What are the sister companies of Wayfair?

What Are the Sister Companies of Wayfair?

Are you planning to redecorate your dream home with various home goods and furnishings? But confused about whom to contact for.

Well, then, worry no more! Wayfair is the right platform to go for! It is a popular e-commerce platform that has established itself as a leading destination for various goods for your homes.

And the best part is that it’s not the only super popular store that helps people stay classy or stylish. It carries all its other sister companies that contribute to its diversified offerings and services.

However, these sister companies make Wayfair a cool place to find all kinds of things for your home. It’s a one-stop solution for your lovely home where they add more choices and ensure something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s deep dive into the various sister companies associated with Wayfair and look into their contributions to the broader home goods industry.

What Are the Sister Companies of Wayfair?

Below are the top 6 sister companies of Wayfair listed:

1. AllModern


Have you before heard about AllModern? Well, it is a part of the Wayfair family, which focuses on making your home look completely modern and cool.

They sell trendy furniture and various home decor items for people who like a sleek and stylish vibe in their living spaces.

However, from sofas to different lighting, AllModern has a range of items that keep up with the latest design trends, making it a go-to choice for those who want a modern touch in their homes.

2. Joss & Main

Wayfair Professional

The next platform that plays a tremendous role in Wayfair’s success is Joss & Main. It is one of the other sister companies that brings a complete touch of class and fancy to your home.

Along with its beauty, it gives sophisticated furniture and decoration that cater to people who like a mix of timeless and trendy pieces.

Moreover, if you want your dreamy home to look elegant and stylish, Joss & Main has curated various collections just right for you.

3. Perigold


Do you want a luxurious home? Well, immediately choose Perigold, one of Wayfair’s other sister companies.

Whether you love high-end decor or just a touch of premium furniture look, Perigold is the perfect place to go.

They offer top-quality and supremely stylish pieces that add a touch of luxury to your home. However, Perigold caters to those who taste the finer things in life, from designer furniture to exclusive accessories.

4. Birch Lane

Birch Lane

How about adding some amazing classical and traditional styles to your home? You can do it by adding some spectacular and conventional home furnishings.

However, move on to the next sister company, Birch Lane, to make this happen in one go. They offer an outstanding range of pieces that have a classic touch for those who genuinely prefer a more traditional look for their home.

Overall, you can say that starting from furniture to all varieties of home decor, Birch Lane brings a perfect sense of complete style to your living space.

5. Wayfair Professional

Wayfair Professional

Well, do not get confused with the name “Wayfair Professional”! You might be thinking that Wayfair and Wayfair Professional are the same. But guess what?

Wayfair Professional is one of Wayfair’s sister companies that supplies to various businesses and professionals.

Whether you are an interior designer or in any other industry, Wayfair Professional provides a wide collection of furniture and services to meet your specific requirements. All you can say is that it’s a permanent solution for all things related to making commercial spaces look good.

Simultaneously, they ensure that professionals can find what they need to create a cozy, stylish, and functional environment.

6. Wayfair UK

Wayfair UK

Last, Wayfair UK is another sister company that brings Wayfair’s experiences to the United Kingdom. They ensure everyone in the UK can access a diverse range of home goods with the same convenience and reliability that Wayfair is known for.

However, from furniture to decorative items, Wayfair UK expands its offerings to suit the local market, ensuring that outsiders or Foreign customers can find the perfect items to make their homes super comfortable and stylish.


All in all, Wayfair has many sister companies that help it sell things for homes well. And we have also come across those platforms very well in this guide.

These companies offer different styles like modern, fancy, and classic. However, Wayfair can make many people happy with what they like.

As Wayfair keeps growing, these sister companies work together to ensure people worldwide can get the best things they need to make their beloved space look nice.

Moreover, the Wayfair family works together very well, showing they care about giving good choices and making it easy for every customer to buy things for their home.

So, prepare to ensure your home has some good stuff that your guests like and can afford!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Companies Are Owned by Wayfair?

Wayfair has a vast operation in Europe and North America. Over 14,0000 people are associated with this diversified company. Its family includes brands like Joss & Main, Birch Lane, AllModern, Perigold, and Wayfair Professional.

What Was Wayfair Formerly Known As?

Formerly, Wayfair was known as CSN Stores in late 2011. Then, it changed its name to Wayfair.com.

Is Wayfair a Successful Company?

Yes, definitely! Because, especially during pandemics, Wayfair saw a huge boom in revenue. It increased by 54% in 2020, 46% higher than the 2 yeast preceding it. But in 2021, it struggled to maintain the same volume.

Who is Wayfair’s Biggest Competitor?

Being one of the best online platforms, Wayfair has many competitors, such as Amazon, Asley Furniture, IKEA, Walmart, Williams-Sonoma Inc., Target, Costco, and many more.

What is Wayfair Famous For?

Wayfair is famous for selling various furniture and home itineraries online. Being one of the best e-commerce platforms, it looks after its customers’ choices and requirements. That is why most of the customers prefer Wayfair.

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