Inch TV Dimensions (with Photos)

Watching TV is an essential part of many people’s lives. After a hectic day, people watch TV with their families to relax. You can binge-watch your favorite series or watch movies with your family to spend quality time during the holidays. In addition to this, you can watch the news, sports, etc., to stay updated with the latest events.

For a wonderful experience, big TV’s like 65-inch TV dimensions are the best option. They offer better picture quality and higher resolutions and give a cinematic feel at home.

Min Distance to Be Kept Between TV Screens and The Person While Watching Tv

To watch a 65-inch TV without straining eyes, it should be kept at a distance of at least 9 feet. This distance is recommended by eye specialists for eye health. Therefore before you purchase a TV for your room, you should have an idea of the space of the respective room beforehand. It should be kept at such a height that while watching the television, the eye level coincides with the middle of the television.

What Do You Mean by a 65-Inch TV?

By 65-inch TV, it doesn’t mean that the length of the TV is 65 inches. It refers to the diagonal distance of the TV. The screen size of the 65-inch dimensions TV can either be 65 inches or slightly less, i.e., 64′ 5″.

What Do You Mean by a 65-Inch TV

The 65-inch TV dimensions basically include three parameters width, height, and depth. These dimensions are not constant for each model as they vary from company to company. However, the average width is 58 inches, the average depth is 1.7 inches, and the average height of the TV is 34 inches without a stand. When provided with the stand, the depth changes to 11.6 inches, and the height changes to 36 inches. When converted into the centimeters scale, these dimensions change to 147 cm, 4.3 cm, and 86 cm, respectively, without a stand and 147 cm, 33.8 cm, and 90 cm with a stand.

For example, the Samsung 65-inch TV is 1.4 inches thick, 57.2 inches wide, and 35.3 inches long and works on QLED technology. On the other hand, the same dimensions for the Redmi TV are 57.4 inches wide, 3.38 inches thick, and 32.95″ inches long with LED display technology. Similarly, the price also varies from company to company and also on the features of the TV.

Display Technologies in a 65-Inch TV

Following are the display options available in 65-inch TV displays.

1. LCD

LCD refers to one Liquid Crystal Display and is the oldest kind of display. They have high resolution and are affordable.

2. LED

LED refers to Light Emitting Diodes and is similar to LCD but uses LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs. They are more efficient than the LCDs and more versatile also.


QLED or Quantums Light Emitting Diodes are an upgrade of LED and are & more efficient than LED. They are available in both smaller and large sizes.


OLED, or the Organic Light Emitting Diode, involves the use of organic materials and causes the least harm to the eyes. They’re more flexible with wide viewing angles.

Other Important Factors to Be Considered While Purchasing the TV

When you are about to purchase a TV, then apart from the size of the TV, there are other important factors that need to be considered. All the television models have different specifications, which are mentioned on the TV itself. They include

1. Refresh Rate

This is an important factor because if the television doesn’t have a good refresh rate, then you will observe sudden lag while playing movies or series.

2. Sound Quality

The sound quality of a television depends on high power, the number of speakers in the TV, and the soundbar. The higher the power of the sound better the sound quality.

3. Resolution

The resolution of the TV depends upon the pixels it has. More is the number of pixels, the higher the resolution of the TV, and the better the picture quality. For a 65 inches TV, the desirable resolution is 4K.

4. Connectivity Options

If you want to use your television for watching movies or series using some external sources like a pen drive and if you play video games on your television, check the connectivity option before purchasing the television.

How to Install a 65-Inch TV?

The television can be installed in the room by two methods: it can either be wall mounted or placed on some suitable TV stand.

Installing the TV on a Stand

Installing the TV on a Stand

While placing the TV on the stand, ensure that the table is durable enough to bear the weight of the TV. Also, the width of the table should be enough to accommodate the TV so that it doesn’t fall from the table, causing damage to the TV.

Installing the TV on The Wall

Installing the TV on The Wall

The first and most important step is to find out the exact height where the TV has to be fixed on the wall so that you can watch the TV without any problem. After that, fix the TV on the wall using the required tools safely or call an expert to be on the safe side.


Even with the advent of the web and mobile phones, television continues to hold a special place in many hearts. Television serves not only as a medium of entertainment and recreation but also serves as a medium that brings all family members together under one roof.

The bigger the television, the better the entertainment.

It will give you a theatre-like experience at home. It has excellent picture quality and sound quality as well. You need not sit close to it to enjoy watching your favorite series or movies.

Thus, given space and budgetary constraints, one should surely go for a 65-inch television to enjoy magnificent views of the programs watched by them.