How to Give Your Room a Rich Feel?

How to Give Your Room a Rich Feel?

Over the recent years, working from home has been a part of most of our lives. Hence, as we have started spending more time in our bedrooms, revamping them now and then is essential.

Revamping your bedroom and adding cozy bedroom decor can instantly increase your productivity and willingness to work.

Sitting in that room for almost 10 hours a day can get monotonous, and what if you have colleagues coming over to work or a Zoom call? You would love to flaunt your rich feel bedroom and gather compliments.

Therefore, to help you achieve the same, we are here with tips you can use to revamp your basic bedroom to a rich feel.

Tips to Use While Revamping Your Bedroom for a Rich Feel

If you are also in the mood to reconstruct your bedroom a little bit and make it appear more luxurious and happening, then you are in the right place.

Here are a few tips and tricks you must know that can easily add value to your bedroom. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Get A Featured Wall in Your Bedroom

Get A Featured Wall in Your Bedroom

Feature walls have been in trend for quite a long time now. They add a luxurious feel to your bedroom and come safely in your pocket.

If you like to be creative and have a more artistic feel, you can opt for anything, but if you are a lazy bee, opting for shapes and geometrical patterns will be great.

2. Opt for a Bigger Wall Arts

Opt for a Bigger Wall Arts

Yes, we know that there is a misconception that artwork is expensive and that owning something huge in size can get you out of budget, but it is not true.

You can buy pieces that come under the affordable category and look nothing but stylish. It will have a royal feel and make your room appear better.

3. Choose Paint Colour Wisely

Choose Paint Colour Wisely

When we talk about rich-feel bedrooms, one thing that often comes to mind is huge space.

However, owning a big house in cities is not a cup of tea, but we have a trick that works great in such cases: paint color.

Nude, white, and grey paint colors are often considered as they make your rooms appear huge.

4. Stop Cluttering Your Room

Stop Cluttering Your Room

When we start to live in a particular house for a longer period, we start hoarding things; if you look around, 90% of them will be useless.

A luxurious bedroom is said to have a space that does not hold unnecessary things and waste. Look around and remove all the things that are not necessary, and keep your space clean.

5. Use Mirrors and Candles in Your Room

Use Mirrors and Candles in Your Room

A room that smells good feels good; we can never regret making this statement. If someone walks into your room and gets a foul smell, trust us, they will never be impressed.

On the contrary, if there is a fresh fragrance in your room, then it will appear rich. Apart from this, adding more mirrors in your room will also add up to the same.

6. Use House Plants and Flowers

Use House Plants and Flowers

A great green feel and fresh flowers can lift anyone’s mood. They not only contribute to the beauty of the house but also add positivity and an uplifting mood.

All you have to do is get some indoor green plants, which are easy to take care of and require minimal to zero sunlight. Every now and then, you can add some fresh flower vases, too.

7. Add Beautiful Curtains

Add Beautiful Curtains

Curtains are said to make or break one’s mood. A dark and dimly lighted curtain can make your room look shabby and negative.

Hence, it is important to use more vibrant and uplifting curtains. The best one is to use white or nude-colored curtains that come in layers as they look stunning.

8. Start Layering Your Rugs

Start Layering Your Rugs

If you have ever witnessed any luxurious house, you might have observed that they own a lot of rugs and carpets. Their floors are barely empty and have comfortable furry carpets.

Apart from this, their beds and couches also have various rugs in different colors and textures.


Everyone dreams of having a luxurious, rich feel bedroom that gets compliments from everyone.

Owning a big house can be difficult, but you can use your limited resources and funds to get a rich-feel bedroom that looks stunning.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount on pieces, it can be achieved with limited funds too.

You can use materials like rugs, paintings, mirrors, and artistic things to get that feel in your room. You can also invest in green plants and flowers for an irresistible, fresh vibe.

Also, choosing the right paint color, bedding, and curtains that complement each other can be used.

Do you want to give your room a rich feel? Do let us know in comments!

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