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21 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas With Unforgettable Style

Do you wish for a bohemian bedroom decor in your private space? Check out this article to know more!

Bohemianism represents an unconventional and artistic lifestyle dating back to the 1800s. The boho style has a wide range in terms of colors, patterns, designs, and textures.

The abbreviation “boho” stands for bohemian and describes a carefree and aesthetic way of life. It combines vintage with modern, earthy with glam, highlighting the saying “less is more.” For those who are daring and free-spirited, a boho bedroom is a terrific choice. Boho art gives you the freedom to be who you are with its own color schemes and designs.

Are you seeking some fresh ideas to decorate your bohemian bedroom? Here they are:

1. White Bohemian Bedroom

White Bedrooms

In the Bohemian color scheme, white holds a specific role. When combined with white walls and drapes, a traditional white bedding set is striking. Above the bed, a gorgeously made chandelier with wrought iron accents and glass beads gives the room a rustic feel. The advantages of having a white bedroom are endless. White, first and foremost, helps your space appear lighter and cleaner. Your room appears larger as a result. Additionally, it enables you to incorporate colors into the space (nearly any color would look well).

2. Macrame Wall Decor Bohemian Bedroom

macrame wall decor bedroom

If you are looking for authentic boho décor pieces, macrame wall hangings are a top choice. These wall hangings are airy, lightweight pieces made from natural materials such as cotton and wool. Macramé has knotted patterns that were extremely trendy during the 13th century and later came into fashion during the 1960s and the 1970s. Today, you’ll find macramé wall hangings as a modern form of art.

3. Geometric Bohemian Bedroom

geometric bedroom

Geometric wallpapers and geometric bedding sets make a perfect pair. If you wish for an abstract design in your bohemian bedroom, these will definitely make your room appear quirky. Colors like sage, blush pink, and even a little gray will suit your boho designs.

4. Subtly Colored Bohemian Bedroom

subtly colored bedroom

Different shades of light blue, beige, cream, and peach create a comfortable, cozy vibe within the bedroom. It is possible for the bedding set to have a different color scheme from the walls. The focal point of a contemporary-styled boho bedroom is this mismatch.

5. Tropical Accents In The Bedroom

tropical accent bedroom

Relaxation, elegance, a dash of color, amusing motifs, and a touch of greenery are the key components of the modern tropical style. This is why the design is so well-suited to bedrooms. You may create a calming personal sanctuary that seems exotic and inspiring with a trendy, tropical-style bedroom.

6. Vibrant Attic for Your Bohemian Bedroom

attic bedroom

A bedroom decorated in a variety of brilliant colors and patterns looks cheerful and colorful. Teal, orange, and various tones of red, yellow, pink, and even brown give your area the perfect bohemian appearance it needs.

7. Blue Boho Bohemian Bedroom

blue boho bedroom

Deep teal walls with a variety of blue color shades have a calming yet playful vibe in the bedroom. It can be paired up with a crisp white bedding set and teal-colored ceilings to brighten the room. To tone down the extreme blues, whites and a few other shades like pink, yellow, orange, red, and green are also helpful.

8. Sunny Yellow Bohemian Bedroom

sunny yellow boho bedroom

Yellow indicates immense positivity and happiness. And who wouldn’t want such joyful vibes in their bedroom? The pops of yellow in your bedding set will match the wooden tones of the dressers, study tables, or any other piece of furniture in the room. Highlight your bohemian bedroom with sunny yellow and its variant shades to get all the happy-go-lucky feel in your room!

9. Elite Bohemian Bedroom

elite boho bedroom

Understated furniture sets and subtle wall paints give the room a relaxed feel. It will be like a cherry on top if you could add some burlap covers to the pillows and to a distressed dresser to give it a country-side appeal. Simple and elegant boho rooms provide all of the modern feels that are popular in today’s world.

10. Whimsy Bedroom

whimsy bedroom

A colorful bedroom with animal prints and beautifully patterned pillows helps the room appear playful and whimsical. A bedroom with funky shelves, framed artworks or photographs, uniquely painted walls, and minimally distressed furniture makes a room come across as a wonderland. Such a bedroom would be a perfect fit for children. But even for adults, such vibrant décor and designs can be used.

