabulous flooring

7. Having Windows

That is the most desirable thing if your bedroom has elegant and modern-style windows. Depending on the style, windows can be either with window panes or metal frames. You may have a choice between dark and light window panes.

having windows

8. Deciding The End Tables

If you have a smaller bedroom, you will have an end table that would spell a cast on the look. End tables are the ultimate style factor that can add a glamor quotient to your room. You can look for some different types of When it comes to tables; you might have a plethora of options. End tables and cabinets. But choosing according to the texture of the bed would be interesting.

glamor quotient bed room

9. Shelving

Shelves could add the ‘wow’ factor to beautify your bedroom. Shelves can be made from either wood or metal. Metallic shelves can be simple and gorgeous. You can keep the minimum stuff to keep the look very simple. A minimalist look can be gorgeous. Match with some cushion covers. A check or stripe fabric can look smart. A brick background will look rustic.

shelving beautify bedroom

10. Color Palette

Industrial bedrooms have a neutral and earthy essence. They are generally made up of colors like dark, pastel, neon, and many more. You may add a pop of new color to match the surroundings. You don’t need to stick to any particular color combination. Experiment the way you want to.

Industrial bedrooms have a neutral and earthy essence

11. Industrial Character With Rustic Pieces For Industrial Bedroom

Your industrial bedroom can go well with more simplistic furniture. You may choose wooden furniture with a rough patch of finish. The wooden texture would complement the look of the room. The brick texture could be an excellent background. Add some simple paintings to give that ultimate fabulous look.

Industrial Character With Rustic Pieces

12. Having A High Ceiling

The industrial bedrooms will have high ceilings like the ones in factories. In the case of such rooms, the metallic pipes would be visible. These bedrooms with vaulted ceilings and wood pallets will look brilliant. The vaulted ceilings are sturdy and will support the hanging wooden pallets. The electrical pipes are visible and can run horizontally and vertically. Choose a rustic chandelier to light up the room.

having a high ceiling

13. Exposed Brick Wall For That Industrial Bedroom Look

Industrial bedrooms have exposed brick walls that are unique in fashion. You can team up the look with long curtains and hanging lights. Keep a wall-mounted mirror at one side of the end table. There is no need for any wall décor since the exposed brick wall itself stands as a great showpiece. The texture is unique and attributes a great aesthetic look.

exposed brick wall

14. Black Floor and Wall Tiles

Black walls and floors inspire industrial bedrooms. A low window seating arrangement can characterize the room. The walls above the bed will appear white and will support some hanging lights. You may install a low back one-self-book rack for some comfortable reading. The entire room has excellent exposure to natural light from all sides.

black floor and wall tiles

15. Glass Door Metal Pane

Having a divider could be ideal for a single bedroom. Suppose the space is meant for a single person; then having a divider is mandatory. You can install this type of glass pane divider as our room will have abundant light. You can decorate it with some light fixtures and paintings. Paint the metal with a dark shade.

glass door metal pane

16. Painted White Wall

The industrial bedroom has more than enough space. Since it’s a converted bedroom, one of the walls can appear white and the other as a brick wall. In this case, the majority is white, and the brick wall appears as a pop-up. You can fix a wall-mounted mirror on one side and a sofa for that exquisite décor. Add a cabinet and sofa of your choice; team it up with cushions or a throw pillow.

painted white wall

17. Concrete Floor

Concrete floorings can be a great style statement. Seal the concrete, or else it will be rough for your feet. They can make some stunning floor designs. There can be a great bed with a black frame and dark-colored bed linen. You can enhance the combination with some dark-colored blankets. The wall décor could be simple, and you can add metal color lights. Add some spice with some throw carpet anima rug.

