What Are the Key Features of Nautical Decor

What Are the Key Features of Nautical Decor?

Haven’t we always wanted a sea-facing home? The breezy weather touches our faces, the warm sun rays seeping through the curtains, waking up to the sound of waves every morning, and wanting to open the curtains quickly! As dreamy as it may sound, it is tough for all of us to get a sea-facing home. However, what if we told you that we’ve got your solution here as well? You can bring the sea to home; with interior designing, everything is possible.

Just like interior designing is an in-depth study of decor at home, you can bring the feel of waves, ocean, beach, and pastels within the walls of your abode. That’s what nautical decoris!

This article will take you through each element of nautical decor and how you can bring it home! We are here to guide you on the colors you should choose, the spacing, lighting, materials for furniture, and everything else!

Come, let’s get into the depths of nautical decor!



Even though it started from the seaside homes in the 1980s, it gradually started to spread across the United States. It was originally based mostly on maritime decor, but eventually, with time, the trends shifted more towards life on the sea, and now we see many blue stripes shapes of ships and boats.

Did you know nautical technically means ship and sea? The nautical decor brings coolness to the home and is a very old-age style interior design that intends to merge the coastal life with your modern life! If you want to bring the sea near you or feel part of nature and the ocean, nautical decor is for you!

Let’s take you to the most awaited section:

Trends and Features of Nautical Decor

The features and trends mentioned below will take you close to the sea while making you feel at home! Isn’t it the perfect combination? Having said that, let’s dive into it:

1. Ocean Based Color Palette

Ocean Based Color Palette

Working around seaside colors like pastel shades of blue, white, sand color, green, beige, and warm colors can make you feel like you’re sitting near an ocean. Using a lot of whites can, however, give an even tone; therefore, using a combination of blue and white can be a good choice. Make sure that blue should only be a pop of color and should not overpower. You even get a chance to experiment with furniture.

2. Stripes of Blue and White

Stripes of Blue and White

As mentioned earlier, in case you do not wish to experiment a lot with paint, you can always choose a pop of color when it comes to furniture. Nautical decor almost evolved with blue and white shades, and even today, the nautical decor feels incomplete. You can get curtains with a combination of their colors; even carpets are available, and big blue chairs and couches also add to the touch of the ocean.

3. Selection of Materials

Selection of Materials

It plays a big role in setting up a theme. Different types of materials elevate your space differently. For nautical decor, you can play around with warm colors and even wood textures. These help in balancing out the whites and blues. Remember, blue can overpower the setup! So, it is important for you to balance out with earthly or warm colors, especially sand-type shades.

4. Light and Bright

Light and Bright

Try keeping your space light and bright. Bring as much natural light as possible; in fact, keeping your curtains white will allow more light to enter your space. Nautical decor requires adequate light and good ventilation. Having huge windows will cater to what nautical decor actually demands. Artificial lights will add to the coastal feel.

5. Bring Nature Closer

Bring Nature Closer

Having floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of plants in your space, an aquarium, and some shells can make you feel at a beach instantly. For nautical decor, it is essential for you to be close to nature because if you need a coastal-inspired room or home, these can bridge the gap between your backyard and your room.

6. Maritime Wallpaper

Maritime Wallpaper

This will not break the bank but also give your home the space for nautical decor. You would agree that walls highlight your room to absolutely another level, and in case you find painting a full wall too risky, wallpaper can be just right for you. However, remember that doing too much can take your eyes away. Make sure that you’re highlighting only one wall.

7. Usage of Jute

Usage of Jute

This can indeed take you to a beach in one go. Instead of using metal rods for curtains, opt for ropes. Do not go for the usual wardrobes; choose something that has a touch of wood or jute. For nautical decor, you should be using a lot of jute and wood. Wall hangings made of wood and jute can also be a superb idea.

8. Accessorize With Everything Nautical

Accessorize With Everything Nautical

Place things like shells, miniature boats, sand, plants, and anything and everything that can relate to you with the nautical decor. You can also use a boat-shaped mattress and bed or opt for a bed sheet with pirates, boats, ships, and ships printed on it. This is the easiest way to elevate your space and bring nautical decor to your home!

Let’s Fall in Love with All Things Nautical

Nautical decor is such that it can suit any part of your home, even the bathroom and kitchen area. If you are a beach lover, why would you want to miss out on an opportunity to feel like being around a nautical area? However, in case you think that you might do extra and make your home look too loud, then isn’t that the challenge of balancing every aspect of interior designing? Trust us, if you are somebody who loves waking up around nature and if you feel like the sea is always calling you, that’s it! That’s your sign to go all out with nautical decor.

Dive into the colors of the ocean and fall in love with your nautical-style home!

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