Mid-Century Earth Tone Office

17 Stylish Mid-Century Modern Home Office Ideas

Are you looking for an office décor that could be a timeless choice? Your office decor has to be creative and motivate your daily challenges. If you are a great fan of some ancient designs, you can bring them back to your office space and make some significant changes. Sprucing up your office decor with mid-century design furniture and decoration ideas can amaze your visitors. Adding a rug, a pillow, or a throw blanket would justify your aesthetic sense and designer spree.

We recommend some mid-century modern office designs that can be the right fit for your home office.

1. Dressing the Window

This is an office design that is inspired by abstract art. The presence of a desk chair and the mid-century swivel armchair is inspiring. The walnut desk adds a glamorous touch to the entire look. The abstract wall art and the armchairs well support the black-and-white theme color. 

dressing the window

2. Mid-Century-Inspired Home Office

You will love the mid-century inspiration in this room. This is a mid-century-inspired home office having a day-bed in the room; the office can be double the guest room in case the necessity arises. The office has multipurpose space and is ideal for being an office-cum-stay room.

Mid-Century-Inspired Home Office

3. Cool Tone Mid-Century Mod Office

Cool tones impart a masculine vibe to your room. You can use a warm wood tone on the desk; that would balance the grey and blues in the office. You can hang some navy blue-colored curtains that might bring a pop of splash against the white-based walls. Add a standing lamp to impart a glamour quotient to your home office look. Let the white base color complement the navy blue curtains and the grey shade of the swivel chair.

Cool Tone Mid-Century Mod Office

4. The Elegant Study

How does a study justify if you don’t have handsome leather chairs? You will love the concept of camel-tone leather-based club chairs. These designs boast of bringing ecstasy to modern aesthetics. A mid-century modern office décor sporting navy blue color scheme is soothing to the eyes. They are an intelligent design, and the leather sofa is a great place to relax and formulate some creativity.

The Elegant Study

5. The Ideal Home Office

The walls of the office are adorned with neutral hues. The room is decorated with abstract art and some ladder bookcases to furnish the reading corner—the cabinet sports a walnut wood color and a desk with a wooden color texture. The timeless space is created by utilizing soothing neutral tones. Let a pop of green add a touch of charm to the look of your office. 

home office

6. Walnut Desk as A Mid-Century Modern Trend

Using a walnut wood desk is a trend suggested by many interior experts. The intelligent and simple furniture will add a splash of glamour and complement the white wall paint. The simple yet elegant mid-century modern office design will bring a difference to your dull workspace.

Walnut Desk as A Mid-Century Modern Trend

7. Sleek and Clean look

If you are using black and white tones for your mid-century modern office walls, then it will create a sleek and clean look. Placing a round mirror will look good against the grey-colored wall of your office. Add an accent chair and chequered wall décor for a perfect kid-friendly feel. A well-organized mid-century modern office design office will motivate your day and impress visitors.

Sleek and Clean look

8. Boosting the Light

When you have a small office, you will get natural light abundantly. You can place a ladder bookcase that will act as a storage solution. Choose a light blue scheme color for your walls and place a kilim rug to get a comfortable feel. The small office space having enough sunlight and matching furniture will satisfy you. You will love this mid-century modern office.

boosting light

9. Mixing Metals

The desk is simple and reflects great pointillism and elegance. There is a mix of patterns and also contrasting colors that compose a unique look. You can induce stripes that would complement the black-and-white color scheme. Enhance the look of your home office with a mix of gold and brushed nickel-based decors. This would enhance the look of your home office. This type of mid-century office designis popular as it proves economical.

mid century office design

10. Cozy Mid-Century Reading Nook

Having a little reading nook is a must for every office. You can choose a chair upholstered in hunter-green tweed and a perfect mid-century modern chair backing up the corner with a reading lamp. You may add some faux plants for the perfect mid-century modern office décor. The bookshelf styling would be justified with the green color scheme.

Cozy Mid-Century Reading Nook

11. Mid-Century Earth Tone Office

You may feel the warm wood tones and some décor that makes the perfect mid-century style statement here. I prefer swivel chairs for that perfect look and fix some mirrors for a sophisticated look. Make sure the desk chairs are made of teak wood, and you put a cactus or two for an alluring look. Add some unique light fixtures to spruce up the décor of this mid-century-inspired home décor.