11. Rattan Bedroom

Elegant And Quiet Bohemian Room With Cozy Interior Wicker Chair

Including rattan-based furniture in the bedroom is a boho theme at its pinnacle. A rattan-crafted bed and a rattan side table or chair with soft colors of bedding sets, such as baby pink, off-white, baby blue, and so forth, will increase the beauty of your bedroom.

12. Canopy Bedroom

canopy bedroom

If you prefer a more ethereal look for your bedroom, canopy bedrooms are the best! Imagine having a canopy bed with a comfortable resting place. They are tempting to a lot of people today. Besides, such bedrooms are open to a lot of styling options. Hence, canopy bedrooms have phenomenal aesthetic appeal.

13. Mid-Century Themed Bedroom

mid century bedroom boho

A mid-century boho-themed bedroom effortlessly gives space to vintage or vintage-inspired furniture, filling the room with a cozy atmosphere. Thousands of designs and patterns can be implemented to bring about this mid-century bohemian appeal in the bedroom. For example, minimalist wall art or neutral colors can showcase the mid-century theme very prominently.

14. Pink Boho Bedrooms

pink bedroom

Pink is a soft and dreamy color to use in home décor. Shades of pink will add a sense of style and eclecticism to your boho bedroom effortlessly. For instance, if you want to give your room a rustic look, you could go for more French or British country-style Boho bedrooms. Alternatively, you can use pink to decorate your bedroom in a vintage style.

15. Moroccan Boho Bedroom

moroccan bedroom

Bohemian style is a lot about uniting with nature. Thus, incorporating natural elements, patterns, and designs within the bedroom gives it a Moroccan appeal. You can add these elements by including certain items such as wooden floors and furniture, bamboo artwork or flooring, stone sculptures or artsy stone bowls, and indoor plants.

16. Floral Bedroom

floral bedroom

Do you wish to transform your bedroom into a beautiful boho-styled floral oasis? If yes, then you can go for some floral designs in your bedroom. Opting for florals as your styling base not only gives you a wide variety of décor options but also gives your room a classic look that never fades with the changing times.

17. Simple Boho Bedroom

simple boho bedroom

Bohemian-themed bedrooms with eclectic decors designed for modern free spirits attract a lot of people today. Boho styles have traditionally been associated with eccentric colors and patterns, but they now also include neutral color palettes and patterns. Simple and modern art is what’s trending today all over the world.

18. Boho Chic Bedroom

boho chic bedrooms

Ranging from colorful bedding sets to pretty dreamcatchers, a chic bohemian bedroom offers a lot of variety in designs. Many people combine layered blankets and colorful tassels with patterned pillows and quirky light fixtures to create a boho-chic bedroom. Such chic bedrooms usually include a lot of pop colors that bring the room to life.

19. Hotel Room-Like Bedroom

hotel room boho bedroom

A hotel-inspired bedroom exudes elegance with luscious fabrics and exquisite designs. It combines exclusive textures and patterns in a classic boho theme. Hotel rooms appear very inviting and comfortable, and more so, the secret to attaining this appeal is quite simple. It’s because of layering. Hence, to achieve this boho look, the addition of more elegantly crafted furniture pieces and a canopy bed would be ideal.

20. Jewel Toned Bedroom

jewel tone bedroom

A jewel-toned color palette consists of shades of teal, purple, gray, blue, burgundy, marigold, and fuchsia, and the list is long. With regard to patterns, they mostly include stripes, animal prints, and florals. Geometric designs also reflect a typical Bohemian style. Hence, including a combination of such pretty colors and patterns in the bedroom will create the bohemian appeal you want your bedroom to have.

21. French Style Bedroom

french boho bedroom

Mixing old treasures with contemporary style will help incorporate the French-boho style you want in your bedroom. The bedroom should have a warm glow and subtle lighting fixtures to give it a vintage look. You can achieve this effect with hanging lights or metal lanterns. Rattan-based furniture can also be used in the bedroom to achieve a French country look.


The boho style is uniquely whimsical, witty, and eclectic. It is reflective of the mind and the lifestyle of the individual who embraces it. Boho art involves moving away from conventions and taking to art, creativity, culture, nature, contrasts, and adventure. Hence, the design and overall appearance of a bohemian bedroom are dependent upon the personal character of the individual who’ll be living there.

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