thank you thank you

this thanksgiving one of the things i’m so grateful for is YOU!  your sweet, insightful comments yesterday were inspiring and so helpful.  i couldn’t be happier to have created a little community of amazing women (and you too guys, i know you’re more few and far between but i’m glad you’re here!).  so thank you, for showing up and being awesome.  and have a wonderful holiday if you’re here in the states!  *photo from a date night in milos, greece!  see some of our other greece photos here

what i wore: t-bags maxi dress in greece

this dress was on my wish list for a long time but i waited until i knew we were going to greece to snap it up.  and i’ve been wearing it every chance i get since.  it’s comfortable, effortless, and can be dressed up or down. love it to bits.  hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing weekend!  

dress: t-bags, (and similar here) sandals: dolce vita, clutch: lauren merkin, bracelet: jcrew and stella & dot, watch: marc jacobs

milos greece, our favorite beach

a look back on our trip to milos continues today with our favorite beach!  one of the things we love to do most on vacation is have adventures on chartered sailing trips.  this day we were especially lucky because we arrived late and the charters had all left for their day sails, but there was one captain left who had been planning on staying in and fixing up his boat.  he was sweet enough to offer to take us out alone for a special price (OMG!) so we spent a full 9 hours exploring milos from sea!  it was incredible, by far our favorite day there.  and when we arrived at this incredible spot we were the only ones there (and truly felt for a minute like the only people on the planet).  we swam to shore and explored the sandy beach, tucking rocks and driftwood into our swimsuits to bring home with us.  

if i ever need to “go to my happy place”, it might very well be here.  turquoise water, a long stretch of white sandy beach, a bright blue sky with plenty of sunshine, no one in sight except my husband, a catamaran floating in the bay…heaven. *sigh*

melian hotel in milos, greece

today i’m continuing our look back at our time in milos!  we stayed at the amazing melian boutique hotel and spa in pollonia, and i’ve written about some of the things i loved best about it after the jump…

pollonia is a charming little fishing town and the melian hotel is just a short walk away from the town’s center where the older locals spend their days hanging out with their friends at the seaside restaurants.  i imagine they’re chatting about their families, politics, local gossip and how strange the tourists are. pollonia is just as you’d imagine a small fishing town on a sweet little greek island to be, it’s slow paced and delicious.

the rooms that we stayed in were comfortable with modern amenities and both had patios that faced the sea. we slept with the windows open every night and feel asleep to the sound of waves and a cool sea breeze. we slept like a dream.   

i’m big on hotel toiletries, not big in the way that i hoard them to bring home with me (most of the time) but big in that i believe they can make my stay 25% better. the melian has really incredible smelling products- and their basil lemon body wash made the showers feel even more luxurious and special!

we had this for breakfast every morning, usually on our patio: fruit, and a basket of fresh baked goods, including my favorite chocolate croissant (oh how i miss starting the day off with those little treats)! and i can’t mention breakfast without mentioning the sweet and amazing group of people that work at the hotel and made sure our every need and wish was met.  it was some of the best service i’ve ever experienced, they made our stay.

those last two are just a couple snaps of the hotel!  i wish we had taken more but we were too busy soaking it all in and pinching ourselves. still, i hope this provided a little peek into our incredible stay at the melian!  *this may read like a sponsored post but sadly i’m in no way affiliated with the hotel, i just like to gush about their amazing little corner of the world. and hopefully it wil inspire some of you to visit!

what i wore: mara hoffman in greece

these mara hoffman bikini bottoms were a staple in milos, i wore them most days.  of course in europe people wear as little as possible on the beach, so i felt a little over-dressed until i decided to join them and ditch my bikini top! and then it was nice to have a little extra coverage on the bottom. 

what are your thoughts on high waisted bikini bottoms? too grandma or cute in the right circumstance? i’m on the fence. i love them in theory but i have to be honest, in looking through our vacation photos i realized they might not be the most flattering (i’ll spare you those photos).  i like them in the above but it’s all about a good angle. straight on- well, not so cute.  or maybe i’m just being over critical of myself. do you have a pair?  do you love them?

more greece goodness to come this week as i reminisce about our vacation and try to transport us all back there through our snaps!  *photos by my handsome husband lou mora