Family Room

Hello hello!!!  I’m so excited to start sharing some of our fully completed home today with more coming this week, just a short 2.5 years after we bought our house and started the remodel process!  HA!  These things take time my friends, a lot of time, especially when you throw in a budget and a pandemic.  What an adventure!  But let’s dig into this room.  Originally it was functioning as a guest bedroom- a completely minimal but functional one.  Basically a mattress on the floor If I’m being transparent. And all was well and fine until our friend Nok Nok Design shared that he’d just added this iconic vintage couch to his collection and I promptly blew up his phone.  I’ve been obsessed with said couch FOR DECADES and before we even knew where we would put it I’d claimed it as my own.  That was really the true leaping off point for the room.  We couldn’t fit my dream couch AND a bed so a family room was born!  I worked in partnership with my forever favorite Room & Board to transform the space and as usual it was like the best Christmas ever when the truck arrived to deliver these beautiful goods.  I cannot say enough good things about the company- the quality of their pieces is unmatched and their company ethos fully aligns with my own.  Love, love love Room & Board and have for years.  So extra excited to share this all with you!  Click through to see more and for a full list of sources.  Thanks so much for reading!

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Coyuchi- the dreamiest organic bedding

Hi everyone!  I’m here today to share a little peek into our bedroom, and introduce you (if you don’t already know and love them), to Coyuchi– a maker of organically produced and ethically sourced home goods that I KNOW you will adore!  They were so kind to send us bedding for Teo’s bunks and I was so envious of his situation that it became a little ridiculous.  Picture me snuggled in blanket forts hiding from my family and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what was happening, on the regular.  SO, I’m very happy to say they swooped in and made my bedding dreams come true with the softest, most luxurious and cozy bed situation we’ve ever had so that I am no longer a disappearing mama.  OK fine I’m still disappearing whenever I get the chance but at least it’s to my own bed.

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San Diego Final Home Tour 2.0

Hi friends!  It’s been awhile since I’ve updated with where we’re at with our renovation, and I want to write a long and detailed post about the experience but I also want to be on the other side of it when I do.  For right now we are two weeks from moving out of our San Diego house and a little more than five weeks from the end of construction on the Ojai house.  It’s been a wild ride but the end is FINALLY in sight!  Renovation fatigue is a real thing though my friends, and I’m feeling it hard.  I can’t wait to share it all with you soon, and I know it will be worth all of the efforts and headaches!  In the meantime like an actual crazy wackadoo I re-styled and photographed our San Diego home.  I didn’t re-style and re-shoot just for kicks though, it was for a feature on one of my most favorite design sites, MyDomaine, if that makes my insanity any more understandable!

Our bedroom is the most dramatic makeover- that partnership with Room & Board helped us completely reimagine the space and I am IN LOVE!  I’m sharing the whole tour here too because I’m feeling sentimental and I want record of this pretty space one last time before we bid adieu.  For the record it looks NOTHING like this now- there are piles of boxes everywhere, we’ve sold some major pieces of furniture and if I’m being honest I don’t think we’ve dusted or even done more than a light cleaning in a full month.  Ooof.  These photos are making me long for a sparkling clean, fully decorated and cozy house.  One day, one day it will happen again and I can’t wait!   I spent extra time on this post trying to include every single source I could think of so hopefully it’s good inspiration and a great resource.  If there is something I missed please ask me in the comments and I’ll respond.  I hope you love it!!  xx- Sarah

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Spotlight: Room & Board

Hi friends!  Today I’m here to talk about one of my most favorite places to shop for furniture and home decor, Room & Board!  Let me start by saying with full transparency that I’m producing this post in trade for items for our new house and a shoot I did for our San Diego house, so this is a sponsored post.  But you should also know that I’m a longtime fan of Room & Board– I’ve been wandering around their stores fantasizing about a grown-up life filled with beautiful furnishings since I decided I’d had enough of being a broke 20 something and started to imagine what life outside of Ikea could possibly look like!  In fact, one of the first big purchases Lou and I made as a couple was a set of bookshelves for our LA home in 2011.  I remember distinctly the day their beautifully branded delivery truck arrived-  I felt like I had “arrived”, like all of the hard work and long hours we’d sunk into our businesses had truly paid off!  I think many of us have those moments throughout our lives as we accomplish different goals, as we grow into adulthood, more fully into ourselves, more fully into the life we imagined and worked so hard for.  Room & Board has been a part of that for me, so I’m excited to introduce the company to those of you who may not be familiar, to show you some of my favorite pieces, and to tell you a bit about a few more reasons why this company speaks to me on many, many levels!

Hudson Vanity  // Halifax Candle Holders  //   Cloak Table Lamp  // Reclaimed Wood Bubble Stool  //  Case Study Planter  // Grove Bookcase  //  Hanneman Stool  //  Darby Stool  //  Cadence Carafes  //  Ashby Dresser //  Waverly Bunk Bed  //  Penrose Vase Planter

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Mandy Moore’s Dining Room Featuring Our Sal Print!

Hi my friends!  I hope those of you stateside had a great holiday weekend!  Ours was mellow, and cozy and just the right mix of friends/adventure and good food!  I hope you all had just as much goodness, if not more!  I have a recipe post coming up for you this week, and some interior inspiration that I think you’ll love, but I’m popping in today to share this gorgeous photo of Mandy Moore’s living room (an outtake from the Architecture Digest cover story)!!  Our sweet friend Sarah Sherman Samuel is the genius behind the design, and was kind enough to introduce Mandy to this photo that Lou took before we officially added it to our print shop late last year.  We waited months to see the enormous print styled, and my jaw hit the ground when that moment finally arrived.  What a stunning dining space, right!?  EEEEK!  A true pinch-us moment!  We couldn’t be more excited to see our print in such an amazing space!  I strongly recommend you do your eyes a favor and head to Sarah’s blog to see all the tours of this incredible house, and watch this video  of Mandy giving a home tour- you’ll be left fantasizing about a mid century dream home for daysssss).  More soon!  xx- Sarah  {Photo by Trevor Tondro}


Polished Concrete VS. Maple Floors, Make up My Mind for Me Please

I spotted this house tour on Sight Unseen and was immediately taken with it’s clean modern design, and functional simplicity.  The neutral palette makes my heart sing.  And I couldn’t love the dining room chairs more- natural leather is one of my most favorite materials and it pairs so well with the concrete floors!  Which brings me to what this post is reallly about.  Concrete floors.   I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect maple floors for our new home and in my research found out that engineered hardwood floors are made with all kinds of nasty chemicals that off-gas and are a health hazard.  WHAT?!  Not all of them are so toxic, but the green products that I’ve found are twice as expensive as a comparable non-green option I had my eyes on.  I had my heart set on hardwood but now that I’m looking at this house I’m revisiting the idea of concrete.  We had concrete floors in our Palm Springs house and it was so nice- cool during the hot summer months and easy to keep clean.  Plus they’re pretty much indestructible- which is a big deal when there’s a toddler hurricane residing in your home.  It’s a completely different look than the light maple I was planning on but it’s verrrry tempting!  What do you think?  Should we splurge for the green engineered hardwood or save our budget for the million other things we could spend on in the house and go with beautiful polished concrete?  Anyone with kids have concrete floors and love or hate them?  I do have a fear about Teo bonking his head on the concrete.  Ughhhh.  Would love to hear your thoughts!  xx- Sarah  {photos by Pippa Drummond}