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Happy Tuesday my friends!  Remember in December when I introduced BeautyKind and my charity of choice, The Edible Schoolyard Project?  Well  I’ve had a chance to start trying out some of the products they stock and have found a few that I’m head over heels for!  In 2013 I played around with cutting shampoo and conditioner out of my life– and while I loved some of the perks that came with it, I eventually tired of smelling like apple cider vinegar and felt like my hair was drying out.  So I happily went back to shampoo and conditioner and haven’t looked back!  Below are the three that I’m loving the most as of late, and a little bit about each!  I think buying beauty products online can be intimidating, and it’s hard to know what to expect.  I usually rely on reviews or the recommendations of friends- so I hope this helps!    xx- Sarah


Sans Ceuticals nourishing hair wash: Free of artificial fragrances, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial dyes, artificial colors and animal testing (YAY!)  This shampoo has a light scent that smells so fresh and clean- I love that it’s not overwhelming when you’re using it but it still smells amazing.  I found the littlest amount goes a long way (I also only wash my bangs and the hair at my scalp to keep from drying out my ends).  This shampoo feels like its moisturizing while cleaning- which is great because I find shampoos to be a little drying at times.  (sign up for BeautyKind here, purchase this product here)

Teadora nourishing conditioner:  This antioxidant and vitamin rich conditioner promises stronger, shinier, moisture infused hair- and I found it to be great at helping with detangling (which is a major issue for me) and it also helped my locks feel smooth!  It smells delicious – woodsy with a hint of floral- a bit stronger than I generally prefer but because it’s a more masculine scent I love it.  (sign up for BeautyKind here, purchase this product here)

Gloss Modern high-gloss masque:  Free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride.  This is my favorite hair mask that I’ve ever tried- it turned my hair to silk instantly!  I use it on days when I’ve neglected brushing and have a giant rats nest  (sorry Grandma!) and it works wonders!  It leaves my hair silky and so great for a blow-dry.  I’m a huge fan- and it smells like heaven!   (sign up for BeautyKind here, purchase this product here)

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  1. Monica|

    I love the first image of your hair Sarah! That is THE hair that every girl aims for ; )!

    Pinterest – welcome to your next ‘most pinned hair’.

    Good luck with the big move! And happy weekend!

    Monica x

  2. e|

    These sound really good, would love to try them. fyi – a shower filter is really helpful in keeping hair from drying out – skin too.