vacation style 2

back to milos!  i’m still going through some of the photos, and i look at them anytime i’m completely overwhelmed with work…it’s my escape.  i can still feel the sun, smell the sea, taste the fresh tomatoes.   

here’s an outfit i wore for a date night.  i love this dress for greece, it’s the color of the sea!  and that bun- made possible with one of these genius things.  and yes, that lipstick is the one i mentioned here.  

stay tuned friends, i have a travel giveaway coming up next week!  it’s my first ever giveaway, i’ve been waiting for the right fit to come along and i think this is the one! 

dress: geren ford (a few years old), shoes: seven for all mankind (similar), clutch: lauren merkin, bracelet, jcrew

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  1. sarah yates|

    thanks so much paige! i blow dry them down and then run a flat iron through them quickly, once. it took me a solid year to get it right (and re-train my widows peak to lay flat). i trim them myself so the upkeep isn't hard. my only trick for trimming is to barely BARELY trim anything, and then keep doing that until they're the length you want. and use hair scissors (although i think i lasted for two solid years using cuticle trimmers) 🙂

  2. Krysta|

    Love the look! That dress is so lovely (Geren Ford gets it right)! Would you possibly post some sort of hair tutorial for that bun?? I can never get them right!

  3. Julie|

    I seriously love that dress! The color and construction are both so beautiful. Perfect for Greece, too…blue and white forever!

  4. paige|

    oh hey gorgeous! you always put together the loveliest looks! from the shoes to the lipstick! always an inspiration to me. question for you…any tips for keeping bangs so perfect? is it the way you have them cut? or how you care for them? i dig bangs on myself, but the upkeep is always a bummer.