no bad days

a few weeks ago i was at the griffith observatory waiting for my friends and eaves dropping on a grandfather and his grandson (in my defense, we were sharing a wall!).  the grandson had broken his parent’s ipad screen and was devastated. he was worried about getting in trouble, beating himself up over it and generally just feeling miserable.

the grandfather was this amazing man who said all the best things to calm the kiddo down- reminding him that everyone, young and old, breaks things. that life isn’t about ipads, that this hurt he’s feeling is only temporary. he was saying it almost the way i would imagine buddha saying it, with so much love and compassion. but the kid couldn’t shake it off. he was sobbing. eventually i interrupted their conversation, apologized for eaves dropping and told the little boy that they can probably have it repaired at the apple store, that i’d just googled it and it’s totally fixable. and then the grandfather continued to try to console him with all the right messages. i learned so much from listening to that grandfather, he was amazing and all of his words to this heart broken little boy could be applied to my grown up problems too. 

they got up to leave while i was still waiting, and i told them to “have a good day!”.  the old man responded with full sincerity and sweetness- “every day is a good day”.  the thing is, i know he meant it.  whatever might come at  him, he’s able to fully appreciate each of his days on this planet, to see the big picture- that even life’s most brutal lessons are gift. it was such an inspiration to me i just had to share (i even added it to my vision board).  happy tuesday my friends!  image source : brian vu

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  1. cianne|

    That was the perfect thing to read right now. Amidst a ton of unnecessary stress, the wise words of that man have put a twist on my mood.

  2. Lindley|

    This is one of the many reasons I come to your blog every day – the design and photography are truly beautiful, but it also always leaves me with such a nice feeling…the story of your childhood, the meaning of a home, the divine doggies – thanks, Sarah.

  3. Michelle|

    I love this story. It reminds me of my grandfather who was a lovely wise and kind man. I hope all grandpas are like this – no what is important in life.

  4. LaTrelle|

    Boy, was this message needed in my world today. I was hit with two disappointments before my first cup of coffee and felt a slight descent into the valley upon me. Thanks to that grandfather for the message and your eavesdropping for it's delivery.

  5. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone! glad this story was as uplifting as the experience was for me! @geri, that is awfully sweet. 🙂 xo

  6. Aubrey|

    I just jumped over from Vmac and Cheese and I'm thanking my lucky stars that I did (c; I'm taking a short break from cleaning up little kiddie puke and thinking to myself how much I hate public schools…and then I read this and it all doesn't seem so important or awful anymore…today is still a good day. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, I needed it. (c:

  7. sarah yates|

    @aubrey- i'm so glad it could help you through a tough moment! hang in there mama!

  8. Dana McDowell|

    I knew a man that had this same perspective on life! He would come into my work (B&N) every so often, always with a smile on his face. His joy definitely challenged me to change my attitude, to see for myself that every day really is beautiful.

  9. SUZY|

    That has just made me turn around my thinking today…..I was feeling impatient not wanting to do the things I need to do, now I feel very Zen and appreciative of every moment – thanks for sharing!

  10. jennifer elizabeth|

    i read this post while listening to "how to stop worrying and start living" by dale carnegie. really none of the stuff we let ruin our precious time on this planet really matters. thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.

  11. Debbie Baker Burns|

    This gave me chills! That's the sort of person I am aspiring to be. People like that…and I know one or two…are amazing. Debbie @

  12. Meredith|

    This is so beautiful and sweet–what a gift for you to have heard it. I posted this link to my FB so that I can remember it forever and visit it when I’m feeling the weight of bad days. XO