The day has come, we’re leaving our Palm Springs dream home today!  Bean and Nugget’s faces say it all- we’re apprehensive of what’s to come.  We’ll miss this place and we’ll be a little displaced for the next couple of weeks while we sort out our living situation.  BUT, what Bean and Nugget’s faces do not say is that we’re SO excited to join our friends in San Diego, to keep house hunting until we find our gem, to see what the future brings!!  Wish us luck!  I’ll be  back on Friday with links for your weekend!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Marcia|

    HAPPY moving day! Now, if you could tell me precisely how you got those cuties to sit still for a photo and/or come photograph my trouble makers 😉 Granted, we are renovating (spackle is the word of the week), not moving, but still — the photo is precious!

  2. Kelly|

    Good luck on your move Sarah! My husband and I live in Point Loma and love it there! We’re just outside of downtown with the water a mile away from us on both sides! just an idea of a great places to look for your new home!

  3. Denise|

    Makes me sad. We love Palm Springs, and spend time down there a couple times throughout the year. Are you going to rent out your place?

  4. Kate|

    Change is good! Enjoy the move and the setting-up and settling-in when it comes to that! And HOORAY for Bean and Nugget pics again! More please!
    ps. our friends have a mini-Bean look-alike named Lulu – a border collie / dachshund mix obsessed with fetch! the instagram link should be to a photo of her 🙂

  5. Emily -- The Rossetto Blog|

    That picture is so great! Adorable yet captures so many things about the day, I’m sure. You’ll be living in a great spot, however! I was there over Christmas and am very jealous of the climate you’ll be enjoying, day in/day out!

  6. Myrna|

    My husband just received military orders to San Diego, I’m really nervous about being in California but I’m excited about their beaches. Maybe one day i will bump into ya and these two nuggets! Safe travels and best of luck on finding a place.


  7. Jenny|

    So great!! Did you sell the PS house or will it be for rent? I think I remember you saying it would be yes? We need a new getaway in the desert so I hope so!!

  8. Mary|

    Your dogs look so cute.
    Good luck with your move. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  9. Gracie M.|

    It is very nice that you are moving to a place that you really like! I wish you all the best! For thr dogs it will be quite stressful but they’ll be fine too! My dog had very hard time since we moved to another city before 3 months but he is getting used to the neighborhood already! Best wishes!