Nautical Theme Living Room Décor

22 Stylish Nautical Theme Living Room Décor ideas

A home is where you seek comfort, and the walls reflect your persona. Therefore, decorating your home can impart great satisfaction as it will reflect your persona. You can decorate your home with some themes. One of the best ideas to implement is going nautical.

Since nautical refers to the sea and the ships, there is an excellent combination between the objects you choose for your décor and the color. Blue and white are the main choices of nautical theme decors, but you can also include a handful of other color choices.

Are you a great fan of nautical ideas and want to implement the same in your home décor?

Let’s See Some Excellent Nautical-Theme Living Room Ideas.

1. Nautical Vintage

You can impose a nautical design and idea by decorating your home with a maximum of vintage stuff. It might be a vintage showpiece or the cushions of the sofa, or maybe the sofa set. You pick up stuff that is a bit old by style and age, get it refurnished and revamped and then make your unique décor at home. For example, add a vintage wall clock or maybe a vintage life ring.

nautical vintage

2. Painting of Sailboat

If you have fantasies about having nautical decoration themes in your house, you can go for a painting of a Sailboat. Paintings can spell a magic cast and add to the glamor quotient of your home. You may opt for a stretched canvas with the highest grade of ink. Keep at least 1.5 inches of the wooden frame for hanging. You may choose modern, contemporary, or traditional designs. A picture says a thousand words and is an excellent nautical-theme living room.

painting of sailboat

3. Navy-shaped Sofas

You can decorate your home with navy-shaped sofas, and that could be an excellent idea. You can choose a sofa with a color like navy blue or light blue. Ensure that the cushions/ pillows are chosen to complement the furniture you buy. Contrasting colors of the sofa linen and cushions would be attractive. If the walls of your home are light-colored, that’s an additional advantage.

navy-shaped sofas

4. The Ceiling of Wooden Beams

You can implement the ceiling of your living room in the old vintage style. However, the ceiling of wooden beams is the new fashion. Make the wood finish look excellent with hanging lamps. The furniture, along with the wooden beams, would give you the most desired look of the era. Select the beams and also the locks that give support to your beams. You will recollect memories of traveling in a ship; this could spell a cast in being the most creative vintage design.

ceiling wooden beams

5. Modern form Nautical

You can look for a few things that bear a nautical resemblance. You can bring some decorative pieces that would reflect a maritime ambiance. Starting from miniature vintage boats and ashtrays, you choose your stuff that has a modern form nautical theme attached. Team it up with frames of your choice and also some curtains. Whenever you step out of your house, keep looking for some splendid collection that can finally add to your nautical theme living room.

modern form nautical

6. Built-in Bookshelves

You may look for nautical-shaped built-in bookshelves. They could be seated on the floor and touch the walls or maybe built on the walls. You may have cabinets here and some inbuilt lights for decoration. You may choose the color of the wood, but natural brown would be the best choice. Decorate with some greens and planters so that it may bear a nautical ambiance. Your idea of a nautical room is just at your doorstep.

built in bookshelves

7. Fish-like Sculptures

Buy some fish-like sculptures that could be made of metal material and are reliable and serviceable. The shape is vivid and exhibits a shoal of fish moving upward. This brings your boring wall alive and adds some style quotient to your room. You may even look for a single fish sculpture. The stand-alone sculpture would be an excellent choice for a showpiece to be displayed in your living hall.

fish like sculptures

8. White Sofas

You can add some white sofas to your collection for the room to bear a nautical resemblance. Some navy blue or light blue accessories would add to the coastal look. Amalgamate with some aquatic wall art, and you will see the ambiance would bear a coastal theme. A combination of blue color cushions can make the sofa look like a coastal theme. Innovate your ideas to add a tinge of the theme to make the room realistic.

white sofas

9. Vintage Signal Flags

You can look for some vintage signal flags that would enhance the looks of your home. You may buy them from your nearby store and see the way to install them in your living room. This gives a fabulous look.

vintage signal flags

10. Sailboat Miniatures

If you are an ardent fan of nautical adventure, you can incorporate your idea into your living room. Look for a miniature sailboat and then place them beside your living room. Place it in your cabinet and focus it with dim light. Your living room with light up with the miniature boat, which will add to the charm of your room.

miniature sailboat

11. Anchor Pillows

Match these anchor print cushions at the most reasonable price and match them with your nautical-themed sofa set. These could be the perfect match for your home, sofa, couch, and chair. They could be a great gift for various occasions. In addition, the anchor pillows would be incredible decorations for your home. When you buy these cushion covers, make sure they are made from washable materials.

Living room area with cosy armchair located close to the window

12. Shells for the Show

Get some sea shells for your home décor. Place them on your coffee table or maybe on the cabinet shelves. You can put it around your greens or anywhere near the chest of drawers. These minute things would definitely enhance the nautical look of your home. Also, collect some great conch shells for show in your show cabinet. Conchs are an excellent match for your living room décor.

