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15 Ideas to Refresh Your Home with Contemporary Decor

It can take a lot of work to decorate a house, especially if you’re doing it from top to bottom. But if you don’t know where to start, even sprucing up a spare spot might become unpleasant. For confusing situations like these, it is always useful to have some design inspiration saved. Every homeowner aspires to have an attractive interior space that leaves a positive first impression on visitors.

Here are 15 methods to dazzle visitors with a contemporary and modern interior design to help you leave a lasting impression.

1. Decorate with Large Plants

Purple chair against a dark blue wall Plants in tubs

Plants are an excellent way to make your house stand out, whether kept inside or out. Use tall plants as accent pieces in your home decor to make a statement. For example, place a couple of huge plants at the entrance or in the living room.

2. Incorporate Unique Designs

Africa Shaped Coffee Table

Consider investing in a customized piece of furniture with a truly unique design. Make it the focal point of your home design and place it in an area where your guests will notice it. You may, for example, revamp your living area with a zigzag-shaped bookcase or an unusually formed coffee table. These artistic elements will undoubtedly inspire and impress your guests.

3. Create an Interesting Display

Create an Interesting Display

Create a visually appealing display of books or accessories. Choose open shelves to keep all of your favorite items in order, as it also adds a fantastic look to the space. You can also make a wall full of photos to add a personal touch by displaying your favorite collection of photographs.

4. Mix-n-Match


It’s not just about mixing prints and patterns but also different styles, shapes, and sizes. If you have enough living room space, experiment with various seating options and blend styles such as old, Scandinavian, or classic with pop art. Aside from that, you can use an exciting palette of spring-inspired hues and combine them with geometric patterns via furnishings or wallpapers.

5. Add Big Pieces of Modern Art

Add Big Pieces of Modern Art

One way to decorate a contemporary room is to add a piece of modern or abstract art. Contemporary art makes a significant visual impact in your room with its bright colors and sense of calm. Natural colors like light gray, cream and light brown make a beautiful background for soft furniture that can be moved around. A dining room in a contemporary home with gray walls and contemporary abstract art in blazing reds and oranges might be a terrific approach to enhance the space’s appearance. Dining chairs made of wood with cushions and cleanly finished hardwood tables are also options.

6. Highlight the Walls

Highlight the Walls

If you are not interested in repainting your walls, go for digital wallpapers with images, prints, and patterns to accentuate any space in your home. Wall decorations are simple to find online and come in various designs, making it quicker and simpler to switch things up. Kids’ rooms look beautiful with blackboard paint, and you can even hang educational maps on the walls.

7. Use Throws to Soften Up Sleek Furniture

Use Throws to Soften Up Sleek Furniture

Many homes are filled with fantastic modern furniture but aren’t always cozy to sit on. If a room in your home could use some added comfort, you may want to consider bringing in some plush blankets and pillows for that area. At first glance, these pieces may appear out of place, but once they are included, you will never want to remove them again.

8. Give Your Ceilings Some Love

Give Your Ceilings Some Love

Don’t limit yourself to just decorating the walls and floors! The ceiling also plays a vital role in adding depth and dimension to your space.

The top part of your space might be changed by painting it or adding a few lights. And if you don’t mind taking on a more complicated project, you can always line your ceiling with something with texture, like wood paneling.

9. Reupholster Your Stairs

Reupholster Your Stairs

If you’re looking for a less common approach to alter the look of your home, consider this: you can make a statement with the upholstery you use on your staircase. While steps made of a hardwood may have a more modern appearance, upholstered stairs are more likely to be warm and inviting. In addition to that, they will give your foyer a unique look.

10. Invest in a Bar Cabinet

Invest in a Bar Cabinet

Bar carts are a classy and convenient way to store all your favorite beverages. If, on the other hand, you want to do something a little less typical, you could think about purchasing a bar cabinet instead. Since bar cabinets are typically quite large, you’ll have plenty of space to keep all your items, regardless of how simple or bold you design yours to be.

11. Use Reflective Surfaces to your Advantage

Use Reflective Surfaces to your Advantage

As you know, reflective surfaces tend to create an illusion of expansion. This is a valuable feature for compact spaces and small residences. Mirrors in spectacular frameworks along the walls, standing alone on floors, or even on the baroque ceiling can be used to add a touch of contemporary home decor. Mirrors, glass panels, and reflective decor can also be used in minimalist homes. They refract light, making the house appear larger and tidier.

12. Add Some Glitz

Add Some Glitz

Adding sparkle items such as crystal accents, bronze furniture, or ornamental pieces made of brass or stainless steel is a great way to spruce up your contemporary home decor. Awe, your visitors as soon as they walk through the door with these spectacular interior design ideas.

13. Hang Your Drapes From Ceiling to Floor

Hang Your Drapes From Ceiling to Floor

Draping curtains from the ceiling creates an optical illusion of height and gives any room an instant dramatic boost. And if you really want to make an impression, hang some drapes in a bold color to draw everyone’s attention.

14. Hang Pendant Lights

Hang Pendant Lights

The quality of lighting may make or break a well-designed space. The proper lighting is essential if you want to amaze your guests with your home’s interior decor. Light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, such as pendant lamps, are ideal for contemporary homes. However, while selecting pendant lighting, it is essential to choose a fixture with a unique and eye-catching style that draws the eye upward.

15. Consider a Neutral Color Palette

The interiors of modern buildings are open and airy. The rooms are bright and airy, and the furnishings are contemporary. Typical paint schemes include accent colors and a palette of light, neutral hues.

Consider a Neutral Color Palette


Designing a modern bedroom is all about creating a functional and beautiful space where you can rest and relax after a long day. When planning your modern bedroom makeover, remember the importance of high-quality materials, streamlined furniture, opulent bedding, layered textures, and thoughtful color selections.

Whether you are drawn to soothing neutrals or want to go wild with color and pattern, these modern bedroom ideas will help you create the snug retreat of your dreams.

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