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26 DIY Summer Decoration Ideas That are Easy & Cheap

Summer is approaching, and you must consider what to do and how to decorate your home. For example, if you are planning a party, make sure you decorate the room to your best to ensure the best ambiance. Well, you can bring flowers to decorate your house, but if you are thinking of decorating your home for a party, follow some DIY summer room decorations.

Make sure you don’t throw your mason jars, pegs, woolens, and ribbons, as you might feel they are garbage.

DIY Summer Room Decorations

1. DIY Popsicle Garland

You will need colored chart paper, a paper cutter, glue, and a string to create a popsicle garland for making this artwork. Make proper measurements and cut the papers according to size. You can select multiple colored papers and stick them over the main popsicle-shaped cutting. Drill holes and then allow the string to pass through. Your popsicle garland will look exclusive and ideal for a kid’s party.

DIY Popsicle Garland

2. DIY Watermelon Coaster

You need cardboard, watercolors, and a paintbrush to make this art. First, you have to cut the cardboard into circular pieces and then paint them red and green. The final touch is implementing the black-colored seeds. Once the painting job is completed, you will allow it to dry. This is ideal for home, and your kids would love them.

DIY Watermelon Coaster

3. DIY Summer Sunflower Ball

You will buy paper sunflowers and craft balls from any stationery shop. You will require a string, also. First, you can take the paper sunflower samples and stick them against the balls. Next, you can take the string and pass it through the holes present in the balls. Finally, string together 3-4 samples and keep them; ready to be hung for any occasion. This is ideal for a celebration.

DIY Summer Sunflower Ball

4. DIY Ice Cream Cone Garland

You require a string, scissors, wool, chart paper, and a marker. Make the woolen balls by following instructions on some YouTube sites. You can cut out circular pieces from chart papers. Fold them in conical shapes and then insert the woolen balls. Prepare red-colored pompom balls and then stitch them over the woolen balls. Hang them over a string. They would look fabulous as a summer party décor.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Garland

5. DIY gear summer wreath

This art is ideal for a beach party. You can buy a ribbon and a tube. You can wrap the ribbon in a tube and keep it hanging. Match the tube with your summer hat, slippers, and glares. You will rock the party,

DIY gear summer wreath

6. DIY Pineapple Garland

This art would be ideal for a kid’s party. You can take chart papers, colors, string, scissors, and glitter. Cut the papers into the shape of a pineapple and then fix the green crown. Put some glue on the crown and then spread some glitter. Take a crayon/pencil and then draw lines over the yellow-colored pineapple to indicate some minute details. Tie the string across the crowns and then leave it hanging.

DIY Pineapple Garland

7. DIY Painted planters:

You can buy some planters that have a basic color coating on them. Use colors and a paintbrush. You can color the pot with light colors like chrome, yellow, and white. Paint the planters with white stripes. Silver stripes would also do justice to the Planter. Experiment with designs and colors.

DIY Painted planters

8. DIY watermelon Picnic Blanket:

This quick artwork is ideal for a beach party. It would be best if you took a crop cloth, some colors, a sponge, and scissors. First, you can cut the sponge into the shape of a triangular strawberry. Then dip the sponge in the colors and then stick the impression to the drop cloth. Repeat the act several times till the drop cloth looks full.

DIY watermelon Picnic Blanket

9. DIY Rustic Sailboat

This is an easy yet attractive décor. You can place it at any outdoor party. You can pick up any dried twig and place it apart. Take a piece of paper and then cut it into a triangular shape. Choose amongst a striped paper. Then you can either glue or fix the paper with the dried twig. It would look like a rustic décor. But it’s different and artistic!

DIY Rustic Sailboat

10.DIY Cotton Garland for Summer

If you are fond of cotton candy, then this could be a great art for you. Try this for your party next time, and you are sure to win the hearts of the invitees. Take a piece of paper, fold it and then surround it with cotton candy. Then you can tie them to a string and hang them around where you want to party. Have no doubts about the fact that you will be appreciated.

DIY Cotton Garland for Summer

11. DIY Butterfly Wreath

If you have some extra wires in your house and some butterfly cutouts, then this could be the most desirable DIY quick art that can win over the hearts of your peers. Place some cutouts of butterflies and flowers, and then stick them to the folded wires. Then, keep it aside for use at some parties.

 DIY Butterfly Wreath

12. DIY Waffle Cone Ice Cream Flower Pots

If you have some ice cream tumblers at your place, don’t throw them but preserve them for some great DIY art. You can remove the labels and keep them clean. Of course, it would be best if you had colors and markers to make your art a reality. Choose some quick and easy art; you can woe your peers. DIY summer room decoration ideas can bring out your inner creativity. Get rewarded with your kid’s smile as you finish this ice cream flower pot.

DIY Waffle Cone Ice Cream Flower Pots

13. DIY Snow Globe Décor

Pick up some glass jars and some mason jars. You require some items of display, glitters, and some glycerin. Place the decorative items, and pour some glycerin and glitters. You will find these items extremely interesting and an excellent option for display. Change the display items according to the theme you want to showcase.

DIY Snow Globe Décor

14. DIY Lemon Wreath

This fresh fruit wreath can win the show if you display it anywhere. You will require some fresh lemon, leaves, and some wires. You can make a round with the wires and then fix the lemons one by one. Make sure that you fix the leaves in a regular pattern. The entire decoration would look nice. This is one of the best DIY summer room decoration ideas.