Mid-Century Earth Tone Office

12. Reading Nook

For every reading nook,  a view from the window is well-supported. You can choose an oversized artwork that will be fine with the beautiful view. You will get a storage bench and a warm, soft blanket to tuck up. Keep a leather pouf and an accent chair that’s going to spiff up the look of this mid-century-inspired office look. You may add a woven rug and some planters to impart that cozy-home type of look to your desired workspace.

reading nook

13. Setting up The Mood

Some mid-century touches can be created subtly by creating a dynamic design. For example, you can add a wooden desk chair and a horizontal mirror that goes well with the neutral color scheme on the walls. In addition, you may add some more mid-century modern office décor to the mid-century-influenced office, like a splash of green and a couch that will add up to the cozy feel of the office.

cozy feel of the office

14. The Chic Mid-Century Home Office

 To create that perfect mid-century office, you can fit in some neutral rugs and wood furniture for that perfect look. The curved lines of furniture complement the mid-century look. You can add some greens for vibrancy. The ottoman-type armchair would add perfection for a nap after a hard day’s toil. Finally, you may add a horizontal mirror and a table lamp to titivate that perfect mid-century modern look.

Chic Mid-Century Home Office

15. Mid-Century Modern L-Shaped Desk

This mid-century modern L-shaped cabinet is made of teak or oakwood. The brown-colored texture brings back the retro-inspired style to your workspace. This furniture is made of durable and sustainable wood. You can add a bookcase and a cabinet to organize your items. You can add a table clock, a swivel chair, and some wall décor for that perfect mid-century feel.

Mid-Century Modern L-Shaped Desk

16. Mid-Century Mod Office

The mid-century modern office is based on a black-and-white color scheme and sports some abstract art. You can induce Scandinavian architecture and include some sheepskin rugs on the floor. The wood tones of the room, along with the stripes, speak about boldness and cohesiveness. The walnut desk will talk about style and elegance. A splash of green will make the look attractive.

mid century mod office

17. Mid-Century Office Hues

You can arrange an office desk with distinct granular specifications in texture with swivel chairs with velvet cushions. The walls will show the navy blue color theme and a designed wooden cabinet to solve your storage issues. Add carpet and some armchairs to the space for that trendy look. You can add abstract art and some green planters to spruce up the look of the mid-century office home décor.

mid century office hues

How to Personalize Your Office Space?

You can decorate your office space with minute décors and stuff by style and attitude. Follow the tips while you design your home office or regular office; your motivation for the day will start with minor changes.

  1. Keeping It Professional: You may personalize your workspace, but the ideas should stick to professional ethics. For example, a family photo is okay, motivating your daily work. But photos of honeymoons or hard partying don’t make it appropriate. Do not go overboard with too many personal items; keep it smart and simple.
  2. Keeping It Clean and Functional: Your office space is not the right place to clutter up with too much stuff. You should maintain a few furniture policies so that you can relax while being tired. A small Ben bag or an armrest is okay. Too many things will make the place look unorganized. Being functional as a professional is essential, and your office space says it all.
  3. Making It Comfortable: You can add some cushions to your workspace so your backbone can get some rest. A small pillow or a throw hanging around makes the place look comfortable. You can add some rugs for your feet to feel cozy.
  4. Making It the Right Space: The idea is about making your space comfortable and right. You can add a table lamp, but bright fluorescent lamps are not welcome here. Instead, you can induce soft lights to make the area warm. The light will allow you to work and create a warm vibe.

Working for the Eclectic Ambiance

  1. Putting up Some Art: You can put up some art to make your space look warm and functional. A photo frame with a motivational quote is a welcome idea. A corkboard with a few photos and postcards says it is all about bringing joy to your life. Any element added to your office space would justify your sense of mid-century office decor.
  2. Accessorizing: You can add an alluring bowl of colorful paper clips. Keep an antique box to hold some business cards. Apart from that, adding a favorite planter to the ceramic mug is a simple thing that can get an appreciation of your eyes. 
  3. Putting up Some Photos: Professionalism and focus on work should be the primary concern for your workspace. You may keep a few photos of your family or favorite pet dog, but that should not exceed three in number.
  4. Making a Healthy Atmosphere: Apart from decorating with photos and rugs, you must keep in mind that the office is a space where you spend most of your day time. So, to make the area healthy by inputting some planters can be useful for removing the toxic air. 

Several things can spruce up your work area and bring joy to your mind. Look for small things in life to bring some positive vibes. Are you looking for mid-century modern office designs to change the usual boring office space you have used? Some minor changes can bring about better effects and a fresh vibe that can turn your working space into a positive atmosphere. Careful implementation of color schemes, furniture, and minimal decors can bring a significant difference to your office space. You can either follow the list or do your research and finally bring a fresh look to your usual workspace.

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