Ideas to Give your Home a Tropical Makeover

15 Ideas to Give your Home a Tropical Makeover

Do you like the relaxing and fresh vibes of the beach? Do you want the stress-free environment of vacation in your life all year round? Then giving your home a tropical makeover is the best thing you will do for yourself and your home. The tropical decor is a fun and decorative style that will make your home a paradise where you can relax and enjoy the fruit of life.

Tropical decor is called fun decor because it is full of unique patterns, bright colors, and natural textures. It has the power to turn your simple home into a fun staycation place. This decor can give the space an island look inspired by the lush tropical regions in Bali, Hawaii, and Australia. If you aspire to have this kind of vibe in your home, then check out this article for some amazing tips.

Tropical Decor Ideas for Home

We have made a list that comprises some excellent elements that can surely add tropical vibes to your home. It includes some simple decor items that are stylish and budget-friendly. So do read ahead to know more about this style that is winning everyone’s heart.

1. Embrace Natural Elements

The Tropical decor is all about embracing the natural elements. Nothing reflects tropical like green, leafy, and lush plants inside the house. Indoor plants look great in the interior decor of the house. You can add a Monstera plant, bird of paradise, or rubber tree plant to your home. It will give a nice pop of color to the interiors.

Always water the plants with the spray bottle to keep them plants fresh. It will help in maintaining the serene environment of the room. This element is the most simple and easy way to incorporate tropical decor into your house.

Monstera plant, bird of paradise, or rubber tree plant

2. Incorporate Stripe Patterns

The best way to add tropical beachy vibes would be by incorporating stripe patterns in your house decor. The classic white and blue color of the stripe pattern creates a serene environment in the room. Having a stripe pattern in various things like pillows, throws, carpets, upholstery, etc gives a texture to the room which looks very stylish. The tropical colors in a stripe pattern give the place an aquatic and refreshing feel.

blue and white living room

3. Have a Neutral Base

Having a base of a specific color is very important when it comes to building a tropical decor style in your home. Choosing a neutral base color for walls and flooring is a good option. The light color of the base will act as a blank canvas to work with. Besides, it will complement the tropical decor very well. It will also highlight the vibrant colors and patterns of the tropical style in the home.

Palm Tree Tropical Decor in Tropical Living Room

4. Add Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture is the classic choice for tropical decor. This kind of furniture is generally used in tropical areas for decoration. It adds a relaxing and warm vibe to the room.

relaxing and warm vibe to the room

5. Go with Coral Shade

A tropical-style home is not complete without including a splash of colors inspired by natural hues. The coral shade is a vibrant color that is mostly seen in tropical areas. This shade gives a beachy vibe to the room. There are many creative ways with which you can infuse coral shade into your home decor. Add a coral sofa, plushy pillow covers, a statement wall, a vase, or a nice texturized rug to give the room a more cheerful feeling.

coral sofa, plushy pillow covers, a statement wall, a vase, or a nice texturized rug

6. Palm Trees

Palm trees are very famous trees when it comes to tropical decor. Addingpalm trees is the best way to invite tropical vibes into your home. Make tropical trees a focal point in your decor and place them in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. It will give the space a more earthy and natural feel which is a very good sign in tropical-style homes.

Indoor palm tree in a stylish living room

7. Add Tropical Patterns

Tropical patterns are a good start in the journey of creating calm and summery vibes in your home. The tropical style is all about mixing and matching different prints. Adding patterns and prints of palm trees, pineapples, apples, or leaves, is a nice way to add tropical vibes to any space. Patterns in rugs, curtains, throws, fabrics, tapestries, and shower curtains can make a statement in your home.

Patterns in rugs, curtains, throws, fabrics, tapestries, and shower curtains

8. Plump Pillows and a Lounge Sofa

Plump pillows and a lounge sofa are great comfortable options for your living room. It is inspired by tropical homes and hotels that have fluffy and big lounging beds in their rooms. Plump pillows in tropical patterns with a white lounging sofa are a great furniture idea for your living room. It will give a feel of an exotic island in your room.

Plump Pillows and a Lounge Sofa

9. Sea Motifs

Want to bring the vacation and beachy vibes into your home, then decorate the place with sea motifs. Adding various motifs, like sea shells, barnacle clusters, or shell-encrusted motifs is a great way to get the ocean vibes in the home. It complements the decor of the place beautifully.

Tropical Room Decor

10. Add Tropical Colors

Tropical decor is known for its bright and vibrant colors. The tropical colors can be serene, cheerful, and moody, so choose accordingly. There are many colors, like sunny yellow, aquatic blue, and shades of green which will add a splash of positive energy. There are various ways through which you can add these colors to your home, like by adding rugs, artwork, pillows, throws, fabrics, and accessories.

Tropical Colors living room

11. Jute and Bamboo Decor

The woven texture of natural fibers like jute and bamboo can bring tropical beauty to any place. It brings the casualness of the outdoors into the home. Including some furniture that is made from jute and bamboo would be a nice tropical accent to the interiors. Poufs, chairs, and rugs made out of bamboo and jute add a rich island vibe to the place.

Jute and Bamboo Decor

12. Flowy Curtains

Flowy curtains are a must-have to complete the tropical decor of the house. Light and semi-translucent curtains are a great way to add the ocean breeze feel to the room. It enhances the relaxing vibe of the room and makes the atmosphere more inviting. The natural soft light makes the room more open and bright.

flowy curtain

13. Have Fun with Accessories

Make your home a tropical paradise by adding some fun accessories. It will add a personality to your home. You can even display the souvenirs that you collected from your travels.

Another way to adorn your walls is with some tropical artwork to uplift the mood of the space. For infusing a touch of glamour to your palm beach-inspired home, add brass-colored picture frames or a lattice-motif mirror. It will give an exquisite look to the overall place.

living room

14. Textured Carpet

Textured carpet is a staple piece in tropical decor. When adding a carpet to a home, make sure to look for natural, handmade, ethically sourced, and sustainable materials which will give the home an authentic tropical vibe. The carpet with textures will give a warm and inviting look to the room.

textured carpet

15. Tropical Florals

You cannot miss the tropical florals when decorating your home in tropical style. The key is not to go overboard with the floral prints in the room. You can give a vibrant accent to the place by adding floral printed pillows, tablecloths, shower curtains, ottoman, or other soft furnishings of the home. It will highlight the tropical feel of the home.

Tropical Florals


Tropical decor is one of the most beautiful styles to include in your home. There are so many elements that you can add to your room to resemble the island and bring beachy vibes into your place.

We hope that you liked the list of ideas presented above, which will surely reflect the tropical vibes in your gorgeous sanctuary. You don’t need to change your home or its location to get the exquisite vibes of the tropical region. With the help of some decorative items, you can turn your home into a dream for a vacation lover. So don’t wait for the next holidays to come; make your home a retreat for you where you can relax and have fun.

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