DIY Lemon Wreath

15. DIY Citrus Stamp-Painted Tea Towel

You can work wonders with plain white cloth and some lemons. You will require some colors and some lemons slit from the middle. Dip the lemon inside the colors and place them over the white cloth for the impression. This would look simple and attractive.

DIY Citrus Stamp-Painted Tea Towel

16. DIY Mason Jar Drinking Water

You can take a mason jar and make some simplistic decorations. Fix some glue at the bottom of the jar and start arranging a colored string in rounds. Next, you can make neat circles and paint the jar’s body. Finally, you can put some liquid inside the jar and colored straw.

DIY Mason Jar Drinking Water

17. DIY Fruit Welcome Mats for Summer

You can buy a plain light-colored rug mat, some paints, and a spray brush. Make a solution of colors and spray them in layers over the rug mat. For example, you can spray over a side of the rug and keep another for another layer of color.

DIY Fruit Welcome Mats for Summer

18. DIY Striped Summer Vases

Take a thick glass bottle and color the lower half into layers. Make sure that the colored layers are spread out in equal layers. Then, you can fill the glass jar with water and place the flowers inside. The look would be simply fantastic and one of the most innovative DIY summer room decoration ideas.

DIY Striped Summer Vases

19. DIY Paper Pinwheels

This craft is incredible and could be a great table décor. You have to take colored paper and then cut them in equal gaps. You can follow some DIY paper-cutting websites to follow the pattern. Fold them and pin them to the middle with a show pin. Fix them with a straw and then place them inside a jar. This looks exceptional.

DIY Striped Summer Vases

20. DIY Ocean Painting Home Décor

You can take a canvas and start painting it blue. If you have confidence in your brush strokes, then paint with various shades of blue. You will find the piece of art really interesting after the completion of the painting job.

DIY Ocean Painting Home Décor

21. DIY Summer Candles For Room Decorations

You can make some candles at home or recycle the candles. Take some old candles and melt them in a glass. You can make a wick and place it in the middle. When you pour the wax, you can add some colors and glitters. Let the candles settle, and while you light them, they will look alluring and create a soothing ambiance.

DIY Summer Candles

22. DIY Watercolor Throw Pillows

Try this art with your kids; that would be the best family time ever. Take a tumbler full of water and turn it. Pour colors, maybe one or two, and create a whirlwind. Then take a white pillow cover and dip it in the water. Please pick it up and dry it in the sun. Your pillow will show some awesome shades. Anybody and everybody will appreciate this idea.

DIY Watercolor Throw Pillows

23. Clothespin Wreath For DIY Summer Room Decorations

A clothespin wreath could be okay if you are looking for some innovative décor for your party. Take a metal wire and fold it circularly. Then you can take the pegs and place them around the wire like a wreath. You can hang them on your wall. Enjoy the awesome décor.

clothespin wreath

24. DIY Watercolor Fruit Coaster For Summer Room Decorations

If you have cardboard, white cloth, glue, colors, and a brush, you can easily make a watercolor fruit coaster. Choose your designs and then paint your water coasters likewise. Fruit designs could be easy to print; you can use markers for intricate details like drawing the seeds and some shades.

DIY Watercolor Fruit Coaster

25. DIY Sweet Summer Letter Banner For Summer Room Decorations

Take a piece of chart paper and buy some cutouts. You can buy some paper alphabets and stick them on the paper abiding by a specific pattern. This can be a great welcome banner for a summer party.

DIY Sweet Summer Letter Banner

26. DIY Planter For Summer Room Decorations

Next time you find an earthen or ceramic planter broken in your house, don’t throw that. Instead, you can gather pebbles, marbles, and artificial grass and make your Planter. This would look cute, and you can place it in front of your door. All will appreciate this type of DIY summer room decorations idea.

DIY Planter

What are Some Tips for DIY Summer Room Decorations?

  • Pick some economic stuff and create some great ideas to showcase. Make sure that your DIY materials are available all over and that they are inexpensive. With costly materials, the overall cost will go higher.
  • Make the maximum usage with paint and brush. You will love the painting sessions. Involve your kids, and you will enjoy a fun time utilizing your creative skills. Painting over the canvas and framing them could be an excellent activity for your family.
  • Make use of unimportant things in your home. Make sure that you keep all the extras and don’t discard them. For example, you can utilize woolens, socks, crayons, and even drop cloth. This is a beautiful concept of recycling.
  • Make use of summer flowers: Summer flowers are a fabulous décor. You can place them inside vases and also use them for a wreath. Pick light colors, or even white, for making the most fantastic décor. Placing a wreath with summer flowers in front of your door will make your day. This might be one of the most innovative ideas for DIY summer room decorations.
  • Pick the most accessible craft ideas and do them quickly. Of course, you have to be choosy. Involve your kids or friends in decorating your home, and picking the most accessible craft ideas would help. Using colored paper, scissors, and glue would be helpful. Make sure the craft idea doesn’t require much expertise or skill.

DIY projects could be significant, provided they are executed nicely. You can do your research on ideas for DIY summer room decorations and look for the best ones that are available. This season would be fun, and you will love to see your family members involved and decorate your home. So enjoy the little joys of life, and enjoy DIY projects.

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