Can Plants or Greenery Be Used as Part of Stairs Landing Decor

Can Plants or Greenery Be Used as Part of Stairs Landing Decor?

Can greenery be used in home interiors? Yes! Can it be used on Stair landing decor? Again, Yes! But not just because of what you may think. Yep! It’s a lot more than just freshness and positivity. Also, there are multiple unique ways in which you can use greenery as a part of your stairs landing decor.

Gone are the days when decorating stairs landing space was just about placing a few small plants on the first and the last step. Now, it’s a whole lot better and more creative than that. This blog is here to offer you some amazing ways to use green plants on your stair landing decor.

Read on further to unveil the creative ways.

Best Ways to Utilize Green Plants on Stair Landing Decor

So, the matter of fact is that over time, green plants have become crucial in modern home interior decor. Not only do green plants create a minimalist, fresh interior, but they also balance the interior decor. So, let’s release the whole excitement you’ve been holding onto for so long.

1. Vertically Hanging Planters

Vertically Hanging Planters

This method of installing green plants on your stairs landing decor not only utilizes the otherwise vacant space but also doesn’t take up too much space. These types of green plants hang from the ceiling just above the stairs landing space. While installing hanging planters, you can opt for small, low-maintenance plants or go for lavish plants that fall off the pot and create a chandelier-type look.

2. Wall Garden

Wall Garden

This way of utilizing green plants is most trendy nowadays. You must have seen this kind of wall garden, where a full wall is covered in green leafy plants or patterns of different plants, creating an interesting, eye-catching decor piece while giving the necessary freshness. However, the Wall garden appears to be the most eye-pleasing; it does require some expert skills to install, and it cannot be easily shifted around, unlike other plant decor ideas.

3. Statement Planters

Statement Planters

Statement planters are basically uniquely stylized pots that you can place on your stairs landing space. The main purpose of using statement planters is that they become a good centerpiece on your stair’s landing area. Thus drawing a balanced focus on all the interior decor. You can even match the statement planters as per your other interior decor theme. For instance, if you have metallic accents in your home, using metal planters will work best.

4. Creepers and Climbers

Creepers and Climbers

These types of plants look best if you have a basic staircase railing. Creepers and climbers remove the plain look of your staircase area and create a fresh look for your home interiors. Climbers wrap themselves around the railing, while creepers fall down the stair’s edge and create an aesthetic look for your stair landing space. Creepers and climbers are one of the premium indoor plant types preferred by most interior decor artists.

5. Candles with Green Foliage on Staircases

Candles with Green Foliage on Staircases

This is another crafty way to use green plants in the staircase landing area. The whole idea of using candles with green plants is the mesmerizing harmony of green and yellows. Using heavy foliage plants with floating candles on alternate steps can give a soothing atmosphere to your indoors. Also, during evening hours, if your staircases have candles, it will save the hassle of installing another set of lighting.

6. Pots only Staircases

Pots only Staircases

This is one of the chic and modern staircase landing space decor ideas. This type of decor idea works when your house has a staircase with no railings. In that case, you can create an illusion of railing using potted plants on the edges of the stairs. This gives a sense of having a railing/edge without actually installing one.

7. Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Although it is a fact that indoor plants require very little care, they can be a task for people who don’t know anything about managing the plants. This is the kind of decor item that comes in handy when you don’t have the time or desire to take care of your indoor plants. Artificial grass can be placed both on the stairs landing space or the staircase wall. This way, you won’t have to maintain the plants while your home decor will get the clean, green look you wish for.


So yes! Plants or greenery can be used as a part of stair landing decor. And the best part is this type of decor is dynamic. Not only can you change the look and placement of plants at your convenience, but the plants are constantly growing and changing shapes.

So imagine you installed a small hanging plant on your staircase landing decor, and after a week, there’s a beautiful green chandelier waiting for you. Crazy good, right?

So we hope you can decide on what kind of staircase landing decor appeals to you the most.

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