How to Choose Colors for Nautical Decor

How to Choose Colors for Nautical Decor

Having a beachside home is a dream for god knows how many individuals. And why not when it looks so relaxing and soothing? However, what if someone tells you that you don’t always need to have a house by the beachside for such a relaxing and calming environment? Rather, one may create such an environment using nautical decor.

The nautical decor takes its inspiration from the sea, ships, and other ocean elements that help an individual create an ocean-like environment in their house interiors. It basically maximizes the use of natural elements like natural colors, including beige, white, brown, and natural light, to make the space look more realistic and appealing.

If you also find nautical decor tempting and want to introduce the same into your house design, then consider following this guide. We have honed some of the best nautical colors to give your space the perfect beach-side look.

How to Choose Colours for Nautical Decor

How to Choose Colours for Nautical Decor

Choosing the right colors is one of the most important aspects when it comes to accentuating the nautical decor of a place. Right shades help bring that seaside atmosphere easily.

However, one may wonder what colors are nautical. And how to pick the best nautical colors? Well, the answer to the same is quite simple. Imagine looking at a beach and analyze what are the common colors found in a beachy- atmosphere. Starting from the blues of the ocean to the white sky, the beige of the sand, and much more, all are nautical colors. Every color that one can see around the ocean is an example of nautical shade.

What Colours Are Best for Nautical Decor

Now, after understanding the palette of nautical colors, one may wonder how to add them to their living area. Worry not; we have got you covered. Let’s discuss some creative ways through which we can add these beautiful colors to your living space.

1. Blue


Blue is one of the first colors that comes to our mind when thinking of a beach. It looks bold, vibrant, and soothing.

However, there are several ways to teach this shade into your space to enhance your nautical door.

One can go for blue couches or sofas against a light background of white. Additionally, adding wall art and frames in blue shades with images or thematic representations of the sea can also do the job. These can be one of the easiest and quirky ways to add some nautical touch to your living space. To make it more dramatic, one can also go for blue walls. To add more richness, one can blend blue with other nautical shades or even go with the pairing of light and dark blue shades.

2. White


When it comes to nautical decor, one cannot simply afford to talk about white. They are the most preferred and one of the safest shades that one could think of. They go well with all kinds of colors and let the best come out of them.

One may introduce white to walls, window trims, interior doors, and several other areas. Also, if you don’t want this big commitment to go all white or if you’re looking to do more than walls and go beyond cliches, then consider adding white living accessories.

For instance, the introduction of white sheets, curtains, pillows, rugs, and throws can be a great idea to create nautical decor while being creative and safe at the same time.

3. Beige


Want something minimal yet chic and classy? Then why not consider introducing more beige hues to your space? The best part about this color is they are compatible with all kinds of areas, be it a bedroom, living room, dining room, and so on.

They can also be mixed with shades of white, giving you the nostalgia of seaside sand.

One can use the beige shade for accent walls or the whole room as well. Getting furniture of the same colors can help create a monochromatic look. Try getting the ceilings and floors done in white to complement the shade perfectly.

4. Teal


When it comes to creating a maritime kind of environment, the importance of teal shade can’t be simply ignored.

It is one of the most common colors that occurs in one’s mind while thinking of a beach or an ocean. This color offers a perfect blend of blue and white, offering the best of two worlds. What makes these shades unique is their versatility that they can be used for interiors as well as exterior design.

From painting your interior doors in this teal shade to introducing cabinets of the same color, the possibilities for introducing this shade for decor are endless.

5. Brown or Wooden

Brown or Wooden

Brown shades or wooden accessories are the best ways to give a nautical boost to spaces like the dining room. They make the space look more natural and lively. One can style thrift accessories like paintings, hanging arts, or wooden furniture like cabinets, tools, chairs, and much more.

Adding wooden frames or wooden boxes can also look quite appealing and interesting. While adding these accessories, one can enhance the sustainability and practicality of their place while also making it look chic and sophisticated at the same time.


If you’re a sea lover, the nautical decor is the best idea to give your living space an interesting and appealing touch. As discussed, adding nautical decor to a space isn’t very difficult. One simply needs to understand the importance of the right colors and accessories.

In addition to colors like white, blue, and brown, several other colors like red, sage green, and more can be introduced following one’s personal choices. Additionally, accessories like furniture, sheets, maps, wall art, and more give the space a more finished and polished look. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to gear up your artistic side and follow these sides for a perfect beachy look.

We hope at least some of these ideas inspired you. Also, comment below and let us know which ideas you’re going to use for your next decor project.

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