Must-See Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas and Trends

25 Must-See Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas and Trends

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom or decorate it from scratch? Do you like industrial decor ideas and trends but are unsure where to begin? Look no further; this is the post for you.

A bathroom is usually expected to have a neat and chic aesthetic, serving as a place to unwind after a long day.

So, incorporating industrial decor into your bathroom can be difficult, and you must think outside the box to get the full picture. We are listing the best industrial bathroom decor ideas and trends to make it easy for you.

Best Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas and Trends

The industrial decor features open format spaces, exposed pipes, bricks, metal fixtures, and every quirky old factory inspiration. Even though this aesthetic became popular in the 2000s, it is still on fire. This trend, which was once only incorporated in high-ceilinged lofts and apartments, is finding its way into many catalog-worthy homes today. Without wasting more of your time, let’s jump to the lists.

1. A Touch of Black

Black is the boldest color you can add to your industrial bathroom decor, and it can give you a signature style. Installing a matte black bathroom door is one of the simplest ways to add the color black to your bathroom. This will easily catch the attention of anyone entering the bathroom, as it can cover a large frame. To create a striking contrast with the black door, we recommend painting your bathroom white and adding hanging light bulbs to highlight the paint.

Product Suggestions:

A Touch of Black industrial bathroom

2. Double Basin

If you visit any factory, you can spot multiple sinks obliviously placed for workers to get freshened up fast. You can take inspiration from this and install a double sink in your bathroom. They can definitely make your bathroom’s aesthetic look more industrial and increase its utility. Installing double sinks can also help your family use them together and set the tone by making your bathroom more crowded. This feature can also be found in many luxury bathrooms.

Double Basin industrial bathroom

3. Raw Woods

You should always welcome wooden accents in your industrial bathroom. In fact, you can always find rustic wood accents in many industrial bathroom models. Such bathroom designs usually look very cold, and wooden accents are a great way to add warmth to your bathroom decor and make it look more welcoming. You can add a wood vanity or a wooden stool to your bathroom. If you want to cover more space, you can install a wooden shelf under the sink.

Product Suggestions:

Raw Woods industrial bathroom

4. White Subway Tiles

If you think white subway tiles are out of style, you couldn’t be more wrong! Using white subway tiles for your bathroom can give it a traditional look and take you back in time. These tiles are great not only for decorative purposes but also for their famous durability. They also come in different textures. The color and appearance of these tiles will serve as the perfect background for other industrial decor accents. If you want a quick renovation, you can use tile peel to make things easy.

White Subway Tiles industrial bathroom

5. Edison Lightbulbs

Edison bulbs are antique filament bulbs that come in many varieties of styles. They have a vintage glow and take you back to the 1800s. They are perfect for your industrial bathroom decor, adding rustic details. You can keep them in your bathroom as pendant lamps or above your vanity mirror for great light. You can also replace the traditional bulbs in your chandelier with Edison bulbs and enjoy their warm glow. These bulbs are a unique way to brighten up your bathroom.

Edison Lightbulbs industrial bathroom

6. Concrete Bathtub

A bathtub is one of those bathroom necessities that cannot be overlooked. Installing a concrete bathtub can give your bathroom a raw and organic aesthetic. This style can set you apart while also giving your bathroom an unfinished look. Concrete bathrooms can be made in a variety of styles and are a minimal, durable option. They will also go well with the dominant color schemes in industrial bathroom decor. If you cannot make a concrete bathtub for your bathroom, install a freestanding concrete bathtub, which will look very sophisticated.

Concrete Bathtub industrial bathroom

7. Decorate the Wall

If you are someone who is expressive and enjoys adding details to their decor, then decorate your bathroom wall with vintage posters with some funny lines. Vintage posters are always a favorite of many designers because they can work well with different styles of bathroom decor. You can also add industrial signage, sports posters, or a logo for very basic decor and introduce a few colors. Another fun way is to add a quirky picture or line for you and your guests to laugh at.

Product suggestions:

Decorate the Wall industrial bathroom

8. Caged Lightning

Caged lighting, one of the most popular trends in industrial bathroom decor, will be a stunning addition to your bathroom. These accents have been popular since the mid-century. A caged chandelier can draw attention to the ceiling of your bathroom and create a warm atmosphere. They also have a retro allure that reminds you of the old experimental labs from your favorite vintage films. You can also beautify your bathroom by hanging multiple caged lights.