Concrete Floor

18. Sliding Wood Closet Doors

You can see this design where the bedroom is separated from the mezzanine floor by a metal gate. The bed is made from a roller cage with a mattress and pillows. The cabinet in the bedroom is wall mounted and has some sliding door options to save maximum space. You may add some simple fan caged inside a metal frame. Finally, add some end tables and cabinet to give that complete look.

sliding wood closet doors

19. Rustic Wood Bed

You may choose a bed with a rustic wood design. Let there be a big-sized window pane with glass. This will allow maximum light. Look for table lamps, a lamp, and a cabinet – all made with minimalist design. The bed will have white or light-colored linen and would look contrasting with the brick wall décor.

rustic wood bed

20. Bed Hanging From Metal Chain

This is a unique décor where the bed hangs in space with four chains hanging around. You may complement the look with some illuminated paintings. The ceiling can be made from a wooden panel or a false ceiling. The bed would have cushions and linen matching the surrounding color. Let this minimalist bedroom glow up with some matching curtains.

Bed Hanging From Metal Chain

21. Wooden Plank Bedroom

Do you have some wooden logs in extra? You can nail them together to make an industrial bed. This wooden log will be grounded and simple in design. You can place a bed with white linen and also light-colored drapes. You can add some black and white paintings to add to the room’s glamour quotient. Make the cabinets and benches low height. If you don’t mind a low height, then this industrial bedroom design should be ideal for you.

wooden plank bedroom

22. Converted Loft

This bedroom design is a converted loft. The space is ideal for a single person. You may add some wooden décor along with some hanging lights. Let the sunshine be a simple design, and the wires are from the wooden cabinet. This would appear cute. You can add some metallic chairs and some throw pillows.

converted loft

23. The Metallic Bed

While busy decorating your industrial bedroom, get a bed made from metal. This would be sturdy and economical. You can choose a brick wall, a simple metallic end table, and a cabinet. Some wooden ladders can serve as your cabinet, and you don’t need any luxurious finish. Amalgamate with some paintings and a vintage clock. Choose black and white stripe linen to cover the mattress. Please keep it simple and cute!

metallic bed

24. The Jiffy Makeover

This can be the simplest and quickest design of an industrial bedroom. You can utilize your mattress and place it on the wooden floor, which is simple. Deck it up with some simple instruments like a guitar and some of your favorite frames. If any part of the wall is unfinished, let it remain the way it is. Dim the light with a simple bulb hanging from the unfinished wall. The room’s appearance is quite close to a space made into a bedroom in an instant. I love such simple yet wholesome designs.

jiffy makeover

25. White Dominant

This industrial bedroom design can be considered one of the simplest types. This is a hall converted to a bedroom, and the walls are just painted white. The room has wide windows and an abundance of light. You can place the mattress over the floor and just on any wooden plank. You may paint some furniture and give it the same texture. A simpleton wooden plan can serve as a rack to keep some necessities. Simplicity and comfort at one go, just that!

industrial dominant

26. Iron Ladders and Vintage Suitcases

When designing a simpleton industrial bedroom, you must add some simple decors like a metallic ladder converted to a cabinet. Keep some sofa as a seating arrangement. You can add some vintage suitcases as décor and also some emergency storage. Finally, buy bed linens matching the color of your bed.

Iron Ladders and Vintage Suitcases

What tips do you remember when arranging your bedroom with a minimalist design?

  • The walls of the room need to have a brick design. Red brick is the most popular, but white brick can do justice. In addition, you can opt for brick print wallpaper.
  • Creating an illusion of space is the most important. First, you have to pick a mattress of the correct size. Do not buy oversized ones that could be difficult to fit into your room.
  • Enhance your creativity while lighting the space. Lights could be simple but trendy; choose a simple bulb with dark-colored wires. Place them smartly so that they add to the glamour quotient of your room.
  • Experimenting with textures is essential. Metal, wood, and brick are the critical components of design. You can implement some more colors.

You can enhance the look of your bedroom by using plants and greens around. Look for that variety that can purify the air around you. Looking for an industrial bedroom design can be critical, but you have to know what to add to your bedroom environment and what to discard; that’s important.

You need not spend up your savings for the décor or your makeshift bedroom, but add up discarded things. Making room out of anything for something special is a specialized trait. Enhance your trait by working up some innovative designs and ideas. After all, variation is the spice of life!

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