Shells for the Show

13. Hourglass

An hourglass not necessarily means a nautical theme. But yes, if you want a nautical décor, then keep the hourglass in your home. This could be a great combination for any nautical showpiece. This is considered an antique nautical decorative product. Give your hourglass the right display under a lighted pedestal. You’ll feel like going back in a time machine.


14. Coffee Table

Bring a boat-shaped coffee table to your living hall. You can see it from the stores around you and then select the best one suiting your room’s size and requirements. The hull basswood veneer on frame handicraft and stand solid basswood shelf plywood board are suited for a display of your ‘nautical spirit. The coastal coffee table is preferred with a walnut finish. It’s convenient to store things and also for display.

coffee table to living hall

15. Ship Wheels and Anchor

The ship wheels and anchor décor would reflect maritime life from the blue waters of the sea and are a good way of adding a nautical accent to life. They are easy to hang and ideal for coastal life. You can hang them in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. They could be either brown or maybe blue in color.

Eclectic living room with exposed brick wall and a large ship wheel

16. Coastal Floorings Rugs

You can look for a coastal flooring rug. This will elevate any space and add decorative floor coverings. They are lightweight and low in maintenance. Choose a variety that is easy to clean; probably polypropylene material is preferable in a highly versatile and functional rug that will enhance the look of your floor.

Coastal Floorings Rugs

17. Blue and White Drapes

Choose blue and white drapes with sheers that can be a good suit for your nautical theme living room. Light weight fabric would be elegant for the purpose. You can buy some sheer in muslin cotton fabric. You will get a wide variety of choices in these two colors. Choose between stripes and mono color; that could be a great combination.

blue and white drapes

18. Nautical Tripod Stands

You can buy a tripod stand that could be a bit vintage in design. The chrome finish spotlight with brown wooden nautical tripod stand made from aluminum, wood, and steel would be the most effective décor for your nautical theme living room.

nautical tripod stands

19. Nautical Mirror

Choose a nautical mirror in the shape of a ship’s steering wheel. The base color could be of almond nut color finish or even white. The large and attractive nautical-shaped mirror with a pristine finish can actually be a great décor. Crafted from a premium solid hardwood matte finish wood, this mirror would be the best match for the entryway of your hall.

10 Lake Geneva

20. Bunk-shaped Room

Design the room like a bunk. You can ask your interior decorator to design the windows and doors in a similar fashion to the cabin of a ship. You can take a boat-shaped coffee table and also the dining table. Anyways, your bedrooms can be bunk shaped. If you have an innovative brain, then having a bunk-shaped living room is not a big issue.

ceiling wooden beams

21. Nautical-themed Chairs

Buy some nautical-themed chairs for display on your verandah. You can even buy some nautical sofa covers. There is a wide deal of choices in the type of sofas you want to buy. The Polywood material is perfectly suited to bear the brunt of the rain and heat of the sun. You can rest assured they are tough and strongly made.

beach house decor ideas gallery

22. Hanging Ropes and Knots

If you are a great fan of the coastal idea of home décor, then buy the nautical ropes and prepare knots with them. You can keep them hanging from the ceiling or, in certain cases can, use them as doorstops or maybe tie them across the chairs. Whatever it may be, if you have great nautical theme living room ideas, then this could be a great attempt to give your room a perfect look. Decorate your home with nautical ropes and knots. Although we have selected the best of 21 styling ideas, the list can go on; you can innovate more and more ideas.

Hanging Ropes and Knots

Things to Keep in Mind While Decorating Your Home With a Nautical Theme

Nautical style and fresh colors: Check out the latest trend in nautical style and fresh colors. You may incorporate colors like navy blue, sky blue, beige, green, white, yellow, and sandy tones. Do not fill your room with too many colors. You can use a maximum of two to three colors in all for a single living space.

Nautical Fabrics and Patterns: Chose fabrics that are easily washable. You can choose the self-embossed ones and soft in texture. You can use striped fabrics for curtains, cushions, table cloth, and runners. The blue and white stripes could be okay.

Incorporating Ropes and Knots into Nautical Décor: Hang some ropes and ceiling knots onto your home. They should hang prominently from your ceiling. You may paint the ropes blue, white, and even beige. Combine the painted ropes with the non-painted ones to give the best of natural looks to your nautical theme living room.

Decorative Objects: There are many nautical theme objects that you can choose from. You can use these minute things in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and in entryway. Well, collect things that spell all about the sea, and you can tastefully incorporate them into your rooms. Adding some great sea shell-shaped lamp covers and your room will be the best fantasy land for a sea lover.

Nautical Style Furniture: Buy some furniture that is typically made for nautical-themed rooms, like the coffee table, chairs, and some decorative wall hangings. Frame some knots, and they would look charming beside a blue-painted wall. You may easily include paintings like the sunset, sand, sea creatures, and boat. Get some good conch shells; you can decorate them in your living room as well as bathrooms.

You can research things that can contribute to your nautical theme living room ideas. Keep collecting things from everyday life and make a good research on how you can incorporate them into your home décor, thereby making it the most desired and cozy place for your living.

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