Strawberry Hibiscus Rum Punch


Hello my friends, happy Monday!  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I enlisted the help of my genius partner in crime Farra, to help me come up with a gorgeous holiday cocktail for you (and then style it out for me to photograph of course)!  Isn’t it the prettiest?  And the hibiscus are such a festive and delicious ingredient- I’ve never used them before but I’m now officially obsessed.  Like Bubba obsessed:  fried hibiscus, hibiscus kabobs, hibiscus scampi, hibiscus soup.  Hahahaha!  Ok, gotta get back to packing but one last thing before I do-  my Joss & Main sale ends tomorrow so pop over if you haven’t already!!  xx- Sarah

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Strawberry Hibiscus Rum Punch

Yield: 4-6 cocktails

Strawberry Hibiscus Rum Punch


  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 cup of dried hibiscus (find it here)
  • 7 tablespoons honey (more to taste)
  • white rum
  • strawberries
  • coconut sugar
  • petals to garnish (optional)


  • - Bring 3 cups of water and hibiscus to a low boil, reduce heat to simmer until a deep pink color.
  • - Remove from heat, add honey, taste and adjust sweetness to your preference. Strain and cool hibiscus water.
  • - Spread coconut sugar on a small plate. Dip rim of serving glasses in hibiscus water, and dip rims in coconut sugar.
  • - To serve, muddle 2 strawberries,fill glass with ice and add 1 oz of rum for a short cocktail and 2 oz for a tall. Add hibiscus water and taste. Adjust alcohol to your preference.
  • - Garnish with steeped hibiscus/ pink petals. Serve and enjoy!


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Reader Comments

  1. Ale|

    Love you’re idea! I have an obsession with hibiscus. Just love the combination of strawberry and hibiscus, but I make it as agua fresca or ice pops! Never thought of adding booz! Hahah

  2. AM|

    Strawberries just came into season here in FL – this is added to the top of my list on more ways to use them! Yum!