Product suggestions:

Caged Lightning industrial bathroom

9. Open Shelving

Many Industrial bathrooms have open shelving units that will act as decorative as well as a place for you to store anything you want. They add style and functionality to your bathroom. The display of the products gives an airy look to your bathroom. Open shelving will allow you to grab whatever you want with ease. Make sure to use reclaimed wood or rustic-looking shelves. You can also opt for black matte shelves. You can group similar items together to add more detail using the colors.

Open Shelving industrial bathroom

10. Unfinished Look

Choosing an unfinished look for your industrial bathroom can say a lot about how edgy and unique your tastes are. The unfinished look stays true to the old factory lofts where workers abandoned the work beforehand and migrated for better job opportunities. You can achieve this look by using raw materials such as bricks or cement and letting them be in their natural state, or you can paint them to add a rugged or rustic feel. The best feature of this bathroom decor is how minimalistic it can look.

Product Suggestion:

Unfinished Look industrial bathroom

11. Go, Black and White

Do you enjoy stunning black-and-white color contrasts? This color combination has inspired so many designers for generations. Take inspiration from modern designs and choose this color theme for your industrial bathroom decor. You can cover a large space with this theme if you opt for black and white tile work or by installing a black metal vanity with a white marble countertop. For small details, go for black-and-white wall art or a black shower faucet.

Product Suggestions:

Go, Black and White industrial bathroom

12. Metallic Vanity

A metallic vanity can amp up the industrial style of a bathroom’s decor. The sleek and shiny surface of the metal can contrast well with other raw materials such as concrete, brick, or wood. The vanity can also be paired with industrial-style light fixtures and hardware for a cohesive look. Additionally, a metallic vanity can also add a modern and minimalist aesthetic to the bathroom and act as the perfect decorative piece for your industrial bathroom.

Product Suggestion:

Metallic Vanity industrial bathroom

13. Black Fixtures

For a bathroom with an industrial theme, black fixtures can add a bold and dramatic touch. The fixtures’ dark color contrasts well with light-colored walls and floors, creating a striking visual effect. Other industrial-style elements, such as exposed pipes, concrete, and metal, can also be complemented by black fixtures. They will also look fantastic with gold industrial lights. Some of the ways you can incorporate black fixtures are with black faucets, towel bars, or black light fixtures.

Product Suggestions:

Black Fixtures industrial bathroom

14. Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes are a very common choice for industrial bathroom decor, and they look so cool. This feature gives a bathroom a raw, old-factory appearance. You can incorporate exposed pipes in many ways, such as by installing an exposed pipe shower or using pipes as a towel bar. You can also install an industrial pipe shelf which will be the perfect addition to your bathroom. The best thing about the exposed pipes is the colors that they come in. You can choose copper pipes for rustic industrial bathroom decor or black pipes for cold industrial bathroom decor.

Product Suggestions:

Exposed Pipes industrial bathroom

15. Brick Walls

Brick walls can help you stay absolutely true to the industrial decor theme. You can incorporate a brick wall as an accent wall or use it to cover the entire bathroom. They will make your bathroom look rugged and vintage. Add metal pipes and concrete to the floor to enhance the look. Adding wood is always a great idea in a bathroom with brick walls; you can observe this combination in your favorite shows. Make sure to seal the brick wall properly to increase its durability.

Product Suggestion:

Brick Walls industrial bathroom

16. Go Vintage

There is something about vintage designs that can revolutionize a space. If you like vintage designs, you can combine vintage and industrial ideas and trends to create your dream bathroom. To easily achieve this look, combine vintage fixtures and bathroom signage with metal accents or exposed pipes. Vintage designs typically include pops of color, such as red or blue, which complement the other colors of industrial decor. Vintage industrial style will undoubtedly provide you with a unique bathroom.

Product Suggestions:

Go Vintage industrial bathroom

17. Warm Copper

Including a lot of copper in your industrial bathroom is an excellent choice. You can do this by using copper light fixtures. These light fixtures can be used as overhead lighting or accent lighting on a wall or in specific areas of the bathroom. Copper is known for its durability and longevity and can develop a patina over time, which will only amp up its visual characteristics. Another way is to opt for exposed copper pipes or think big and install a copper bathtub. Your bathroom will definitely look luxurious.

