Bohemian living room interior 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

Is Bohemian Style Still Trending?

A bohemian style is one of the most popular decor ideas you can set up for your home. It can furnish your rooms with an aesthetic vibe. Besides these, it also assists you in enjoying a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, you might establish a positive and long-lasting impression on your guests.

Bohemian style includes several elements. Bringing a boho dining table in your dining area or a bohemian chair in your living room isn’t enough. It also requires a perfect interior setup, floor designs, wall patterns, and others.

After that, you can bring other additional items to complete the bohemian style. It includes plants, floral arrangements, LED lights, chandeliers, mirrors, and artwork. Still, one question is, “Is it worth it?”.

In this blog, you’ll discover whether the bohemian style is still trending in 2024. Setting up a bohemian style may not only influence your budget but also the maintenance.

What is a Bohemian Style?

What is a Bohemian Style?

A bohemian style or decor refers to the mixed expression of cultures and artistic vibes. A bohemian house may have exclusive colors, patterns, and interior designs.

To give your home a bohemian decor, you must consider several things. It includes wall designs, flooring plans, interiors, etc. After that, you can add features like lighting, plants, mirrors, etc.

This type of decoration can provide you with a comfortable life. In addition, it furnishes your home with an aesthetic vibe.

The mix of elements, rich textures, bold interiors, and fascinating additional elements are the main traits of a bohemian style.

Is It Still Trending in 2024?

Stylish room interior with beautiful potted cacti

Let’s face the moment of truth. Is the Bohemian decor still trendy or prevalent in 2024? The answer is “No”.

There are a lot of reasons. It takes enormous effort to furnish your home with a bohemian style. Thus, so many builders or professionals aren’t fans of bohemian decor. It’s also an expensive process.

So, the people with a minimal budget fail to create it. Even if they did, they failed to maintain it.

Setting up a bohemian decor also requires a high level of maintenance. The mix of elements can mess up the decoration without proper conservation.

The rise of minimal designs requiring less maintenance and budget replaces the bohemian style in 2024.

Reasons Why Bohemian Style Isn’t Trending Anymore

1. Expensive

Cozy hanging chair in the loft living room with stylish and bohemia design. Well designed and decorated with an assortment of interesting plants

Adopting a bohemian style in your home is an expensive approach. Sometimes, it exceeds your budget. Even if you create a minimal bohemian style home, it may not be worth enough.

A bohemian decor requires numerous elements. If you calculate their price, you’ll understand how costly it is. You have to work on perfect bold colors or wall patterns. Then, the interiors and flooring.

After that, you must bring boho-themed furniture, like a boho dining table, a bohemian chair, etc. In addition, the wicker, ethnic prints, and organic fabrics are also quite expensive.

If you’ve got a tight budget, then it’s recommended that you do not choose a bohemian style.

2. High Maintainance

Comfortable bathroom with interior design in boho chic style, bathtub, vintage commode with mirror, wicker armchair, fluffy carpet and green houseplants in flowerpots

Imagine you’ve exceeded your budget or taken a loan to create a bohemian-style home. What about the maintenance? Setting up a bohemian-style home isn’t enough; it requires enough maintenance.

The walls, floors, and interiors may need weekly preservation. This type of home consists of mixed elements. Thus, the conservation process isn’t an easy task.

Without proper maintenance, the home might lose its glow. In addition, it won’t convey a vibrant look. You must also consider the additional elements, like mirrors, artwork, and plants.

Furnishing a bohemian-style home may look fascinating, but at the same time, it’s stressful.

3. House Look Messed Up

Bohemian living room interior 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and light blue colored wall

A bohemian-style home depends on its several features. It includes the interior design, floor planning, and wall color or pattern. It’s not enough. You’ve to add additional features for a fascinating final touch. It’s quite a hectic task.

According to experts, a bohemian-style home can cause a mess to beautiful interior designs and patterns. It can arise due to a lack of maintenance and the scattering of baskets or bins.

Arranging plants might cause disruptions. Similarly, multiple artwork, mirrors, or other elements can hide the real shade of the wall’s color.

Implementing a bohemian-style home is luxurious but can mess up your decoration without proper arrangements.

4. People’s Desire to Move into Minimalism

Nice living room in a house in Spain. Green backyard is in the back.

A few years before, bohemian decor was a trend. People used to find this decoration approach quite fascinating. It furnishes their home with a luxurious vibe and establishes a long-lasting impression.

However, at present, it’s losing its trend. It’s not only an expensive process to set up a bohemian-style home, but it also includes restless maintenance.

Nowadays, people opt for minimal design themes. It’s because it’s a pocket-friendly option. You don’t have to embrace additional elements.

You only need to consider the interiors, wall designs, or floor patterns. You don’t have to commit to a hard conservation activity.

5. Rise of New Trends

Modern living room setup with classic parquet floor. Furnished with light gray sofa, blue arm chair with wooden frame, modern blue ceiling lamp, wooden coffee table and gray carpet.

First, the bohemian style is a fascinating choice for decorating your home. However, it’s not an easy practical approach. You have to go through a lot of hectic activities. Meanwhile, at present, several other styles are capturing the market.

In addition, people are getting fond of them. It’s because these approaches don’t cost much and also require low maintenance.

These styles include eclectic-style homes, traditional homes, Scandinavian-style homes, etc. Apart from that, French country style, English country style, Spanish style, and ranch-style houses are also gaining popularity among the people.

You may not need excessive elements to set up these types of homes. That’s why they are becoming trendy.

Summing It Up

The bohemian style decor is an innovative approach. It can give your home a vibrant look and convey an aesthetic vibe. However, it might exceed your budget.

Apart from that, you’ve to choose a strict maintenance process. Without it, your house can look like a mess. For these reasons, the bohemian style isn’t trending anymore.

In the meantime, people are getting fond of minimal designs. It includes Spanish-style, Scandinavian-style, English country-style, French-style homes, etc.

It’s because they don’t need additional items for decorations. In addition, people are choosing a budget-friendly home with low maintenance.

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