About Us



Thanks for stopping by!   I’m Sarah {Yates} Mora, a photographer who fancies herself a chef, style maven, interior designer, world traveler and dog stylist.  I’m married to an amazing man, Lou Mora, who is also a photographer and together we’re parenting two mischievous and unbearably adorable dogs Ruca (Bean) and Eleanor (Nugget).  We live in a Spanish home in San Diego, CA where the sun shines most days and life is quite lovely  most of the time.

A House in the Hills started when we were all living in the hills in LA.  I was working like a madwoman and looking for a creative outlet to give me an excuse to focus more time on the things I’m passionate about.  It quickly grew and I’m now so thrilled that it’s become my full time adventure.   Lou contributes by photographing my personal style posts and photographing our travel escapades.  He also keeps my head on straight.

If you’re interested in partnering with A House in the Hills, please reach us at hello@ahouseinthehills.com.  We are always looking for fun ways to collaborate.  Please note, we do not do product reviews and we currently do not accept guest posts.  Thanks for your interest!  xx- Sarah