Product Suggestions:

Warm Copper industrial bathroom

18. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can bring life to any room they are in. They have been a trendy choice for many industrial bathroom decors. By adding indoor plants, you can bring more color to your bathroom. Some pops of green can go well with black, and other metallic colors often found in industrial decor. These little additions can make your bathroom look more welcoming and relaxing. You can keep the indoor plants on open shelves or in corners of your bathroom, or you can hang them for a delicate look.

Indoor Plants industrial bathroom

19. Shower Partition

You don’t have to have a large bathroom to go for industrial decor. You can upgrade your bathroom’s aesthetic with the simple use of shower partitions. A metallic shower partition will not only look elegant, but it will also give you the industrial appeal you are looking for. A black matte shower partition is the trendiest choice for an industrial bathroom inspired by modern designs. But you can also opt for a steel shower partition for a rugged look or a simple glass partition for a minimalist look. Make sure to include many metal accents if you are opting for a glass partition.

Product Suggestion:

Shower Partition industrial bathroom

20. Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is commonly used in many construction projects, and you can add it to your bathroom to give it a raw industrial look. They can be made with various metals, such as aluminum, steel, or nickel. Opting for sheet metal shower walls is a very bold decision and can set you apart from your friends. Sheet metal walls are easy to maintain, and they will last for many years. Add bold contrasting colors to your bathroom to increase the visual appeal and make your bathroom look welcoming.

Product Suggestion:

Sheet Metal industrial bathroom

21. Black Ceiling

If you love adding a sense of mystery to your decor, then go for a black ceiling. A black ceiling in an industrial bathroom can add a dramatic touch to its space. It can help you to make your bathroom look more spacious. Choosing black for the ceiling paint will serve as a great backdrop for other industrial accents, such as exposed pipes or metal frames. Make sure to paint the rest of the walls in neutral hues or dark colors with industrial light fixtures. The result can remind you of a luxurious spa.

Product Suggestions:

Black Ceiling industrial bathroom

22. Whitewashed Woods

Adding wood to your industrial bathroom is always a great idea. Whitewashed wood will give your bathroom a rustic and modern touch. The natural texture and mild warmth of whitewashed wood can complement a cold and sleek industrial look. You can add whitewashed wood in many ways, such as by building an accent wood wall, installing a wooden vanity, or adding an open shelf. If you want small details with the wood, then install a wooden towel bar, holders, or baskets.

Product Suggestions:

Whitewashed Woods industrial bathroom

23. A lot of Gray

Think differently and choose an all-gray color palette as the dominant shade for your industrial bathroom decor. When simple lines and a sleek design are combined with gray, the result is a very sophisticated modern factory-style bathroom. You can achieve this style in your bathroom by choosing a concrete wall or painting the bathroom gray. Install a gray bathtub and use bright lights to lighten up the space. For some distinction, add mild neutral shades or a matte black color to your bathroom.

A lot of Gray industrial bathroom

24. Patterned Tile on Raw Concrete

If you want to add an artistic touch to your bathroom, then keep patterned tile over the raw concrete. This will give you an unfinished look by highlighting the dominant concrete wall. This style is the result of great imagination and can make your bathroom look unique. This effortless style can be achieved by using the most basic decor items on your list. Choose black or grey patterned tiles for a cold look or blue or red colored tiles for a vintage look.

Patterned Tile on Raw Concrete industrial bathroom

25. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very popular choice for industrial bathroom designs due to its durability and resistance to corrosion. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a great option for your bathroom.

Stainless steel fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, and shower heads, add a sleek and modern look to the bathroom while also being functional and practical. Additionally, stainless steel accessories, such as towel bars and soap dispensers, can be added to complete the industrial look.

Product Suggestion:

Stainless Steel industrial bathroom

Final Thoughts

Decorating a bathroom in an old factory style can be intimidating but can be accomplished easily. I hope we have stirred your imagination and you can picture your dream bathroom without confusing yourself out.

Industrial bathroom decor is basically a play between metal and wood accents with cold colors. Never be afraid to go big with copper light fixtures. Everyone deserves a perfect bathroom, and you can now have one!

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