what i wore: mara hoffman in greece

these mara hoffman bikini bottoms were a staple in milos, i wore them most days.  of course in europe people wear as little as possible on the beach, so i felt a little over-dressed until i decided to join them and ditch my bikini top! and then it was nice to have a little extra coverage on the bottom. 

what are your thoughts on high waisted bikini bottoms? too grandma or cute in the right circumstance? i’m on the fence. i love them in theory but i have to be honest, in looking through our vacation photos i realized they might not be the most flattering (i’ll spare you those photos).  i like them in the above but it’s all about a good angle. straight on- well, not so cute.  or maybe i’m just being over critical of myself. do you have a pair?  do you love them?

more greece goodness to come this week as i reminisce about our vacation and try to transport us all back there through our snaps!  *photos by my handsome husband lou mora

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  1. Jessica|

    I'm all about the high-waisted bikini bottoms! I think they're darling. If I wasn't pregnant this summer I would have been sporting them everywhere- there's always next year right?

  2. nicole|

    i think i depends on the length of your torso! for long torso-ed ladies (like myself) i think they can be really flattering, shorter ones- not so much. i actually have a few of these high waisted mara hoffman bikinis and i LOVE them. the prints are just so unique.

  3. sarah yates|

    @jess- yes ma'am!
    @nicole, i think you're totally right. except i have no idea if i have a long torso or short torso. 🙂
    (and yes please to not having to fuss with a bottom that shows too much!)

  4. Lauren|

    I think they are very cute! Almost in a way like girls like short hair, but most men don't. I feel like most guys would be like what??? but us girls can appreciate a fashion choice! I'm very muscular and they look terrible on me =] but I love them

  5. Laura|

    I think your bikini bottoms are really cute! I've bought a retro-inspired bikini to wear this summer (with high-waisted pants) and I can't wait to pull those suckers out! I'm a slim lady, but after two kids I'm happy to be hiding my abdomen!

  6. sarah yates|

    thanks for all the sweetness everyone! ok, i'm on board. viva high waisted bikini bottoms!!!

  7. Ranu|

    I think that print is fabulous and the cut is great on you!! 🙂 Gorgeous photos! I'm a huge fan of Mara Hoffman and I love your bottoms!

  8. Jemma|

    Adore high waisted bikinis in theory and of course I went out & bought every one I could find…. Then I tried them on. I resembled Shamu. Devastating.

    Back to eurotrash skimpiness I go.